Mark Christopher Nelson

Mark Christopher Nelson
Mark Christopher Nelson


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Los Angeles


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$260 p/hour - $160 p/half hour

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Mark is a featured psychic medium at the 2019 Soul Summit Scottsdale, and was featured at the 2017 and 2018 AREI Afterlife Symposiums. He has appeared on ABC's 20/20, SyFy's Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Witness, and Ghost Hunters, and Haunted History. He also won the psychic competition on the FoxTV's "Most Gifted" You can watch the video at He currently co-hosts, Grave Misunderstandings," a podcast available on multiple platforms, and is taping a new pilot.

Since, he was a child, Mark has seen spirits. The first was his father, who was tragically killed in a holdup. He appeared to Mark to tell him that he was alive in spirit, and asked his son to relay a message of love to his mother.

However, it wasn’t until he was an adult, that Mark embraced his skills as a medium and psychic. It wasn’t until Mark says he was ready, that his Dad began to provide messages for his seven brothers and sisters. This led him to finally begin reading for clients.

Today, Mark works as a psychic medium for clients that call from China, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and all across the USA. When he reads, he sees events unfold like movies, hears names and voices, and gets messages from family, friends and spiritual guides on the other side. The details validate that ‘it’s really them’ and that the messages are real. These communications include deeply personal insights, and loving guidance.

Mark also has the ability of psychometry, which enables him to hold an object and read for the owner, or whomever used it. During psychometry presentations, audience members leave personal affects such as jewelry, eyeglasses or keys on a table. Without seeing who left the objects, Mark picks them up and does blind readings for the owners. Clients will also occasionally mail objects to Mark, with a self-addressed stamped envelope, for their reading.

Mark lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Barbara and their dog Kitzel.

Listed since: Aug 12, 2012


I had my second reading with Mark in August and once again he was on point with everything that was happening in my life at that time. I am now waiting to see what he believes will manifest in my near future. Mark is the BEST Psychic/Medium I have ever experienced. In my first reading he was accurate about all that was happening and what was to come. He mentioned a man would come into my life in June. This man came into my life and my second reading he described this man perfectly. I Love Mark!
I have been on a seeking path my entire life and have met many gifted psychics but none compared with the brilliance and accuracy of Mark Nelson. He is our family go-to when going through challenges. I’ve had 2 readings from him and loved every moment. When our daughter lost her beloved dog, Mark was spot on. And we could here her dogs distinctive snoring on the recording. When my father passed away, Marks reading was the best healing I could have had. Get a reading. You will love him!
I had a reading with Mark last evening and all I can say is “unbelievable”. I am very picky who I choose to get a psychic reading from as so many are not genuine. However, Mark was on point with everything I wanted to know without asking a single question. He is compassionate, calm and loving. I will be a regular client and look forward to my next reading. I highly recommend him.
Oh My Gosh! Wow, Mark spent the 1st 10 minutes just talking. I did not say a word. I had tears in my eyes. He knew things about my life, No One Knew. His kindness and honesty is a gift. The best hour of a psychic reading, I have ever had. Thank you, Mark I needed to hear what you had to share. Angela S.
My heart is still in my throat since my meeting with Mark 16 hours ago. He saw things in anticipation of our meeting that were as spot on as when he held onto objects I brought. There is comfort in knowing, & in being touched by loved ones gone from our sight. His delivery and empathetic nature is comforting & all nerves are calmed as he gently delivers what he hears & sees. I am blown away by his gift, it is the most accurate I have ever witnessed or heard of! Highly recommend! I’ll be back!
I just had a reading with Mark today & it was AWESOME!! He was so kind & thoughtful and was right on target!! I especially had hoped to connect with my daughter & I can say without a doubt that she definitely came through!! I can't thank Mark enough for the Beautiful Gift he's given me today!! He is truly gifted!!! Thank You again Mark!! M. Toms
Mark was recommended to me by a very well-known AZ medium. He has contributed very positively to helping me through grief by delivering messages from my beloved husband on the Other Side, authenticated by description of situations that only my husband and I could know. Mark has made predictions about my health, for which I had not had symptoms, that were proved accurate through medical examination. I experience Mark as a warm, joyful, deeply caring man and recommend him with full confidence.
Had a great reading with Mark. I was surprised how accurate he was on information about my late relatives that passed decades ago. Also gave predictions and cautionary advice on my health and future endeavors. It was an excellent reading and am looking forward to future readings.
It only took Mark a few seconds to begin nailing observations about my life and a look into the future, including my work, my divorce, and my fitness regimen. He then commented on a new woman in my life, describing every facet of her appearance, personality and character in an amazingly accurate way. He went on to detail our current relationship and what he saw for us in the future, and while I can't yet speak to the latter, I left the session with a feeling of confidence, comfort and hope.
I received a reading from Mark a few weeks whereby he predicted that I had Lyme disease and a co infection and that it wipes my immune. I received my test results a few days ago and he was 100% correct. Exactly what he predicted. On the road to recovery after so many years ill. Thank you Mark.
My reading with Mark was extremely accurate and informative. I was so impressed as he picked up the names of my grandmothers. He also zoned in on my situation very quickly. He picked up details that I only knew. I will use this reading as a point of reference. To conclude, I am thoroughly impressed and happily astounded at Mark's accuracy.
I had a wonderful reading with Mark last month. He is a a very kind and compassionate man who made me feel at ease from the start. He was able to connect with my loved one and give me accurate and comforting information as well as to shed light on some issues that had been confusing. Some things did not totally make sense at the time, but days and weeks later, the meaning became clear. I would highly recommend Mark!
I had the privilege of recieving a reading from Mark last month while in Arizona. He was on target with all the information and was so kind and compassionate. I was able to receive the answers I was seeking and enjoy greetings and love from many souls which I had not expected. What a beautiful experience and such a pleasure to have a reading from Mark. Im looking forward to my next one. He is truly gifted and so talented in his delivery and mannerisms. I highly recommend him.
I've been working with Mark for about 10 years. He always provides valuable insight into what's going on in my life, and usually validates what I'm thinking and feeling without really knowing the background. Sometimes what Mark tells me may not make sense at the time, but eventually it all rings true. I trust that Mark has my best interests at heart. Highly recommended.
I met Mark at the AREI conference. He gave my friend and I a detailed, insightful reading. He not only has amazing gifts, he is a kind and loving person. Highest of recommendations.
After my reading with mark. I am a different person. I deleted the recording of our session because some things he said was what I already knew about myself, but chose to ignore. Just hearing these things from someone else has changed me. Believe in your heart. Sometimes the signs are already there, Mark pointed them out to me and now everything is clear. Thank you
Mark Nelson recently provided me with an excellent reading. He picked up on everything current in my life and, without my even asking, provided answers to all my concerns. The information was spot on, and there was nothing vague about it. His psychic and medium abilities are among the very best I’ve ever seen and his kindness is unsurpassed. Be ready to take notes. He is a great channel of Divine guidance.
Mark gave a wonderfully validating reading. He connected with an Uncle of mine (at the time of the reading I had no idea this relative had died a few days before the reading)! Mark also connected with my mother, a friends daughter and circumstances of her death, and my husband and son. Mark knew nothing of my losses, yet was able to prove my loved ones were watching me from their spiritual world! He also saw some future events and directions for me, which certainly seem true! Very accurate!
I had a reading with Mark 7 or 8 months ago. He told me to go ahead to record the session via Skype if I wanted. I did. Certain things he described were very on point. But certain things were kind of 'generic' to me. Because I work in I.T. and he mentioned Digital Media and square boxes, which I at the time rolled my eyes and thought it was just B.S. Months have passed by, I re-listened to the recording, it made sense now because I am assigned a project with Digital Media keyword in it. Wow
Mark did a "reading" for my Boyfriend where he gave him very accurate insights re his life and about the future. It was truly amazing and helped him tremendously during a rough patch in his life. We highly recommend Mark!
Mark was awesome, so many great insights about what is happening in my life and direction for the future. I highly recommend Mark!
I had an amazing reading with mark. He gave detailed information and I was blown away by how accurate he was. He was very direct and insightful and I would call him again as he is able to pinpoint the issues and what is going on and what needs to be done. Thanks!!!

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