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Tracy Lee Nash
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Tracy Lee "T.L." Nash is an international psychic and certified research
medium who was also chosen by Actress Gwyneth Paltrow's magazine,
GOOP, as one of their recommended psychics. She has been reading
professionally for over 30 years and her areas of expertise include:
relationships, career, energy and color readings, spirit communication
and more.

As the founder of Within The Light-a Metaphysical and wellness ministry-
as well as The Good Grief Circle, T.L. Nash's desire is to offer her services
in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Whether she is reading
domestically or globally, a majority of the services she performs come by
way of referrals, which is the highest compliment any reader can receive.

Sharing with others the message that we all have supernatural abilities is
done so through T.L.'s various workshops throughout the year as well as
her appearances on radio and at local spiritual gatherings in Southern
California. An accomplished writer, her inspirational work has been featured
in greeting cards, books and calendars through Blue Mountain Arts.

All sessions are done by phone with the exception of groups and workshops.

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My work as an intuitive and medium is my passion, not simply my profession. And I take the work I do very seriously. It is my joy and honor to not only help others on a variety of life's issues they may be struggling with, but, to also help them learn to develop and trust their own intuitive abilities as well. As a medium, bringing loving, validating and inspirational messages from the other side to those who seek closure is an emotional as well as spiritual responsibility that I hold close to my heart. That's why I believe Within The Light has been successful. Nearly all of my business is through referrals and I believe that's because I truly love what I do and it shows through my compassion, honesty and commitment to each person I have the honor of crossing paths with.

Listed since: May 6, 2007


TL is the real deal. She is SO spot on it's almost unnerving. I didn't go to her for any reason in particular, just curious... and I didn't tell her anything about myself, but by the time we were finished I felt she knew more about me than some of my best friends! She is so caring and warm! It's easy to see how TL is able to help someone who is lost or in mourning. TL has a gift that she generously shares, and by reading the testimonials I see how many people she has comforted. Believe them all!
My mother and I went for a reading with Tracy and it was a true blessing. We received clear and precise information that we confirmed immediately. It has genuinely lifted our spirits and given us a greater understanding and appreciation of our time here. Tracy is a beautiful spirit and makes you feel comfortable and welcome in her presence. Thank you Tracy!
It is 2014 and a New Year. I am telling my friends to get a reading from Tracy Lee. She is down to earth, compassionate and the real deal. I come from a long family history of intuitives, so I have never been a skeptic. What makes Tracy different than others is the type of reading and the fact that she makes her gift accessible to so many people via her pricing. I had a reading 2 months ago and I am still "taking it all in". Thank you Tracy Lee.
I lost a loved one in August of 2013 and was in very deep depression and felt like I should have done something to help.I blamed myself for my friend's passing and could not be convinced otherwise. This gal was not only my best friend she was my cousin. Through the years I learned a lot from her and she was my best friend. I found TL on this website and I am so glad I did. She helped me with my grief and gave me peace of mind. She is the best Thank you TL you have me in your corner always.
My mother and I were read by Tracy yesterday and the experience was life changing. We had connections with many relatives and friends that were meaningful and easy to understand. The message from my uncles have helped me think of life in an entirely new way. I am eternally grateful for the messages we received. Thank you, Tracy.
I found my reading from Tracy very inspirational. Some of my loved came through and it was such postive feedback. I made some life changes that i always wanted to do and Tracy's reading gave me that little"push"that i needed. It made me believe in myself again.Thank you Tracy for sharing your beautiful gift with us. If you are thinking of getting a reading from Tracy,do it!!! She is so kind and compassionate and very easy to talk to.
I met with TL a few short months ago and it was with a group of my co-workers. TL was great during our group session and our 1 on 1 sessions with her were very spot on for all of us! We enjoyed this experience very much. I was able to focus on some key issues going on in my life and have some communication with lost loved ones. I would recommend TL to anyone considering her service! :)
Tracy is extremely kind and compassionate. She went above and beyond, not only answering my questions, but connecting me to my father and conveying his messages for my family. What I most appreciated is that she took the time to call me back after our session as she was still continuing to receive information. She is very accurate, puts you at ease in discussing your questions and issues and also provided me with tips and suggestions. I would highly recommend Tracy.
My readings with Tracy have taken away the skepticism that I first looked at mediumship with. Her ability to connect with those who have passed is remarkable and the information astonishingly accurate. She is a warm, compassionate person, who truly loves and honors the work she does. I highly recommend her.
I am so grateful to T.L. for putting my heart at ease after losing my son tragically. Prior to my arrival, T.L. already had connected with my son and had written notes about people in his life and events that had impacted him. T.L. has a gift she shares unselfishly with those of us who are grieving and have unanswered questions of our loved ones. Thank you, T.L., for assisting me in processing the passing of my son. In deep appreciation ~
To be almost close or be correct on some things is great, but to have someone be so dead on about everything is AMAZING. To hear things from your loved ones who have passed can do wonders for someone. Tracy has helped us more than she may know. I am so blessed to have that experience with her. We got to hear things that helped heal us and hear things that made us so excited for our future. Thank you so much for this once in a lifetime experience we will never forget.
Since this was my first time speaking with an intuitive/medium, I was not sure what to expect. Tracy gave me information about myself that was right on, as well as presented a path for me that will assist me greatly down the road. She gave me spot on information about a family member that I have had some concerns about that put my mind at ease immediately. She is like talking with a good friend. He concern and commitment for her client is evident from the very beginning. Thank you Tracy.
I had a reading from TL while I was visiting from the UK. It was so accurate and also so healing. I will never forget the comfort it gave me. It also has led me to follow my own spiritual pathway.TL, you are wonderful and you bring so much blessings with you.
In July, 2013 I had a falling out with two of the most important people in my life. I was distressed and consumed with grief. I scheduled an intuitive reading with T.L. and immediately felt comfort and relief. She gave me insight into my energy and nailed the problems with my relationships to a tee. She told me to stay positive and strong and faith-filled. I absolutely needed to hear that and will be returning to T.L. whenever I need centering. She is the Real Deal & recommend her to all!
I first scheduled a medium reading for my step-sons who lost their mom when they were ages 9 and 7. I always knew they never processed her loss & much of that was affecting their behavior. T.L. didn't want any info about them other than their names. We recorded the reading on an iPhone and after listening to it again, we were all amazed how intuitive and accurate she was on so many levels. The boys mom stepped forward & actually gave them some really sound advice. Well worth every moment & dime!
Wow, what a great experience. I was able to put a lot of things to rest. No one would know some of the things you have told me. Thank you so much for your time. I will be back for more. I know you are the real deal. Thank you, Elise Orta
I had a reading with Tracy and was amazed at the accuracy of each person she described. She knew nothing about my family.I had a burden that I have been carrying around for years not understanding what I had done wrong. Tracy clarified with me that I had done nothing. It was the other person. She explained to me why the other person acts the way she does. It made perfect sense. It's what I always thought but had no clarification. Tracy has a very special gift! She is so accurate and caring!
I was a real skeptic when it came to Tracy but some of the things she told me about my father and sister were right on the spot. Unreal. It made me feel better about my relationship with my sister as we have not talked since my mother passed 3 years ago. Was very enlightening and I also got to hear from my granddaughter Kaylene who I miss something awful. I would highly recommend Tracy to any person trying to connect with their loved ones.
I walked into the bedroom to listen to the conversation which I wasn't supposed to be part of and Tracy started to ask if there was a nanny or a nonie and my name is Nina. She saw Pom poms and that was what Kaylene and I used to do together everything she said was right on. It was crazy and all I was saying was yes or no so there wasn't anything for her To go off of it was amazing and totally took me by surprise. It was a great experience and I would recommend her 110%.
Tracy Lee Nash is remarkable. I lost my 16 year old daughter, 3 yrs and 8 mos ago and Tracy has helped me connect with her again. Tracy has brought forth things that only myself and Kaylene would have known. She has made me feel like my daughter is talking directly to me again. Tracy is the REAL deal! Thank you Tracy for connecting me to Kaylene again!!
Wow, what an amazing experience! After failed experiences with other mediums, I wasnt sure what to expect from T.L. I was absolutely amazed by the fact that she was able to reach my son along with others from my family. She was even able to reach family that I have never spoken with but who wanted to deliver a message to my mother. T.L. is very much blessed with a gift and compassionately delivers messages from the other side.
I had my session with TL yesterday. She was SPOT on. She did NOT want to know anything, she just started picking up the vibe. I was so excited to finally get a reading from someone who is REAL. This reading was via phone, I have NEVER met TL. If you are curious about things. She is amazing. She came highly recommended, and it was accurate. Thank you TL OM Shanti
This was my first time talking to a medium. I was nervous but right away it was like talking to someone that was like a family member or a good friend. Talking to Tracy really helped me with what i an going through in Life right now. Iam so happy that I talked to her!! I feel much better!! It was a great experience... Thank you Tracy!!! And I will be talking to you again!! God bless..
Meeting TL changed my life! I scheduled an appointment with TL hoping to connect with lost love ones friends and family. Going into our appointment I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect.long story short due to our meeting the following day I found my birth mom after 28 years of wondering and searching . It was a life changing experience for the better . My life has been so positive and unreal since meeting her . I cannot wait to schedule another appointment . I will never be the same!
I first met TL when she came into the library I work at when she came in looking to help people in her community. Her event filled up and a wait list enough for two more classes. She has taught over 60 people how to use their intuition and live a better life. On a personal note she has helped both myself and my mom with personal readings that were so spot on. She was reading my step father-in-law who passed away and she even used air quotes to symbolize it. TL is great and we would recommend her
TL is an amazing Medium and Intuitive. I'm so blessed to have had a reading with her. She is so detailed and it just flows with out asking questions, other than yes and no. She is very sweet, patient and makes you feel so comfortable. I felt an instant connection with her and asked her if she would Mentor me. She willingly accepted and the journey has been life changing. She has helped me trust and sharpen my own God given abilities and excited to be of service, to help others:-) Blessings TL
I am so glad I contacted Tracy. While I was specifically seeking a message from my Dad whom I lost last year, I could have never in a million years imagined it coming through so personally and so specifically. She said something that ONLY my dad and I would know and seemed to grasp his personality to a tee. The entire reading contained so many accurate details that it was shocking! Tracy made me feel so comfortable and it was such a wonderful, beautiful, and healing experience.
I'm so glad I found Tracy. She knew my mothers Birthday and that was shocking to me, told Me something my mother wanted me to know And only I knew what it was suppose to mean, Knew about my boyfriend who passed And knew name also a saying that he always said To me that only I knew. I felt really good after Our call, what a blessing it was to have this experience! Thank you so much!
I was truly amazed about our session with Tracy. She was so accurate about so many things that I was totally shocked. She did not waste any time during the 2 hour session we had, just incredible! She makes you feel very welcome and is a heartwarming person. My husband passed away last year and I do have some peace now after our session. I would like to go back. Thank you!
Tracey Nash is a expert in her field. Being kind hearted, compassionate, and going above and beyond the call duty for each individual to have a clear understanding of the messages given-are definitely her best attributes! Tracey provided me with unbelievable information regarding my loved ones, and  brought light on unexplainable  incidents that had occurred in the past.  One word to describe this experience is "Healing." I highly recommend her!


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