Magdalena Gjesvold

Magdalena Gjesvold
Magdalena Gjesvold


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Los Angeles


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30 Minutes $100 or 60 Minutes $200

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Hello, my name is Magdalena, known as Maggie. I am a very powerful and respected 3rd Generation Medium & Psychic. I have been blessed to have these talents. My readings are very accurate. I use exceptional, one of a kind, 19th century cards passed down to me from my grandmother.

I have over 35 years experience as a professional medium & psychic. I've made regular guest appearances on the Los Angeles radio station "KOST 103.5 FM" with the program "Angels in Waiting."

Additional Information: 

I have been given these extraordinary gifts in order to help and guide you on your journey to peace, greatness, prosperity, clarity, success, bliss, and truth-everlasting.

I connect to the other side on behalf of my clients through my "Mother in Spirit" enabling you to get answers to troubling questions, not obtainable from other sources. This brings "Closure" to important heartfelt issues.

Listed since: Jul 1, 2007


I had a great reading with Maggie! She gave me the clarity I needed and let me move forward with positivity & light! I will be back for another reading if I ever need one! Thank you!!
I feel so blessed to have been called to having a psychic reading with Maggie! She offers direct and accurate insights while holding loving and compassionate space for her client. I found such comfort in our time together and I am filled with gratitude for her sharing of her powerful gifts and abilities. I will definitely recommend Maggie to friends and family.
I have had a few readings with Maggie and she has been outstanding!! She is simply AMAZING!1 Thank you Maggie!!
Maggie is a special woman and I am so thankful to have been able to speak with her. She is the most gifted psychic I have ever met! She picked up on important names, pets, my hobbies, my birthday, and some of my family who had passed over with no context. It was amazing. She is very honest and accurate. I love her and will be back in the future! Thank you so much to Maggie (and thank you to her mother Maria!), mulțumesc foarte mult! - Sarah
Maggie's ability to communicate complex messages from loved ones is quite remarkable! No one can Google the details that she brings forward from our loved ones. She communicates with respect, compassion and an awareness of sensitive issues. Highly recommend!
I had a reading with Magdalena for the first time and I was amazed on how accurate she was. She was able to communicate with my loved ones on the other side.It made me feel wonderful after hearing all the messages that she conveyed to me. Everything she told me was absolutely true. She is a truly gifted,very caring,loving and genuine psychic. Magdalena you are truly amazing lady. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.
I had my first reading with Maggie last Friday, 1/3/20. I was very impressed. Maggie was friendly and kind. She picked up on several details and aspects of my situation that were right on point. I asked for insights into a relationship that I am in. I had been wondering if it is good for me, if the relationship has any future and if I should stay in it. I literally only gave her our names - and she picked up on this. She gave me hope and comfort. I would definitely recommend her!
Magdalena was spot on with what she told me about my current situation. She was excellent at reading my emotional energy and those I spoke of. She knew a few surprising facts she could not have known, rather extraordinary facts. She connected with the Divine source as she guided me. Her compassion and empathy was quite evident. I already feel much better and less conflicted about my path now that I spoke with Magdalena, a truly special person with that extra something. Money not wasted!
I got my first reading from Maggie on 7/15/19. I asked her if I should move forward with my plans for engagement with my then current long-term girlfriend. Not only did she inform me that I would not be marrying this individual, but she laid out the results of the following 2 relationships to come after. She was spot on with her predictions, as I record this 2 months later. This event triggered a spiritual awakening within me, that has completely transformed to me now into a different person.
Hello, I wish to thank Maggie for the most wonderful reading! She knew things about my family, and I did not tell her. She has helped me with a very important decision. Maggie, I will tell everyone about you and how gifted you truly are! Thank you so very much!
I had a reading with Maggie yesterday and she was absolutely amazing!!! she's the real deal, picked up on things that she had no way of knowing. I will call her again. very sweet lady. Thank you so much!!!
Maggie has been my reader for a few months now , she’s very accurate and caring. She has helped me a lot with my relationship issues. I will continue to seek guidance from her in the future , she’s very good.
Thank you for my reading. I look forward to seeing what materializes. You are quite insightful and compassionate. Thank you.
I had such a wonderful reading with Maggie. Not even a few minutes in, I was in tears. She knew so much that only family would know. I am so thankful for her. She put my heart at ease. I cannot wait for her to read for me again.
My first reading went excellently. I said hello and Maggie began answering the very question I had intended to ask and I had not said a word to her about it. She could see the situation very clearly without me telling her anything. She also connected with a very dear loved one who has passed away. She gave a very accurate reading about their passing and cleared up some questions around this person´s illness. I will use her again and highly recommend her.
Magdalena is so sweet and caring. She has a true gift. If you need help or guidance you must get a reading from her!
AMAZING!!!! This was my first reading with Maggie and I walked away very impressed with her powers of knowing so much about my personal situation. There is no way that anyone would know so much about a stranger unless they had some special gift and intuition. I felt guided and informed by her warmth and unique way of putting you at ease. I look forward to the next reading!!!!
Maggie was wonderful and on-point. She answered my questions and was very helpful; a natural healer and a warm-hearted person. Thank you so much
I cannot even begin to describe the sense of comfort I feel after speaking with Magdelena. She was able to connect to the person I wanted to speak to and was able to tell me things that only myself and that person knew. I cannot even fathom how in shock and touched I am right now after speaking to her. I will be in contact with her again, and cannot wait to tell my loved ones about her. I cannot praise her enough for her love and compassion in her talent and work for others. Jo
I had a reading with Maggie and she is very accurate. I didn't tell her anything and she was in tune to situations in my life where I needed guidance. She is very straight forward and direct. She made me aware of very important issues that I need to pay special attention to. Thank you for your help.
I had my reading yesterday. Was told things I wasn't ready to hear but now that they are true. She is very caring but very straightforward. I would speak to her again if I have more questions or if things change. Thank you Maggie for everything.
We had Maggie read for our family and she hit the nail on the head! She gave us the closure we all needed. Her gift is truly amazing, and she connected us with so many loved ones.
She is truly amazing she was able to connect with my dad .Everything she told me was right on point . she gave me my closure I've been needed. Thank you so much , she truly has a gift and I for sure will be calling her again . God bless!
Maggie was clear and honest. She was able to give me insights that helped me make my decisions. I have been going through a hard time and she was able to help me tremendously.She is warm and caring.
Ms. Maggie knew why I was calling...she provided insight into my situation and words of encouragement. I pray that her predictions are correct and will post more as things progress.
I called Maggi when at turning point of my life I was feeling very low & weak after the divorce. I was stuck in my thoughts. With some many things yet to be done I couldn't think properly and also couldn't afford to waste more time.She gave me insight & relieved me of the constant pain I was going through. I highly recommend to contact her if you want change in your life or your thought process for the better.
Maggie has an amazing ability connecting with those who have passed. The details in her messages and her physic ability is impressive. With just my name, she was able to tap into areas of my life she couldn't have known about. I will definitely keep in touch. Maggie, may God strengthen the ray of light that allows you to help so may reach closure and understanding.
I had my first reading with Maggie yesterday. I can say with confidence that she is one of the best. With only my name she was able to connect instantly with the situation I was hoping to hear more about. She spoke of details that she could not know about and gave me some tools I could use to move things forward in my life. She also does not tell you what you want to hear. So, if you are looking for the truth you have come to the right place.
I am extremely satisfied and happy with the reading Maggie did for me. She is the real deal and I am sure I will get in touch with her in the future too. Thank you Maggie!
Maggie was accurate with names. She mentioned about my present and past life. I've never had a psychic provide names and a time frame to wait for particular events to happen in the near future. Maggie is precise. After my reading with her, she was quick to respond back to my email. I have recommended her to friends. Shortly after my recommendation, one of my friends had a reading with her and mentioned that Maggie was accurate on her reading as well! Maggie is the real thing!!!


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