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William Constantine

William Constantine
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Beverly Hills


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William Constantine is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, and Intuitive Consultant.

Constantine has clientele ranging from the working class person to CEO's, as well as celebrities, heads of state, royalty, models, TV & Film Stars, entertainment professionals, and other psychics. He has been utilized as a source by both federal and state law enforcement agencies, attorneys, private investigation companies, and more. He has been a featured expert on many top tier media outlets like; CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, SIRIUS / XM, Shirley MacLaine's Independent Expressions radio, and many others.

He has been voted one of the top psychics in the world, inducted into the Akashic Who’s Who of Psychics and Mediums, and included in an encyclopedia titled “The Encyclopedia of The Divine, Spiritual and Occult”. He has become the go-to guy for mainstream celebrities; his life coaching messages have caught the attention of LeAnn Rimes, Andie MacDowell, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, The Talk and The Today show.

Listed since: Apr 18, 2018


I was utterly devastated having lost both of my beloved grandparents only 13 months apart. William’s reading changed all that. My grandparents came through right away which gave me such closure. I had always felt since they passed away that they were with me, sitting on my bed at night. William assured me that it was them checking on me. I honestly believe I am now at peace with losing them because of William’s reading.
I had a mediumship reading with William, and it was amazing! My Mom and Grandma came through right away, and he conveyed their messages to me, with one validation after another. I felt healed afterwards! William used his psychic intuitive abilities to bring me much needed closure, and self forgiveness. It's hard to put into words how wonderful it was to actually hear from my loved ones. I feel blessed to have had this experience with William. He's the REAL deal!! Thank you William!!
I have known William a very long time and he is very good at what he does. William is a very caring man, and is a man with the upmost integrity. If you are looking for truth, knowledge of your loved one's you won't go wrong with William.
I had the honor of a reading from William. My mom &I I were hoping to hear from my step dad & turns out my step dad was following William around for days before our reading. William knew so many things about how my step dad passed, that I was on my way to FL the night he passed, he even knew details of my mothers kitchen. He also assured me my m/c baby was with my step dad, and knew his age. He gave us so much comfort and assured us there are far better things that await us on the other side.
William is the real deal. Our session was very comforting and he spoke of people that were there with us. Names he had no way of knowing. Relationships he had no way of knowing about. He has a special gift. I hope he continues to use it.
I met William over 10 yrs ago. We were friends immediately. He did a group event. He brought visitors whom only showed up in pics that were taken.So cool. All readings done that night were spot on. He got messages from beyond and go directly to the person it was for He gave names and events in their life. He was amazing. No wrong connections all night. The group paid to have him back a second time. Everyone was so impressed. We remain friends and stay in contact even after he left NY. I miss him
I can’t say enough about the many ways that William has touched my life in the last year. He is truly a gifted psychic medium and intuitive life coach. As a psychologist for my entire career, I would never have thought my life journey would lead me in the spiritual direction that it has now. I am grateful every day that I have had the opportunity to work with William. He has truly changed my life for the better. I would highly recommend William to anyone ... PERIOD.
William is amazing!!! I met him after my mother, step-father and a dear friend had all passed within 18 months. All of them came through quickly and William knew information that no one else could have known. I even got to share with my mom the most painful part of her passing and get reassuring responses back. I was blown away by the detail and accuracy of his reading. By the end of the reading, I felt as if a burden had been lifted from me and knew that my loved ones were watching over me.
William Constantine is a remarkable example of the bridge between us and what lies beyond the veil. My encounter with William was unforgettable and has left me with an indescribable comfort about life & death. Within 2 minutes of my reading, William announced, by description, my father's presence. The things that came "through" over the next hour were not only proof that William was in fact communicating with my dad, but that there is consciousness after death and loved ones remain close by.

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