Terrie Huberman

Terrie Huberman
Terrie Huberman


Nearest City: 

Los Angeles


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$222.00 for a 45 min. Psychic Reading ;$160 for a 30 min Psychic Reading.

To Schedule A Reading Call: 

818-571-7105 Text Me


Stop wondering and know!

Hi there, I'm Terrie and I’ll help you uncover obstacles to reaching your goals in a kind hearted, honest, compassionate manner. I’m a spiritual advisor based out of Los Angeles and have been publicly TESTED and VALIDATED as an ETHICAL and ACCURATE psychic.

My approach is sincere, authentic, and with a side of humor.

I am an intuitive healer and teacher, specializing in guiding individuals with heightened spiritual empathy.

My focus is on those who grapple with persistent anxiety and overwhelming sensitivity to emotions, and often struggles with indecision, and may perceive themselves as victims of circumstance, rather than creators of their reality.

Many view their sensitivities as a burden rather than a superpower, leading them to engage in overthinking, over analysis, and overworking as coping mechanisms for uncertainty.

My mission is to support them in transforming these challenges into strengths, helping them cultivate emotional resilience, access their intuition, gain control over chaos, and harness the laws of the universe for healing.

Additional Information: 

*Sign up for my newsletter and get in the know! http://eepurl.com/b0dcy9​

*Check out my YouTube channel for energetic temperature checks: http://tiny.cc/9t2ysz

*I have a beautiful spiritual community that has workshops, group readings, and energy shifting sessions. Reach out to me at info@terriehuberman to learn more.

*Being a California native, I grew up in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, graduating from Cal State Northridge with a BA in Arts, Media, and Communication, and I make sure to continually take courses/seminars so that I don’t get rusty. I find it really important to keep studying and learning as growth is important!

*My background is in theater and media advertising, which gives me an edge with business knowledge, and makes me a 'people person'. It's also keeps me grounded in 'the real world'. Which only benefits the folks I'm reading.

*I get hired for private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and larger scale gallery readings in addition to private readings and am available for you! Phone readings work the same as face-to-face readings and one isn’t better than the other.

Listed since: Mar 8, 2016


Terry is an amazing psychic and has monthly memberships available online, which are super affordable, where she meets with members and teaches what she is drawn to or does readings which are extremely accurate. She also offers to meet online or in person at her location in Los Angeles for psychic readings or mediumship. She also offers a 3 months program for personal development.
I got an Instant Reading from Terrie and she was absolutely wonderful. As soon as she answered the phone, I could feel how caring she was, and it put me at ease right away. She accurately picked up on the energy of my relationship and helped me understand what was happening. I highly recommend a reading with Terrie!
We hired Terrie for a birthday party to read for the birthday girl and a few guest. The readings may only have been 15 minutes each, but everyone was very impressed with how well and accurately Terrie connected with them and picked up what is going on in their lives. She was spot on for all 6 people and was able to give them helpful guidance and answer to their most pressing questions. She has a great personality and a very nice energy around her. I highly recommend having a reading with her.
I wanted to take a moment to thank Terrie for the messages she brought through to me. I was floored about things she knew that she could possibly not know (since I literally did not mention them to anyone!). The hairs on my arm stood on end while she expressed some very intimate details. The messages were helpful and confirmed some changes I need to make in my life. Terrie is super warm, inviting and has such a fun sense of humor, you will be glad for the experience and feel at ease. Thank u!
I was blown away by my reading with Terrie. She was so right on with the information she was telling me. I really feel like she helped me figure out what my next career move is and I feel so much relief. I can't wait to get another reading from her when I need some guidance again.
I have had the divine advantage of receiving a medium reading from Terrie Huberman. She is the real deal, her water readings are on point and the message I received from my loved ones was so emotionally healing!! I highly recommend her!! Definitely worth her weight in gold. I am so impressed with her readings, I referred many of my family and friends to see her.
Terrie is awesome! She connects with what really matters to you most and delivers loving messages of guidance from spirit. She really validated the key issues that I was dealing with and gave me wonderful advice from my spirit guides/angels on how to best handle them.
Terrie is wonderful! She is honest and genuine and very accurate! From the moment I met her I felt at ease.
Terrie is so real and likeable! Her details in her readings are exact and on point. I felt like she knew my family member by the information she gave but there is no way she could have known them or anything about them prior. I know she actually connected with those on the other side because of the communication that came through. I plan on getting another reading from Terrie to talk to more family since Terrie's readings gave me great healing and peace.
Terrie has read me numerous times over the years and I have always been pleased with the results. Not only is she sincere and calming to speak with, she also doesn’t pull any punches and is always honest. The most recent reading I had with Terrie was an IET healing to help heal things in my DNA. She did this long distant and at first I was a bit skeptical, but it was pretty clear that some of my old habits and patterns were starting to break, and I was OVERJOYED! You won’t be sorry!
Terrie Huberman did not change my life. She helped me understand it. Over the years she’s given me many readings using various techniques. I was a skeptic. However, in the end she was always right! Now I can come to her with any issues and she helps me through them with compassion and shows me new ways of thinking about situations. I wouldn’t have named my daughter after her if she wouldn’t have had such a profound effect on my life. I encourage anyone searching to ask her for guidance.

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