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Hollywood Psychic Medium Syd Saeed is considered to be one of the top 20 Spiritual Advisers in the world today.(over 400 genuine reviews across the board)

Syd is honored to be listed on Best Psychic Directory. He is also a Spiritual Counselor, internationally known for his uncanny accuracy and rapid fire reading style. Syd has a warm-hearted, humble, humorous, giving & laid-back nature, and is dedicated to a powerful, positive thought process.
To influence even the most impossible of situations.

Throughout his website & readings, Syd wishes to share with the world his wisdom, insights and indeed love for his fellow man as well as the "Gift" that Spirit has bestowed upon him in conjunction with some of the intricacies of the human psyche.

"Syd does not believe that one's destiny is completely pre-ordained as we all have free will and freedom of choice to influence the future outcome of our lives".

Before booking a reading with any psychic it is imperative to do some research, read the persons testimonials etc and most importantly trust your intuition regarding the reader.
Chances are if you do not feel some sort of connection with the person beforehand, you will not have a satisfying outcome to your reading.

Above all, a reading should be a positive, enlightening, uplifting experience whilst
enabling you to move forward in life with some form of clarity.

Over the past 13 years of doing readings, Syd has proved himself to be a very popular Psychic-Medium renowned for his great accuracy and humble attitude with an ever-growing client base all over the world.
Please check out his website where you will find further testimonials, Insight & Inspiring words written by & about this extremely gifted, truly Spiritual man.

Many Blessings to all

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TESTIMONIALS WOW Syd read for me and so many of his predictions made sense as well as the information he had on me being spot on. You have given me hope for the future and also you gave me the strength to get through the funeral today, massive thanks for that!! Oh and unbelievable he knew where the sodding TV remote was that went missing and that blew me away. If i doubted anything this along with your knowledge of me and my work made me believe. Thank you so much. heartily recommend this man! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd, just wanted to say a massive thank you. You will recall a few weeks ago, I was feeling down, dejected and ready for packing in the acting. You warned me off doing that and told me to hang on as you could see that I would get a part on a particluar TV show this year, even naming the show. You also told me that there was even more to come in 2012, possibly a regular character in the same show. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd, Last week I received a call from my agent stating the casting director of said show wanted to see me and today, and I gt the part. I really do not know how you do what you do, but I am glad you do it. All I can say is... Thank You and Roll on 2012. ANON ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Syd, thank you do much for your wise words. Although only time will tell if what you say comes to light, you have given me hope and confidence to continue. We have never met, yet your advice on how to proceed is spot on as I know now that what was my downfall, and by correcting that, what you saw for the future hopefully will follow. Thank you again. Anon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd loved chatting to you last night even if it was 12.30 am British time and I have to be up at 6.30 am!! I am so blown away at how accurate you are all I had to do was mention a name and you were able to tell me everything even down to how some one walks!!! lol!!! There are lots of other things you told me which you had no way of knowing and by you telling me finally put my mind at rest over lots of matters. May your light always shine brightly, I am soo proud to be your sister, may you be blessed in all the ways that your heart desires and much more besides!!! x x Sheena ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SYD - You did it again! I asked you about a friend who had gone into hospital and was not answering calls ... 3 weeks ago ... you told me what you thought the situation was including what was actually wrong with him .. and how ill he was and had been very near to death .. and an empty bed ... and white sheets ..... TODAY I got confirmation that you were 100% spot on .. that you had told me exactly, practically word for word what he told me himself! ... Love having you in my life .... Trust and Believe in you 100% ... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU xxxxx Anon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd you are so on the money with your reading and guidance cannot believe that things are now happening as you saidwould be the case this year for me - people you can trust this kind and selfless gentleman you can only benefit with knowing the comfort that he is telling you the truth as I have experienced this first hand - a true person can only give you truthful advice!!! Thanks so much xxx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You're too good Syd that it's almost scary, but a good scary!!! Thank you .. Anon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd .. the secret admirer showed his hand tonight .. unexpectedly and was just as you described lol ... spot on again! .. Anon x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Listed since: Jul 16, 2011


I had a reading session with Mr. Saeed yesterday and to tell you that I was blown away would be an understatement. He picked up on things in my life accurately I even didn't pay attention to or even forgot including specific details about my profession. Mr. Saeed is a very confident Psychic Medium, his readings are so accurate and he is very considered and very kind when he delivers them. I feel that I can move forward with my life with greater confidence. Thank you so much.
I know now why thousands of people praise Syd. He’s warm, caring, generous and amazing at what he does. Barely 12 hrs after the reading and already something he mentioned at the end of phone call proved to be a real! Thank you Syd for giving me hope where I almost had none left. Last 2 yrs were the worse years of my life but you saw so much coming my way. I can’t wait to update with all the rest of predictions you made. Bless you and thank you again Syd.
Syd is amazing! I have read with him many times and his accuracy is unbelievable. He gave me the exact name and description of someone without me even asking. If you are fortunate enough to find him you have already been extremely blessed. Be clear with your questions and open to the answers, they may be surprising, but by far the best connection straight to spirit for any life issues you may be dealing with. I have access to the best psychics in the world and hands down i choose Syd first!
From the moment I heard Syd's voice, there was an instant connection, a feeling of warmth, compassion and trust. Incredibly quick at tapping into issues I have kept to myself, it is obvious he is connected to source and expresses himself in such a beautiful and easy going way. Every issue discussed was given incredible validation and detail. Much has already manifested as I am sure time will reveal more. The positivity is still carrying me forward several months after the reading. AMAZING!
Whenever I need the truth, and wise council, I know immediately to speak with Syd. I have been with Syd for years because of his accuracy, honesty, and compassionate nature. There are too many times to count where Syd told me something was happening and to come that manifested for relationships, work, health, etc. Then my mind goes, “Syd said that!” Most recently (with me saying nothing) he knew a guy I’m interested in by name, the progress at work (on time as predicted), etc. Syd’s the best!
I found Syd about 9 years ago when I was at rock bottom, he pulled me out of a very dark place and assured me things would get better, gave me time frames and future situations that would take place, he was dead on about everything! I consider Syd a true friend and honestly would never make a major decision about anything without speaking to him first. He is so accurate in what he predicts its just amazing. He talks very fast but is very compassionate and very easy to talk to. Syd is the BEST!
Wow! Just wow! If you are looking for a gifted and accurate intuitive psychic medium then look no further. Syd did a reading for me back in 2015. He predicted things that would happen over a longer period of time so I waited to see how things would unfold before leaving a review. Well, the detailed and specific predictions he gave me did in fact materialize! As others said he is the real deal. He talks fast and only provides messages from Spirit. I will only talk to him for now on! Call Him!!
500 characters isn’t enough! Syd is by far the best guide I have had. He is genuine and there is no B.S. he tells you as he sees it but is empathetic. I have had two sessions with him now. His predictions have been spot on! He is funny and straight forward. He communicates what his guides want you to know and never adds his personal thoughts. I have and will continue to appreciate his gift and upbeat personality! One should also have a good connection with your medium and I do with Syd!
This is a rare situation where words fail, but I would be remiss not to share the rare gem that is Syd Syeed. I have been to other psychics (some well known and more costly), but this... wow! Pure unprompted truth spewed from him. Spot on. Integrity. He has brought me immeasurable peace and confirmation in my path going forward. I simply cannot convey the impact his reading has made. I will be forever grateful and as long as he is giving readings, I will go to no other than him.
Absolutely astounding, I so did not know what to expect but wonders never cease. Syd made my call so easy and amazing everything he said was right on and could not have been known. Syd i thank you so much for lifting the weight off of my shoulders. Have a blessed, wonderful day and holiday season with your family. We will talk again, I look forward to more!
Blessed to connect with Syd, who I can now call a true friend and a brother. In these 7months Syd has always been extremely accurate and professional. Syd gave a great insight on my inner self and questions concerning relationships, emotions, career, health, spirituality and my soul purpose in life. His calming voice and super intuitive kind soul always gave me a clarity in life. Syd's predictions always came true. Would recommend Syd to anyone that is looking for detailed accurate reading.
It’s my second reading with Syd!! I asked Syd if I would get an apology from someone and How my personal life looked ahead. My life fell apart due to my X having a progressive gambling addiction! I pushed treatment and he refused! He was in major denial! Lots of shame envolved. I told him he was an addict to his face and that was the last time we spoke after 5 years together and a marriage on the way! Syd shared how all would play out over the next few years and my mind is at peace! Thanks Syd!!
Syd is a true blessing! I've had many unanswered questions that were finally addressed with confidence! I will ONLY contact Syd for any clarity I need in my life! I wish I found him earlier. He speaks in a way that I understand and desire.I came for information and he gave it to me! I am blunt and prefer a confidence and strait forward way of giving information, as well as being laser focused and accurate. He is perfection!! Thank you Syd!
Syd is an amazing soul! I have had several readings with him over the last few years and he has been very accurate. I had another reading with him a few days ago and he told me about things were going to happen that he couldn't have known about...things I had just done or have planned for the near future. He is amazingly kind and easy to talk connecting with an old friend. He is the real thing!
I've been reading with syd for years now. He is my go to person for everything health love finanaces. I can say we have had at least 20 readings and he still just blows me away. He gives details that I don't even know to ask for. I ask about a house to purchase he tells me the problem in detail I look into it and what do you know he is correct again. You would think I would just be use to how accurate he is by now but it still gets me.
Best psychic on planet earth. I been to lots of psychic in India/USA, but never found anyone like Syd. I know Syd 5yrs, every single reading came true very, very accurate. Syd less about money, and more about helping people. Thanks
Syd is the only psychic I can trust. I believe I have been reading with him for almost 3 years now and he is spot on every time. Even when something he tells you seems like it's not at all possible. At our last reading Syd made a ton of correct predictions about a situation I was asking about, and even told me around July I might be losing my job. I didn't believe it, and sure enough, it's July and i'm probably going to lose my job. Syd just picks up the phone and spews correct info
Not only does Syd assist in bringing clarity to thoughts and ideas that have alluded me and remained fuzzy, his energy and wisdom brings a sense solace to my frequently unnerved mind. Not only are his readings intuitive and thoughtful but his calming spirit helps me to look within my own thoughts and allow myself to visualize ultimate outcomes for my decisions. I am very glad to have had readings with Syd!
I’ve been having readings with Syd for the past few years. I find him to be compassionate, honest, kind, and with a great sense of humor. His readings have proven to be very accurate. The things he has told me have happened as he said they would over a period of time. He’s helped me stay strong throughout my divorce which has been an especially painful time in my life. I’m very grateful for his guidance and look forward to future readings with him.
Syd is the REAL DEAL! I know it because a lot of things that he has said have come to pass. He predicted my soulmate at least 4 years prior to me meeting my soulmate. He has also been spot on about my own spiritual abilities. Syd is very straightforward and gives you the straight edge truth never sugarcoating or telling you what you want to hear he tells you what you NEED to hear according to what is the highest and best for your soul. He is GIFTED and I am grateful for his presence.
Syd Saeed is the name you must remember! Psychic/Med who delivers an authentic genuine accurate spiritual reading. Never wastes your time nor money! He is extremely kind,honest, leaving you inspired and uplifted. EVERY reading has been BULLS-EYE SPOT ON, HITTING THE MARK ACCURATELY. Just say a name or word and BOOM! Floodgates open wide with supersonic speed with a vast of info. He has helped me a greatly! ONLY Syd has this "EXTRA-ORDINARY GIFT" that NO-ONE can compare BEST IN NORTH AMERICA!
I have been speaking with Syd for at least 6 years and usually check in 2 times a year. He has been accurate about everything from trips I take to the amount of money I'll receive in a settlement. He even knows the type of exercise I am doing or should do! He has also always told me I'll have a chance with a particular man but will outgrow him. I am finally at that point and for the first time Syd has predicted a new man for me.! Thank you for being sone helpful and helping guide me!
I have been reading with Syd for almost 10 years. Whenever I have doubts in life or need some confirmation with my career path, I call him. He is very intuitive, picks up on people personalities and knows the answers before I finish my questions. Some of the major events he has pointed out to me are amazing. He is truly gifted, kind, and humble. I feel lucky to know him. Whenever I need him, he always gets back to me quickly and with sense of
This was my second reading with Syd. He has been very accurate and has hit bulls eye on every question ,i asked him. He is one of the top genuine psychics here. He is very compassionate. I had a reading 5 years ago and came back to him on my birthday for a new reading. Every question had a definite answer, no ambiguity. Thank you Syd for an awesome reading. I was super happy about the reading.You are a genuine, kind man. Happy to write this for you. I was surprised you knew my nephew's condition
I have been reading with Syd for several years now. He has truly become like a brother to me. Not only are his readings spot on to past, present, and eventually future situations, he always gives thoughtful but honest insight and advice. Syd will always tell you the truth of a situation for your highest good. He is lightning fast, and has greatly helped me when I was going through work transition, love, and general life. Countless times I've said, 'Syd was right!"
Its been 5 years, that I have been gifted in finding Syd as my psychic reader-I have had readings with others prior to Syd-but no one as accurate as Syd- 5 yrs I am still amazed by the info that Syd gives me in each reading-I rarely need to ask questions -because he has already covered it all -my life has taken many twists n turns the last 5 yrs-thankfully Syd helped me thru it all unscathed-Syd is the absolute best psychic I've ever had the pleasure to do readings with-I am grateful for Syd !
Syd is simply amazing! His readings are always incredibly accurate, he tells me things he could never know. Every reading he has done for me is extremely accurate, he's scarily correct every time. He tells it like it is, even if it's not what you want to hear- he's very honest! Syd is sweet, kind, and compassionate. It's like talking to a close friend or brother. I trust him completely. I love his forthrightness, compassion, kindness, humor, and honesty. Syd is the best there is, love him!!
I have been reading with Syd since 2013. He guidance has been invaluable to me. Everything has happened just as he said, and I do not doubt his future predictions. He truly cares about his clients, and is the most humble, kindest and compassionate person whom I trust implicitly. He has guided me through a long emotional road and I highly value his advice and he help me trust my own intuition. But above all else, thank you Syd for being a truly good friend. HUGS!
Syd is in my opinion the most talented Psychic that I've ever encountered. We have been talking since 2012, everything that he's ever told me has happened from my weight loss, to my dating life, to where I would be living. He even has greatly helped me with my Mom's medical issues. He's truly one of the most compassionate people that I've ever met. Every time we talk. I always find myself smiling because of his light, positivity, and good nature. I have never encountered anyone with his talent.


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