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I am here as a guide of service, a tool to help others. I receive messages and pass them on.
I read the energy around people and communicate with guides and loved ones on the other side. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, an empath, a spiritual guide, teacher, medium, and healer. I connect with people's energy, pick up their emotions. I can tell you how someone is feeling and what they're thinking. I'm clairvoyant, and get pictures of people, places, scenes of what people are doing. Sometimes it's a symbol or pieces of a picture.

If someone has crossed over that's around you, they usually come through. A lot of times your guides show me what you need for healing, and to help or change a situation. If you're sick I can scan your body and they'll show me certain organs that are shadowed. I can pick up some things about your health, body, and your blood. Emotions are my strong point. I feel others very deeply. So much I'll start talking like them and saying things they say and what they feel. You can read my Q & A on my website. If you have any questions please contact me through my website.

May you always have love, peace, and laughter in your life.
Love, Maria Crothers

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I offer appointments by phone and in person if you're in the area. Please visit my website to schedule an appointment.

Listed since: Apr 24, 2010


I needed to leave an updated review because I’ve been talking to Maria for so long and sought advice over so many things. The amount of times that she’s been right about everything down to even what somebody may say is incredible. She’s great with numbers, time frames, and especially peoples emotions and thoughts. Maria is such a support system. She’s right about so much I don’t even question what she says and I know seeking advice from anyone else is just a waste a time and money. Amazing
I have met Maria over 3 years ago through my daughter and since then I’ve been regularly receiving her wonderful guidance. She was the one who made me aware of unfaithfulness of my ex-husband which needles to say became true fact. Maria’s gift and approach to others are remarkable.She is a wonderful person and rare clairvoyant, her readings are very accurate and I’ll definitely continue my spiritual journey with Maria. God bless you wonderful soul!
Maria is the most gifted person I’ve spoken and I’ve spoken to so many! Searching for a legitimate psychic and she’s it!! She gets right in and the crazy thing is that things are coming to pass just as she has told me, and it is not just one thing…. It’s everything! Even when I doubted, it was all confirmed she was right again!! She blows me away every-time and it’s so nice to be able to call someone who is caring and able to guide you
Maria is an amazing reader, I can’t tell you how many times now she’s told me how something will go and it’s exactly as she says. You can’t and won’t find a better psychic then Maria, her guidance has been so overwhelmingly helpful and the only one I will ever rely on. She’s on point with her predictions and what she’s telling you about other peoples emotions
Have you ever just search for greatness and then you finally find it the best of the best… Reading with Maria has been extraordinary to say the least her talent and clarity is unmatched by any of the readers that you’ll find here and many other places. I finally found a person to go to to understand the most in-depth parts of what’s going on and what’s to come. I can’t thank her enough for being there for me in the vision she’s able to pick up on. I got nothing but truth and accuracy
Having a reading with Maria is something everyone should try once in their life because of how special she is as a psychic and a great person to be around in general. Maria was able to help me with a lot of person things and brought the truth out in my life that I would not have seen without her, and how accurate her readings are is very special. Whether you need to know something that has to come to light or you need someone to bring you peace and comfort, there is no better person than Maria.
I met Maria Crothers during a very difficult period in my life. She was able to tell me specific things that no one knew about and help guide me through a difficult transition. Maria is so accurate with her readings and genuinely caring. I have been to a few psychics before, but no one compares to her. I am truly amazed with what she does. If you want a genuine intuitive psychic I suggest seeing her.
I would like to let you know about psychic Maria Thomas she has guided me with many very deep and personal issues. I was made redundant and she told me it would get better and i would find a job in PR which I did within a few weeks of the reading. She also told me my mother would offer to help me with my bills and she did. She has given me so much insight and is always correct and accurate. She also offered remote healing and I felt instantly happier.
My Experiences With Maria Crothers have left me Speechless & Wanting More. I have talked with a lot of psychics/mediums in my day,& am also an Intuitive.I can tell a fake Immediately.No one has ever been more accurate,professional,loving,& genuine than Maria.I AM SPEECHLESS & WOULD RECOMEND HER TO EVERYONE. WOW!!!
I can't really find the words to describe what you have done for me & my life. I am astounded & speechless with the beauty of your Soul.I have been Looking for you many Lifetimes, with a thirst & a hunger that I could never satisfy.I never understood why I always felt so Primitive,& Wild with my emotions,thoughts,actions.I have been looking to heal my Heart forever,..................I'm speechless at your beauty........I can't,& don't want to stop thinking about you.........You are the Sweetness
My phone reading with Maria was great! She was right on the mark about everything, without me giving her any information about my situation. I highly recommend her for help with any problem that you need clarity with. She is also very sweet, kind and easy to talk to.
Maria is was so wonderful to hear from you again. Over the years you have inspired me in so many ways and im so grateful for all you have shared. I feel so much stronger and more confident with myself and anything I may encounter. You're always very accurate and gentile with the information you share. I appreciate your time more than I could ever share. Once again thank you and I look foward to sharing with you again!

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