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Tracy Lee "T.L." Nash is an international psychic and certified research
medium who was also chosen by Actress Gwyneth Paltrow's magazine,
GOOP, as one of their recommended psychics. She has been reading
professionally for over 30 years and her areas of expertise include:
relationships, career, energy and color readings, spirit communication
and more.

As the founder of Within The Light-a Metaphysical and wellness ministry-
as well as The Good Grief Circle, T.L. Nash's desire is to offer her services
in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Whether she is reading
domestically or globally, a majority of the services she performs come by
way of referrals, which is the highest compliment any reader can receive.

Sharing with others the message that we all have supernatural abilities is
done so through T.L.'s various workshops throughout the year as well as
her appearances on radio and at local spiritual gatherings in Southern
California. An accomplished writer, her inspirational work has been featured
in greeting cards, books and calendars through Blue Mountain Arts.

All sessions are done by phone with the exception of groups and workshops.

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My work as an intuitive and medium is my passion, not simply my profession. And I take the work I do very seriously. It is my joy and honor to not only help others on a variety of life's issues they may be struggling with, but, to also help them learn to develop and trust their own intuitive abilities as well. As a medium, bringing loving, validating and inspirational messages from the other side to those who seek closure is an emotional as well as spiritual responsibility that I hold close to my heart. That's why I believe Within The Light has been successful. Nearly all of my business is through referrals and I believe that's because I truly love what I do and it shows through my compassion, honesty and commitment to each person I have the honor of crossing paths with.

Listed since: May 6, 2007


Tracy knew things that could not be found on any Google search or by guessing based on my feedback. She delivered the messages with compassion. I will definitely consult her again.
I thought Tracy was incredibly accurate without knowing anything about me. My daughter came through and the things Tracy said couldn't have been about anyone else. I would definitely have her do more readings for me.
Had an excellent experience with Tracy. It amazed me how right on she was in the psychic readings and found the experience beneficial for myself moving forward. Highly recommend.
I was blown away by my combination session with Tracy. Her reading was very profound and powerful. She is someone who is warm and gentle and will make you feel comfortable right away. Thank you for your kindness and insights.
This reading was so good for my soul, Tracy was able to connect with several loved ones and I truly was at a loss for words. I can't express how much i truly appreciate her kindness, her professionalism and he accuracy. I will be referring Tracy and using her often in the future. Michelle
Without telling Tracey a word about myself or current life situation/ponderings, she tapped into specifics about me in a shockingly accurate way. None of the things she described about me or my life could have applied to any of my family members or close friends. She was spot on in my reading and helped bring to light a decision I had been grappling with and now feel excited to plunge into with full confidence. I would recommend Tracey to everyone, especially the skeptics ;)
Sweet, dedicated, profoundly skilled; this is TL Nash and the kind of reading you can expect from her. I appreciate all who serve the Spirit in people, and Tracy does truly excellent work in this regard.
I had an amazing reading with Tracy. She is truly gifted and gave me the answers / guidance / confirmation I was looking for. She channels the messages from the other side and I could get some important messages from beloved ones who had passed. They came identifying themselves with the first letter of their name. No mistake! Tracy carries a pure and divine energy which allows you to deeply feel you are not alone, you are protected and guided on your life journey. Thank you Tracy!
I had a reading with Tracy about a week ago and it was so detailed and so revealing that I’m still processing everything she told me. Without giving her any information about myself she told me things she had no way of knowing and she confirmed certain things I hadn’t confided in anyone. It’s so important to know you’re on the right path and that you’re not just walking aimless through life and she truly helped with this. I highly recommend her and I’m grateful for my conversation with her.
I had a scheduled appointment for a reading this morning with Tracy Nash as both my parents, my husband and sister have all passed away from various illnesses, so I felt the need to have this reading. I checked out this web site and randomly choose Tracy. I am very happy that I did. She had a lovely voice, even with the tail end of a cold, she was kind and very understanding. My mother and husband came through right away. Tracy had everything correct and It was the best reading I ever had.
I had my second reading with Tracy and the time line she gave me last year has started to unfold as she said it toward the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. She has amazed me with her insight about the people around me. If you want the truth and are able to accept it then Tracy is the one to get advice from.
I had an amazingly reading with T.L. last night. The best medium I’ve seen. I loved her warmth and confidence. She immediately brought up things no one would know outside of me and my husband, and brought through his grandpa to help send a message to my husband. I can’t wait to have another call with her! Thank you so much.
Wow. I'm a believer after yesterday. Thank you TL.
I had an amazing reading with Tracy today. I’ve had many amazing readings with Tracy! I’ve known her for several years and she has consistently helped me with my life’s transitions, Issues and decisions. Tracy is the best medium and psychic I’ve ever worked with. She is smart, sensitive and has common sense. Talking to her is way better than therapy and it’s fun! I highly recommend Tracy. I’ll be connecting to her as long as we’re on this planet and beyond! Thanks Tracy so much!
I found Tracy Nash’s reading incredibly helpful. She provided details of my history which confirmed she is gifted and she clearly is using that gift to help others. I felt comfortable, supported and gained much insight, validation and guidance during my combination meeting today.
I was totally blown away with Tracy's accuracy. I wanted a reading hoping to help with my mothers depression since my brothers death. It gave her a sense of peace, which was my goal. Tracy was a very warm and caring person and I'm so thankful for her gift. Even after our reading, 3 months later Tracy contacted me, as she had a message from our cousin. I recommend this beautiful gifted woman to anyone and everyone that has asked me about my reading. Adore this woman!!
I received a reading from Tracey Lee after my Mother-in-law (best friend) passed away and although the reading was several years ago I am still recalling things she said that were absolutely dead on. She was able to set my mind at ease and provide me comfort in knowing that I took good care of her while she was sick and dying. During that reading I got an apology from another relative that I requested from him out loud before seeing Tracey. That confirmed her legitimacy for me. Amazing!
Tracy has an amazing gift and I highly recommend her services. My family recently experienced a tramatic and unexpected loss. We were left with sadness, pain and many unanswered questions. My passed relative came to Tracy and through a mutual friend she was able to contact me and reach out her kindness. She did a reading for my family and with no doubt, we knew we were speaking to our loved one. With her help our family has found peace and I will be using her services again. Thank You T.L.
I had my first reading with Tracy this week and I must say she knew far more about me and people around me than I ever expected anyone knowing. That in is self impressed me. Tracy gave me some thing to improve my own life as well as many things very positive coming. I would say at this point that I would most definitely recommend her to anyone.
I had a reading with Tracy recently and it was one of the best readings I have ever had. She answered my questions and she gave some additional information that was very helpful. I highly recommend this reader. You will not be disappointed. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to read with her. She is very insightful and can bring through messages from deceased loved ones as well as future happenings that are going to take place.
Thank you again for the reading you are truly a gem! I cant wait to read with you again! You always hit it on the head
I recently had a reading with TL. I have had 3 readings with TL since 2011. Each reading was spot on and life changing for me. During my most recent reading, TL once again spoke on points I needed to hear. She also brought my biological father through. I never had a chance to meet him in this life but I knew enough about him that I knew it was him speaking to me. My reading was very therapeutic and enlightening. At the conclusion of my reading, I had the peace I had been searching for.
She is awesome ! She is friendly, caring, and correct about everything you want to know in whatever area in your life. Also she guides you to the right direction you need to go. I highly recommend her to anyone with no excitation ! Nadir
TL is amazing. She was spot on in pretty much every aspect of my life in the reading. She also takes her work very seriously and genuinely cares about her clients. I will definitely book more readings with her again. A big heartfelt thank you TL!
I have gone to Tracy for years. Always very accurate readings, excellent medium. I’ve referred so many people. Love her!!
Tracy is an amazing reader who will give you a very detailed reading and information without you having to say anything. She has a great gift to connect to people and energy. She is an A++ reader.
Tracy was beyond INCREDIBLE! She makes you feel so at home and welcome and gives you such an unforgettable experience. A lot of people are sceptic about this sort of thing but she brings up things she couldn't possibly know. I left my reading with feeling of relief. It was as if a weight had been lifted on my shoulders that I didn't even know I had. I definitely feel more at peace now!!
WOW - Tracy is absolutely incredible! She was SPOT ON in every aspect of my reading. I highly recommend Tracy and her services to anyone looking for an intuitive / psychic reading. You will not be disappointed... she's also got a great fun personality ;)
THE BEST PSYCHIC READING I HAVE EVER HAD! NO JOKE! TL is truly a gifted psychic who is astoundingly accurate! I have consulted many psychics before but TL's gift is truly one of a kind! Every reading she conducts is given with love, SPECIFIC DETAIL, and amazing ACCURACY! CALL HER!! I promise, you wont be disappointed! She is a godsend! I will definitely be consulting her again and will recommend her to anyone and everyone! I never believed in psychics but she has converted me!
I contacted Tracy to get in touch with a friend I'd recently lost, which she did, this led onto my father who passed away 22 years ago coming through and the reading couldn't have been more accurate if I'd sat down and wrote it myself.


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