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As seen on TV - Ghost Adventures, Psychic Investigators, Paranormal State and more!

A unique husband & wife team, Michael and Marti Parry work together blending their talents. British medium, Michael, relates messages directly from loved ones on the other side. With the extremely detailed information he is able to bring through, it leaves no room for doubt that our departed loved ones are in the room with us. Marti, a psychic artist, independently draws detailed recognizable portraits of people in spirit to further prove the existence of life after physical death.

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Skype or phone sessions available around the world. See our website for more details.

Listed since: Feb 10, 2009


I had a reading with them along with my sister & niece after my nephew had passed. They both nailed it. Michael was extremely accurate I wish I could share what happened but there are not enough characters to allow me to. Marti's picture was spot on for my ex-boyfriend's father who had passed. I highly recommend we had so many people come through we went an hour over and he didn't charge us extra. They are the real deal and they are amazing people, very kind.
I was so pleased to speak to Michael and to hear from my loved ones! People who I love and i miss greatly! I would recommend The Parrys to anyone reading this. I did not give any hints, took notes and listened as all my loved ones stopped by. Even my first next door neighbor helen came through. That was a nice surprise! IF you need closure, IF you want to hear from your loved ones from the other side I would say The Parrys are genuine and true mediums!
Michael and Marti Parry are "jaw dropping" amazing and definitely the REAL DEAL!!t Their abilities are unsurpassed and they are very personable and "down to earth" people. I've attended two group meetings and both were so incredible as Michael connected with many friends and family the first time and the second time, he connected with my best girlfriend's spirit who died in 1961. Her spirit followed me home and helped me with an issue I couldn't figure out before that! THANK YOU MICHAEL !!
I sought you Two Out and got Mary on Board. Then Mary got nervous and a cool short phone call alayed her fears. Really I thought I would be Center Stage. Anyways we Drove to Jackson Ca. We waited outside and both of you walked up stopped and smiled at us. Even though never seeing us the smiles were warm and comfortable. We had an amazing session and would encourage anyone curious to experience them for theirselves. We will see them again and look forward to it!
Attended a gallery reading in November. My dad, mom, brother, grandfather, husband, best friend, even my beloved dog came through. Michael knew details and delivered messages that were so specific, and even took on mannerisms of some of the people he was channeling. Michael and Marti are amazing, and super nice people as well!!
I am a medium my self and the daughter of a more famous medium. I could never read for my self. Michael and Marti were the best, and able to help me than any other psychic has.
First, I'm a skeptic. I'm not a skeptic with the Parry's. I'm a funeral director and had wondered about the soul after death of the body. With them, I have had numerous souls come through, both family and friends. There is no way either one of them could possibly know these individuals. I've had three group sessions and several private sessions with them. I can't say that everyone who has a session with them will visit with whom they want, but I can definitely say "they are THE REAL DEAL"!
These folks are nothing short of amazing. If you are skeptical they will absolutely change your mind. I have been to see them 2 times and like I said nothing short of spectacular. They are so down to earth and absolutely make you feel at ease with the whole event. I love you guys and cannot wait to see you again.
Attended a very small group event and Michael & Marti were wonderful. They made it a point to establish a genuine and warm personal connection with the group prior to starting. Marti provided some great portraits and Michael spoke to every person in attendance. My reading was nothing short of amazing. He gave very specific information that was true and correct - including personalities - Highly recommend! Will be going for personal reading soon.
Saw them last night in a group setting that went an hour over (I've never seen a medium do that!) But Michael seemed so keen to try to give nearly everyone there a word from their loved ones. (I can't tell you how much that means, having been to other groups and walking away with so much longing.) Michael brought up very specific things that have been happening in my life in the last few days and reiterated that my mother is watching over me. I highly recommend this gifted pair!
I've known these two for a number of years now and have used their services a few times. Both have shared information to me from the other side that there is no way they'd have known and in one case only me and my dying father knew at this deathbed. They are incredible and can really help you if you need to connect to the other side for relief of some anxieties of a close death.
As July approaches myself and my friend Sandi are looking forward to once again sharing an evening with Michael and Marti. Valentines Day 2016 became a most precious moment for me since on Feb. 13th I attended my first evening with them. We shared with others many beautiful moments and then the Most Profound thing happened. My Darling Jimmy visited through Michael and left happy and precious thoughts with myself, Sandi and other family there.What a Blessed evening and I am so grateful!
They are two of the best I have ever been to see. If you get a chance to see them, trust they are worth your time, and the trip
I know Michael & Marti as friends now. Before that, my friends and I had been to several Medium sessions with them. At one of those, Marti drew a likeness of my mother's uncle. I hadn't known him in life, so I didn't recognize the face. Michael insisted that the man was there to talk to me. We figured out who he was. Later, without any comment, I handed the drawing to the man's son (my mom's cousin), and his immediate reaction was, "Pop!" In addition to being accurate, they are both funny
The information I received at a group demonstration from Michael was not something you could find on the web about the person, as he had died long before the internet really got going. Marti drew a picture of my daughter from when she was younger-there is no way she could have known what my daughter looked like because she doesn't look like me..AND, she is not dead! The spirit wanted Marti to draw my daughter instead. To this day it creeps my daughter out, it is such a resemblance.
I have had several readings with Michael & Marti Parry and can vouch 100% for their authenticity & accuracy. I have referred many people to them, and every single person, without exception, has been amazed and touched by their accuracy. M&M are not only great psychic mediums but they have a deep understanding of the gifts they possess and their responsibility to their clients. Michael & Marti are so deserving of wide recognition as they are among the VERY BEST and most reputable in their field.
At our last session, we have had two, my husband Bill came through. There were so many personal things that Michael knew about the "people" that came there to visit with us.....There was NO earthly way he could have known these intimate details, unless he had known them personally.... Bill would always fart..... When he first came through, Michael said.... "There is someone here, who says he is your husband and he just lifted his leg and farted!!!! I wept....
My family & I went to see Michael & Marti last Sept 2013, and they both did an incredible job communicating with our loved ones, and enabling us hear from them, it was an incredible experience one I'll never forget, and I'll be back for more "family reunions" !
We attended a group session. What a wonderful experience we had. You can tell that Michael and Marti are authentic and caring. Almost the entire room of attendees had a message from someone that had passed. At the end Michael turned to me noticing that he had not connected yet. Shortly he was able to connect with my father and mentioned specific things only a very few amount of people knew of. The power of their work is truly amazing as loved ones feel so touched about a contact with love!
MIND BLOWING, as in Michael blew my mind. He contacted my mother who I specifically wanted to speak to. He knew details of a childhood accident I'd had that there is absolutely no way anybody could know by looking at me or researching me by name. I cried the entire time because I got to speak to my mother, know she's proud of me, and know she watches over me. Michael and Marti are amazing.
Simply amazing! My sister and I had a private reading in 2008 after losing our husbands in 2007, five months apart. We were hurting bad and looking for any comfort and reassurance we could get. Mind you, that doesn't mean we are gullible, I work in law enforcement and am very suspicious by nature. The information and descriptions Michael gave could not have been obtained prior to our meeting. He knew things no one could have told him! The best therapy I could ever have received!
Michael and Marti are incredible. I have attended a number of group sessions and have been lucky enough to have my loved ones come through. There are no "vague" answers or conversations. There is no way that Michael could possibly know most of the things that have come through from spirit. Marti's spirit sketches are amazing. I have two sketches that are uncanny. I feel blessed to be able to attend their sessions!
Marti and Michael-- a spiritual couple that helps us in the earth world to understanding something about our life, our destiny and our ancestors. I met them in Savannah on a "ghost hunt." I would recommend them as an honest down to earth couple.
One word describes Michael & Marti: AWESOME! My husband and I enjoyed a phone reading with these talented mediums just 4 days ago. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives. Not only were they warm and personable, they were also 100% accurate in what they shared with us. Hearing from our parents and other dear ones meant the world to us. The Parry's have reaffirmed our belief in an after-life. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts and highly recommend them to everyone.
Not only did I have many incredible sessions with Michael and Marti over the years, we actually collaborated on a book together to gather information from the spirit world about the causes and remedies for regressive autism (The Other Side of Autism). Who and what came through was absolutely astounding. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for grief healing and answers. They are truly the best of the best.
My Sister and I had a reading with Michael and Marti a few years ago, and it was amazing! Michael was in touch with our Father, and he presented names of people in our lives that Michael couldn't possibly have known! The drawing that Marti came up with we had no idea of who she was. But, in going through some old family slides, we saw that woman, in that exact pose in one of the slides! We still don't know who that woman is, but we're trying to find out. Amazing! They are genuine and kind!
Hubby and I joined a group mtg in San Diego with M & M. We were visited by Ron's uncle as well as my father. Marti sketched both men perfectly, leaving no doubt they wee there. They are the real deal, heartfelt compassionate psychics. Love them both!
Michael& Marti are two wonderful persons who know what they are doing and the gift they have. I have had many readings with Michael and my daughter always comes thru. He tells me things I would only know. He has helped me in my time of grief. I would recommend him to everyone. God bless him for the service he does.
I visited Michael and Marti in September 2013, we went for my mother's birthday. All I can say is I am beyond surprised at their abilities. My father has been passed for over 25 years now and he came though loud and clear, Michael was able to provide over 10 different validations from my father that evening. I'm sorry I waited so long to do this! Marti's artistic abilities are incredible - what a team they make! I Highly Recommend them !
I come from a long line of mediums in my family and my medium master teacher was the best I had the honour to be taught by. I am so happy to have found not only a real down to earth ,grounded couple but very gifted Mediums.Michael and Marti ,I am in beyond impressed with your abilities and integrity. Thank you for sharing your gifts that you work at daily.


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