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Samantha Jones
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Meet Samantha Jones, animal communicator and psychic medium. Since Samantha was a young child she could communicate with animals, “knew things” no one else did and had vision of things to come. After the passing of her mother in 2004, Samantha built a strong relationship with the spirit world, eventually opening her medium and psychic abilities. She now works full time using her abilities to help heal and change lives. Connecting people to their loved ones on the other side, bridging the gap between people and animals and helping people better navigate life, are just a few of the ways Samantha helps her clients live happier, healthier and more prosperous lives.

Samantha and her husband, Danny, cohost a weekly podcast, Spiritual Philos-O-Chatter With The Joneses. In this hour long, listener interactive podcast, Samantha and Danny discuss all things metaphysical, spiritual and philosophical. This is just another way Samantha is trying to help heal the world.

Samantha offers 15, 30 and 60 minute readings. Please visit her website for more information or to schedule your reading. Please note... all readings are done through a messenger service such as FB messenger, Skype or WhatsApp. This allows the reading to flow smoother and for you to be able to read it as often as you like.

Listed since: Mar 16, 2021


I would to give 5star to Samantha maam, lot of love from india
In a market where scammers and BS artists prevail, I can attest Samantha is the genuine article. I say this both as a healthy skeptic, and from first hand experience. She has connected with my niece who passed early, a cousin who passed of Covid, a old friend, my old pal Theo the Dog. All with specific, relevant information I could confirm. And you will never hear her say “I can see it. It’s becoming clearer now, but another $50 will help me to make the connection stronger!”
Samantha is amazing. She has done multiple readings for me: psychic, mediumship, and animal communication. She has never been wrong. The information she provides is more than just confirmation, but comforting also. To say she is the best would be an understatement.
Samantha is so awesome. She did a reading for me with my mom who passed away in 2017. She was so spot on and her reading helped me on my road to healing from grieving. Truly helped my broken heart. She was also very helpful when my dog went missing a few months ago. I’m so blessed to have gotten to know her and will continue to choose her for readings. ❤️
I highly recommend Samantha. She is accurate, kind and compassionate Her guidance has helped me make several important decisions. I trust her and the information she receives.
Samantha is the real deal. I have had the pleasure of having multiple readings with Samantha in which she made validating connections with my loved ones on the other side. Samantha is genuine, caring and straight down the line also. Very honest in nature and great person to talk to. You won't be disappointed by Samantha!
I contacted Samantha when my kitty boy Leo died, and again when I lost 3 more of my fur babies within weeks of each other. She told me with UNCANNY ACCURACY things about each one, It felt as if she had known them personally. She gave me so much comfort and PEACE . What was more amazing and touching, she NAMED my MOM, who has passed, by name! And told me she’s taking care of them for me. Samantha’s TRULY God gifted, and her GENUINE sincerity, caring and humbleness is what sets her apart.
Just incredible! So connected and never ceases to amaze me. A beautiful person inside and out.
When my cat whet missing in February of 2021, Samantha helped us to narrow down our search and was able to communicate with him. She gave us peace of mind that he was alive and hope to keep searching. We put up bright neon posters and after 5 nights away, he was spotted, they called us and he came home! Without Samantha’s guidance and ability, I don’t know if we would have had that outcome. We are deeply grateful for her and her gift.
Samantha is amazing, and always spot on! I have been talking to her for years now and check in with a I need a little guidance or reassurance I am on the right path. Her compassion while still giving the information needed is amazing. Predictions are always accurate and guidance helps immensely!
Samantha is a really helpful and kind hearted individual. She has your best interest at heart no doubt. I appreciate her more than she will ever know. Get a reading from Samantha you will not regret it.
Samantha has done several readings for me, regarding passed loved ones, animals, and my son who I lost in-uterine at 23wks. She gave me comfort in knowing that my son is there with my father, and also visits me frequently. She is amazing and I highly recommend having a reading with her.
Samantha helped me answer some unresolved questions about my dad. He suffered from early onset Alzheimer’s, leading to a lot of confusion and sadness for those he left behind. Samantha was able to provide done much needed closure, and has displayed grace and compassion during all of our communications. Highly recommend!

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