Zach Loeb


Nearest City: 

Los Angeles


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$150 for 50 minutes, $100 for 30 minutes


Following 11 years of recruiting and career coaching, I developed an interest in psychic phenomena and the afterlife. Through my personal research and investing in working directly with prominent psychics, I honed my natural abilities as a psychic and a medium. As I introduced the new tools I was using in my own life to my clients, I quickly saw that awareness of the spiritual realm brought huge benefits for all.

I provide psychic readings, mediumship readings, and intuitive coaching sessions as well as combinations of the three. I also deliver workshops on intuitive development, helping people to see, hear, and feel in new ways – and develop their own gifts.

Additional Information: 

Psychic Readings:

I connect with your energy to offer guidance that will move you forward and leave you feeling uplifted and validated. With my business background, delivering readings around career and business is an area of strength, and I also give insight into issues affecting relationships, family, and other areas, and how those areas interrelate. To get the most out of your psychic reading, bring a list of five to seven questions.

Mediumship Readings:

I connect with your family, friends and pets on the other side to deliver messages that can provide healing, hope, insight, closure, and a continued sense of connection. Our loved ones in the Spirit world want us to know that they’re still around and desiring to connect. To get the most out of a mediumship reading, write down the names of the family, friends and/or pets you wish to connect with.

Intuitive Coaching:

I help you build a plan to turn your ideas into reality in all areas of career, including career decision making, resumes, interviewing, negotiations and more. During these sessions, I use my intuitive skills to allow you to see what’s been holding you back, understand what your life purpose is and more deeply connect with your soul’s path. To get the most out of a career coaching session, come prepared to share where you are currently and where you most would like to be.

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Listed since: Apr 30, 2017


Zach made me feel so at ease and got down to the knitty gritty of what I needed to hear from my dad immediately, without knowing anything about my past. He spoke humbly and tried his best, even if he wasn’t spot on 100% of the time. It makes him relatable. He did catch crazy details no one could ever guess and brought significance to many of my questions. I feel empowered and highly recommend him. He has a heart of gold and is super trustworthy with all emotions and questions.
I was shocked at how much information Zack was able to read in just a few minutes. Knowing that my mother was at peace was such a relief. I was extremely impressed.
I felt so seen and understood by Zach. His intuitive and psychic abilities are impressive. The depths of my soul that he was able to bring words to allowed me to validate my own experience in an empowering and clear way. The gift of being understood by such a skilled reader is not to pass up. I notice I am giving myself more permission and allowance to be full and whole within myself since our reading. He is powerful.

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