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Vincent J Barra

Vincent J Barra
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VINCENT J. BARRA is an internationally celebrated Psychic Counselor, Writer, Lecturer, Educator, Numerologist and a Master Teacher of Reiki. Born a natural Psychic with more than 3 decades of experience. Vincent's private Psychic Consultations have been the road to self-discovery, not just for his clients, but for himself as well. Known as the "Psychic's Psychic" his clients have described a session with Vincent as one of the most dynamic and illuminating times you'll ever spend exploring yourself.

Additional Information: 

HIS READINGS ARE multi-leveled and multi-dimensional. You receive personalized attention second to none, heart-felt guidance and exploration into matters that are most important to you, and a new perspective that is uplifting and clarifying. Plus gain a sense of renewed faith and passion for life.

Vincent’s work with Police Agencies and Governmental Departments uncovering facts that aided in solving many difficult cases brought recognition to his name. He has worked with Doctors and other Medical Professionals accurately sensing tumors and hidden maladies with his psychic abilities that even our most modern technology was unable to detect.

WHAT A READING with Vincent will do for you...

You'll gain a sense of re-birth and self-renewal.

You'll hear honest answers to your questions.

You'll get a “birds eye view” of your entire life.

You'll discover your talents and abilities.

You'll receive guidance that can help you to prevent, change or avoid future problems.

You'll have insight into your health and state of mind.

You'll learn strategy for reaching your goals and desires.

You'll gain insight on spirituality, karma and possible psychic abilities.

VINCENT WILL SEE into the future for predictions on...

Your romance---meeting someone new, or how to make your current relationship work.

Your career-job changes, promotions, relations with co-workers.

Your finances and investments.

A GIFTED AND DYNAMIC SPEAKER, Vincent has conducted seminars, lecture and workshops across the country:

Numerology - the hows, whats and ways numbers affect our lives…

Dream Interpretation - What are your dreams telling you????

Psychic Development - Tune up and learn different psychic tools…

Aura Interpretation - Learn how colors increase energy and outcomes..

Reiki Essence Healing, a ancient Tibetan natural healing energy


Journey With Spirit. You WILL believe ----- it‘s possible to psychically see…talk to…even hug…a departed loved one.

Through the years, this powerful and emotional seminar using Vincent’s unique Imagery Technique, has helped hundreds to visit, touch and speak to departed loved ones. He also helps clients get pass the grieving process so they can heal and understand and accept the death of relatives and friends.

VINCENT'S ABILITY TO accurately channel personal messages from the beyond and his highly developed and unparalleled sense for Spiritual Visionary teachings has made him one of the most sought after psychics. Call Vincent for a reading today or visit his website above.

Listed since: Jul 30, 2009


Vincent did my first reading with him in 1988 and every thing he said would happen has. He describe my husband to the letter (married 1993). He told me about my job that I was at, what I would do after it ended. I dd not believe him at the time, since it was in a field I did not think I would like but in 2003 I got the very job he predicted in that reading. He is amazing. He will tell you how it is NOT how you want it to be. That is worth every penny of what the reading costs.
Vincent is a very stern and to the point reader. Even when you think he is off and he isnt. He tells things like he sees them without any frills. After I had my reading I listened to the tape he sent me and all he stated fell into place and I did figure out all he was trying to tell me. Very Good Vincent even though at the time of the read I had thought differently. Thank you Claude from Canada
Vincent read me 2 years ago...his insights were accurate and helped me to not hide from the universe. I truly appreciate his upfront, honest "Brooklyn" style...he tells it like it is with a lot of love and a dash of humor. You know the old song...a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down... He is a truly gifted person. Thank you Vincent! Bill
I hope the other readers on "best psychic directory" is as good as Vincent. As often people can list into such places but still you don´t know for sure their skills. Vincent has an eye that sees on many levels, he has been "around for a long time" and his wisdom and knowledge shows. He sees a lot. You just have to be ready to see yourself and your life truthfully and openly as well. If you are, check Vincent out. He does great work.
I have known Vincent over 20 yrs. and In all that time, each and every reading he's done for me has be amazing. His insights...beyond-sites and ability to see around corners is always very clear. You will enjoy his warm personality and generous heart.
I have been going to Vincent regularly since 1991, and even today so many years later I am constantly in awe of his amazing gift and his frightening accuracy. There are too many instances to mention here of how he has helped me focus and get the best out of my life. He will forver be my psychic guru!
Vincent is absolutely brilliant. It amazes me that with a few numbers he told me what I was planning as far as career, where this career move was headed and what was going on in my home life as well. His honesty and good sense of humor, make his readings accurate, yet light and fun. He is absolutely magnificent.
I will be forever grateful to Vincent. My granddaughter may not be here had he not spared my feelings to tell me there was going to be problems at her birth. I took the necessary precautions that he said to do. That included my daughter in law to quit her job and have bed rest. ALL came to pass and ALL went well as Vincent said it would. To this day the doctors don't know what was wrong with my granddaughter at birth. But, I know exactly what happened. Thank you Vincent again.
Vincent's clarity of vision is impressive and without bounds. His kind heart and desire to serve and help others is genuine and can be felt and heard in his readings. I recommend everyone get a reading from this amazing and talented man.
Vincent is one of the Best and Authentic Psychic in the world. It was a great honor to have a reading from him. His reading has completely changed my life. His approach is very honest and direct. He is a sweetheart. Always eager to help others to make their lives better. He is pure, very kind and loving. Wish you great luck.
I got a general reading from Vincent and asked about relationships. He was right on in stating that I had been being a hermit and isolating myself after my last breakup and got it right that it had been 2 years. He told me my grandma was working on the other side to send me someone, intials startign with T and I'd meet him in 1-3 months. I got out like he suggested and met T in 10 days!
Vincent is the real thing! I have learned so much from my readings with him and it has been so fun to watch it all come to pass. He is very honest, straight forward and really funny. I just love his open heart, deep wisdom and direct approach. A reading from Vincent is worth more than anything you could pay.
Vincent Barra is the most accurate in his Aura photo's and readings. He is very loving and caring in his readings. His no nonsence attitude is most refreshing. Thank you Vincent for all you do!!!!


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