Nancy Marlowe

Nancy Marlowe
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San Diego


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$250 Phone Reading

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Nancy's ACCURACY IS DOUBLE CERTIFIED by two world reknown organizations.

1. Nancy's abilities have been TESTED & CERTIFIED BY SCIENTISTS at the prestigious Windbridge Research Center. She is an WCRM with the famous scientific institute.

2. Nancy is also a Forever Family Certified Medium along with Theresa Caputo and Kim Russo.

John Edward refers to Nancy as a "Spiritual Mail Carrier"

PHONE READINGS are available on ANY SUBJECT. All readings are strictly private, confidential and nonjudgmental. **No in person readings.**

Additional Information: 

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What can Nancy do for YOU?

Using her amazing ability to profile people, Nancy provides intimate details about people. She CAN HEAR WHAT PEOPLE ARE THINKING and feeling. Clairvoyantly, she CAN SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE DOING.

PERSONALITY PROFILER - RELATIONSHIP EXPERT: Her personality profiling abilities have led to many long term relationships and marriages for her clients. She also does personality profiling for corporations and the legal profession.

EVIDENTIAL MEDIUM: Nancy provides detailed, FACTUAL information about those who have passed over.

FORENSIC MEDIUM: Working with law enforcement and pathologists, Nancy has correctly identified cause of death. In addition, she has located several missing bodies using remote viewing, mental telepathy and clairvoyance. Nancy has also located oil, gas, water, and precious metals in the ground.

MEDICAL INTUITIVE: Using her clairvoyant ability Nancy looks inside your body and tells you about your health.

-------Phone readings are just as accurate as In Person Readings-------

Listed since: Jan 27, 2014


I recently had my first reading with Nancy and first meeting her I automatically felt comfortable and at ease. She is very kind, warm and inviting. As far as the reading, I couldn't believe how accurate she was. From my recently passed husband, what he felt about our son starting baseball , which he is, and all the advice he was giving to me, as if I was having a conversation with him through Nancy... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
My experience with Nancy was very positive, I was fortunate to have an in person reading with her. I wanted to know about my future, she is totally truthful in what she sees, which was great. It wasn't what I wanted to hear at first, but will ultimately be better for me. She made me hopeful for the future and my anguish and constant fear of the unknown dissipated. I left feeling relieved and thankful for this wonderful experience. I hope it all comes true ⭐️.
I recently had a fantastic reading with Nancy Marlowe. Wow!I received so much information that was completely true about a decreased family member. She even described his favorite chair. I was blown away.
I'm so glad I met Nancy! Nancy has read for me a few times, each time I left with feelings of amazement and fulfillment. She predicted my child's gender, features and personality. She acted as a medium for my grandmother, who had some words of warning for me. Nancy's readings are straightforward and easy to understand. I always enjoy my time with Nancy!
Nancy is the first psychic I've ever had a reading with. The information she provided was life changing! She was fantastic! She was insightful and knew information that not even my partner knew. She was able to give guidance and find future information for me regarding business and life. She's kind, sweet and fantastic over the phone. Looking forward to booking my next session.
Nancy has done 2 reading for me. One for me alone by phone and one in person. I was spooked by her accuracy and would not go see her even though everything she said was spot on. Decided to take my husband and do one in person. I know they say accuracy is 70-80%? but she has been WAY over that on what she told me in both readings. She is gracious to take us into her home and make us feel at home and relaxed about it all. Very unique gift I wish we all were capable of using like she does.
I lost my daughter less than a year ago, she is my everything, I really needed to have some contact with her, I had a reading with Nancy, not only did she make me feel very comfortable, but she is a very loving person, she was very accurate, and amazed me with the things only my daughter and I shared togehter, it was very emotional but at the same time wished it could of lasted longer, I will definately have more readings with Nancy, felt a connection with Nancy even on my first reading.
My reading with Nancy was an intensely deep and fulfilling experience. Nancy's gift was quickly evident as she described people and events that she could not have possibly known. Nancy spirit is full of love and humor, not judgment. She told me things I knew, things I intuitively knew but needed validation, and things I didn't know. Her insight has helped me guide my children, my decisions, and has given me peace. Nancy is truly authentic and I am grateful to have found her!
I received a reading from Nancy in early April and I am truly amazed by her gift. Nancy was able to point out details that only my loved one and I shared. This reading helped not only myself, but also my friend come to terms with the loss of our friend. Nancy’s reading has brought healing and peace after years of heartache and for that I’m truly grateful and hopeful for the future.
Nancy has been reading for me for over 10 years and she has been consistently accurate. She has an amazing ability to zero in on people and situations. Nancy is patient, kind and nonjudgmental. No matter how difficult the subject she has been able to deal with it and give me good advice. I feel like Nancy truly cares about her clients and she has been a tremendous help over the past 10 years.
Dear Nancy, Your reading was so spot on yesterday. I got so much hope from the things you were able to tell me and I am grateful for your gift of communication with the other side and the kindness that you showed me. There is much for me to do but, I'm working on it. I must admit though, to being a little worried about the character hanging out in my bedroom . Again, warmest wishes and best regards, Love to you, Lisi
My girlfriend and I have always wanted to believe we could have contact with those who have passed but we remained a bit skeptical until we had readings by Ms. Marlowe. My girlfriend hoped to be contacted by her husband and I by my dog. :-) We both were stunned and in tears when we got our wishes. We felt relieved knowing our loved ones live on. Ms. Marlowe also has a peaceful warm aura which we felt for days after the readings. I indeed believe she is an angel masquerading as a human.
I just had a reading with Nancy and it was AMAZING! She was right one with many things and I left feeling a great sense of piece and motivation. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the real deal! Thank you Nancy!
Nancy was amazing. She was very accurate and specific which was what I was looking for. I really felt she was communicating with my mother. Because of Nancy, I have peace now with my mother's passing. Many questions were answered. I will be an ongoing client of Nancy's because I want to keep in touch with my mother. She was very professional and personal as if I was talking to an old friend. She made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend her.
Having lost my son less than a year and a half ago, I had struggled to connect with him myself. Nancy was able to give me a very accurate reading with details she could not have known except for from my son. Nancy's gift gave me further confirmation that my son is still here with us, though not physically present. I strongly recommend Nancy to others, and look forward to another reading with her. In addition to her mediumship and psychic abilities, she is a beautiful soul.
My reading with Nancy Marlow was so inspiring and spot on with the information I received. What a wonderful experience to connect with my loved one. I have not been at peace since she passed last December. Now I feel I can put all the pain behind and remember all the wonderful memories we had in our family. Thank you again and God Bless
Nancy is an amazing reader. She gave very descriptive details of my two boys, who are both unique individuals. I highly recommend her because of her accuracy and her compassion.
I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason—understanding and accepting those reasons are what proves to be difficult. Being deeply spiritual, introspective and intuitive myself—Nancy provides me with the affirmation that what I am experiencing is natural to my being. When I feel my world closing in on me—Nancy is there to show me the light and my own, undeniable, force. She has proved to be the spiritual guide that I need to help me become the person that I am destined to be. L&L
At my reading Nancy was so wonderful, she knew a lot of things that there's no way she could have found out that information somewhere else. I will definitely be going back to see her again and referring her to others. She's very sweet and caring, I felt at ease talking to her. I feel more in touch with the other side now more than ever.
I feel fortunate to have somehow located Nancy Marlowe. I admit to some anxiety prior to the reading, but I believe Nancy sensed that and made me feel comfortable quickly. The reading was very emotional and intense for me (far more than I would have predicted). I was convinced early in the conversation that she had quickly provided clear validation and after that point, I was able to easily accept the communication. My only regret is that I didn't "follow up" with further questions.
I visited Nancy 3 times with my sister, husband, and friend and each time I am truly amazed! Nancy shared her gift with us by bringing clear and specific personal messages from our loved ones. With kindness, compassion, and humor she described personalities, appearances, messages, and stories that only our loved ones would have known. We laughed, cried, and left with a sense of closure and closeness. My husband is no longer a skeptic. I can't wait to return to "chat" with mom soon!
Nancy Marlowe has read for me for over 10 years and she is astonishingly accurate each and every time. Her insight has saved me from making choices that would have been harmful, let me know about relationships, seen things that would benefit me and connected me with my loved ones that have made their transition. She is amazing and honest. I cannot recommend her and her skills highly enough!
I was afraid of the ridicule I might receive from my church friends if they found out I had contacted Ms. Marlowe. However I had experienced some very unusual things and felt I had to decide for myself whether this was for real. I contacted Ms. Marlowe who surprised me when she knew that my parents had passed. I had been avoiding visiting their graves for 20 years. I had finally gone a few days earlier and took them flowers. Ms. Marlowe said my parents told her to thank me for the flowers.

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