Matthew Brandau

Matthew Brandau
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San Fransisco


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USA 1-800-915-7137 / UK +44-203-514-1401


Matthew is a psychic, medium, and relationship intuitive. He serves clients from USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and more. He is known for his candor, unbiased information, and quick connections through medium-ship.

Celebrities have chosen Psychic Matthew time and time again for readings due to his strong ethical standards, and respect for privacy. He also provides remote viewing in special circumstances. Special conditions apply for remote viewing.

He is tested, authenticated, peer reviewed by this website, and other well known psychic top directories.  

Matthew's readings are not limited to either psychic or medium ship. If the deceased come through, it is included in the reading.

Being a Christian Seer is a gift from God, With this gift, Matthew follows the motto of "Bringing the world together, one spirit at a time".
Spirits exist within and beyond our 5 senses, Matthew fondly considers this our 6th sense.
"Its incredible! We can connect with so many all around this earth, and beyond just by our thoughts."
So, here is an idea of what happens during a reading with Matthew. 

Once you and Matthew are talking, he is instantly able to pick on your energy. The only thing asked for is your first name so he can link your voice to a name which helps our energy connection focus specifically on you, then, if needed he will ask for the first name of any other person involved. It is very important to mentally allow Matthew permission to see your energy, this is accomplished by the simple thought of permission.

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Love, new relationships, past relationships, talking with the dead, affairs of the heart, partner acting strange. Future career choices, self empowerment, becoming a psychic or medium, and much much much more. You are capable of so much!


Listed since: Oct 20, 2016


Matthew Brandau is a phenomenon on our Earth - a stunningly gifted Medium with an extraordinarily good and kind heart. He literally pulled me back from the brink of despair by sharing his gift with me. He makes the world a better place by his being.

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