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I wasn’t always called an expert in future predictions. In fact, I used to be Engineer designing computer chips.
Since then I have done over 7000 readings with an uncanny accuracy to help thousands of clients in difficult situations go from struggling to understand what's going on to getting clarity on how things will play out based on the decision they make in as little as a week or less. So, ask away.....
This is what makes me particularly well qualified to tell you everything and anything you had ever wanted to know about future predictions

Feeling stuck in a rut because nothing seems to change? Get an in-depth & solid insight into the future using my uncanny accuracy of predictions playing out. Knowing the future can help you change it. Get a thorough insight into your problems with kindness and honesty to navigate out of a difficult situation - whether it is for love/relationships, career, finances,health or a medical intuitive reading.

Get readings that play out - for real....After being frustrated with numerous psychics' predictions, I learned to read myself to get my own answers. After doing thousands of readings on myself as well as other clients, I have developed an uncanny accuracy to use readings for problem solving. Not only do my readings provide insight into problems with kindness and honesty, they'll help you navigate out of a difficult situation - whether it is for love/relationships, career, finances or any other complex situation.

Let these magical readings be your guidance no matter how long or how difficult of a situation you are in. Numerous clients come back to me months and years after having read them to tell me that my predictions were dead-on. You can read the testimonials here.

Book a longer phone reading through my site at for 15, 30 or 60 minutes to dig deeper into your problems and get answers.

To test your own intuition, visit my site and take the quiz to see how your intuition works. Monthly workshops to fine tune and accelerate your intuition are conducted on the phone monthly.

Love/relationship readings, career/finances, timing readings, future forecasting, next gf/bf predictions, past life readings, energy healings, health & business readings. Clear, concise, direct and accurate readings. I offer insight according to your questions and situations with no judgement. I can offer you guidance on what you can do to influence things or solve a particular issue.

I am an intuitive clairvoyant. I use clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance
and lenormand cards for my readings. I also use other tools like the tarot
and pendulum if needed.

My readings are very direct and more predictive based on the energy around
the question. The good thing about reading energy is that if you see something
coming up that you don't like, you can influence or change things using free will.

I can guide you through any situation you may have regarding love, career, money, relationships, communications or any other issue you may have. I can predict your next girl-friend or boy-friend in terms of physical features, description of profession, how you will meet them, etc. I also do predictive readings for 3 weeks to 3 months to look into what to expect during
that time-period.

I offer clear, concise, accurate readings in a direct and compassionate manner. I usually do not sugarcoat things and am direct and to the point. Most of the techniques that I use have been tried and tested on myself and some close friends of mine.

I am a gifted spiritual healer. I can provide you with an insight and a healing on any situation about love, money, communication with kindness and honesty. I have used these healings on family and friends. Call now to see for yourself. You will be amazed by the results.

I can also do Vedic astrology readings to predict future events, timing of events, etc. It is based on your birth chart which can be cast knowing your birth details like date, place and time of birth.

Types of readings:
* Yes/No Questions
* Love/relationship readings
* Next gf/bf prediction readings
* Career/Finance readings
* Aura readings
* Past life readings
* Clairvoyant readings
* Psychic readings
* Energy healings
* Future predictions or fortune-telling
* Timing of Events
* Vedic astrology readings

What is required for a reading:
Your name and name of any other person who is involved. Please make a detailed list of questions before you come into the reading and all your issues/concerns can be addressed.

About me:
Around 12-15 years ago, I started seeing a lot of coincidences in my life. In trying to find answers to those coincidences, I stumbled upon a book of Vedic astrology.
That was just the beginning of the course of studies for Vedic astrology.
However, that did not satisfy my thirst. So, I was exploring more on psychic
and intuitive work. I then learned how to read energies using clairvoyance and
to read cards as well. I am always learning new tools and practicing different things to test them before I offer those to my clients. I also receive messages in the form of clairaudience and use my claircognizance skills as well.

As a part of being psychic, I read for myself everyday. I do daily as well as weekly/monthly predictions. This helps me tune my psychic muscles and leverage the best for my clients.

Additional Information: 

Skills and tools:

Lenormand cards
Tarot cards

Types of readings:
* Yes/No Questions
* Love/relationship readings
* Next gf/bf prediction readings
* Career/Finance readings
* Aura readings
* Past life readings
* Clairvoyant readings
* Psychic readings
* Energy healings
* Future predictions or fortune-telling
* Timing of Events
* Vedic astrology readings

Free Weekly Forecast:

In order to get a taste of my reading style, you can sign up for the free weekly forecast via my website on the Free readings page. The URL is

Listed since: Sep 22, 2014


Initially, I was very skeptical about the whole idea of psychic reading and didn't even have questions ready to ask. I presented her with a scenario of my situation and Vaishali helped me formulating the first question. Out of the conversation I came up with 3 more questions that she read from the deck with astonishing accuracy and insight. Blew my mind! Very enlightening and well worth the time and the money. I will stay in touch and keep her informed of the "outcome" of her advice.
I had an energy healing session with Vaishali about 3 weeks ago. The last few days I have been experiencing shifts. They are not earth shattering but the road that seemed blocked energetically and emotionally is not right now. I am able to tackle difficult and used to be super scary conversations with my partner, which has elevated our relationship to a new level. My commitment level increased as well. Thank you. I will be coming back for the next layer of healing.
Vaishali is definitely my go-to person. She has been on point since last year and so far for this month her predictions have come true. I trust what she sees since she really hasn't steered me wrong. She does not sugarcoat anything which is a plus. I am hopeful that her predictions for the remainder of the year are just as accurate as these past several months.
Omg she gave me peace of mind had many confusion but after talking with her things started to clear up. I just have to wait and see her predictions. But without a doubt she finished my reading and I was in peace . Thank you !!!!
Vaishali is truly gifted. She is so unbelievably accurate with all of her readings. I know with complete confidence that I am getting confirmation and knowledge surrounding a situation and what is to come....along with guidance on how to proceed to achieve the outcome that is best and desired. She is also so kind and honest and really wants to use her abilities to help clients on their journey.
I have no words to describe how amazingly accurate and real of a psychic Vaishali is. She is very professional yet has a beautiful big heart! I was talking to Vaishali and she predicted I would hear from my guy in 3 mins and literally whilst talking to her he texted me in 3 mins! Vaishali dives deep and gets even the smallest little detail which she couldn't possibly know! Amazing accurate hard to find people like Vaishali! You have a client for life!
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!!! This was my first time reading with her and she is VERY VERY VERY ACCURATE!!!!! SHE IS THE BEST ON THIS SITE!!!!!!

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