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Whitney Tara Martin

Whitney Tara Martin
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Los Angeles


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3.99 p/minute

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Needing clarity? Whitney is an Intuitive Card Reader using an Animal Spirit Deck and the forces of Nature within her Animal Wisdom Spread. She works to bring you clarity and wisdom on anything you're needing deeper insight on so you can learn to listen to your Highest Self. She also works within the practices of Shamanic & Biodynamic Energy Healing, and Yoga. Her personal practices with subtle energetics, along with being an Empath, have led her to an ability to intuitively pull cards for people with clear, succinct energies to be honed in on/paid attention to for guidance and clarity on the individual's needs.

She encourages people to think of these readings from a Quantum point of view. Everything is energy, and in motion. When we sink in and tune into our Field using a tool such as a deck, the animals with their messages and the forces of the Earth itself are able to come forth to shed light on something that we may be struggling with. This has become a true passion and career for Whitney, and she's honored and happy to provide you with the insight and clarity that you need.

Whitney’s Story:

Whitney Tara Martin’s life has led her through many interesting phases navigating what it meant to be an empath, an intellect, and an artist. From graduating with a BA in Art History, studies in French, Archaeology, and Theater, working in the contemporary art gallery world in New York City, being a working film and theater actress in Detroit, a working Detroit Makeup Artist on sets ranging from high-concept art shoots to editorials, to giving up acting after moving to Los Angeles, to finding her ultimate dharma/life path here in California... She realized that what was underneath all of her life experiences was being highly Empathic and Intuitive ….

After a period of feeling lost and confused, a HUGE life shift opened the path of her own spirituality that was kickstarted by Nature, her own lineage/background, and other spiritual practices. Whitney then began exploring ancient healing modalities and working with plant medicines, receiving guidance and healing from animal spirits, and diving deep into her interest in science and how it all correlates... it was only then that her empathic side mixed with intuition and a curiosity for life and how EVERYTHING is interconnected started to really take shape. After she started using an animal spirit deck and doing readings for others, she couldn’t ignore the impact it was having on people. A highly renowned and sought-out Tarot, Astrologer, and Palm Reader took notice of the accuracy, connectedness, and empathy of Whitney’s pulls, and began mentoring her.

It’s now one of her greatest joys to be of service to people using her deck and guidance to help facilitate clarity, self-love, and the person’s own innate intuition.

Aho, Namaste, and so much love,


Additional Information: 


Kabira School of Energy & Yoga Energetics:
-Yoga Nidra + Vision Quest Training
Philosophy and leading the practice of Yoga Nidra as taught and brought forth by Swami Satyananda Saraswati from the Ancient Tantric Texts, along with leading a guided Yogic Vision Quest to connect deeply with the Psyche and Animal Guides.
-RYT 200-Hour Yoga Ceritification
Hatha Yoga & Subtle Energetics, The Art of 'Seeing', Meditation, Mantra, Asana, Anatomy and Energetic Anatomy, Philosophy and History, Body Reading and Adjusts, Art of Touch, Teaching Practice, Process of Teaching, Teaching Methodology, Sequencing.
-Connection: Level II
Biodynamic Energetic Craniosacral Therapy, The Art of 'Seeing' and holding space, energy work, learning how to feel and sense as an Empath

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara:
- Michael Harner’s ‘The Way of the Shaman’ – Basic Principles - Initiation into Core Shamanism, Journey Techniques, Power Animal Retrievals, Stone Divination
- Extraction Healing
Initiation into Shamanic Seeing, Sensing, & Removing localized illness and pain in relation to Spiritual factors.

Reiki Master Julia Albain, Dr. Usui-Tibetan Reiki Lineage, LA
- Reiki Level I, Training & Attunement

Special Events:

Intuitive Guest Reader for the DPA Gifting Suites, 2018, pre-Awards shows : The Golden Globes, and the Emmy’s.

Intuitive Reader at Corporate events and parties in Southern California

Intuitive Reader at 200+ event on-site at Warner Brother’s Studios for Technology showcase.

Listed since: May 16, 2018


Whitney has an uncanny ability to tap in with the exact word to unlock what I've puzzled over. Her animal cards bring layers of meaning that show up all around me for days or weeks after the reading and offer additional insight when they do. Her readings are the gift that keeps on giving. I highly recommend a session with her. You will feel lighter and focused, no matter how difficult the question or problem may be. The answers she shares keep expanding even after the call.

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