Lori Ellen Hannel

Lori Ellen Hannel
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Hello, my name is Lori Hannel and I am fairly new to this "medium" world: approximately five yrs ago I found myself with this ability to help connect people here, on this page...with people that have passed. I've always been able to incorporate this "intuitiveness" into my sports massage practice; now, it's been bumped up! And I've been able to build a respectable, honorable, and most importantly, a consistantly non threatening and honest reputation.

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For some reason, I've been given this ability to help form a "bridge" of communication... with people that have passed. I ask myself on a daily basis, why me? I am not anyone special. I live my life day by day. I'm like all of you. I laugh, I get angry, I cry, I grieve, I miss people that I've lost, sometimes so badly that it actually hurts when I take a deep breath. So that's when I ask myself, why me? Why was this gift given to me? And guess what... I never get an answer. EXCEPT when I do a reading. EXCEPT when I finish having an absolutely, life changing session. For the record...it's not only the person or people that I've had a session with that are blown away by what can come through... I too am NEVER not amazed!

That's when I realize: maybe I'm not supposed to understand the how and the why of how "this" works or why I've been asked to pass these messages on... I'm just supposed to do my job and give you everything I possibly can to assure you and let you know that "they" ARE just fine! And to do this for you in the most honest, true and best way that I possibly can. This is my promise to you. This is what I believe.

I think if you're researching this web site for someone to help you in your reconnection journey, you'll notice a large amount of the mediums prefer to do phone sessions. This is where I'm very different. I actually would MUCH rather do a one on one, sit in front of you, look you in your eyes, kind of session. Maybe this is the "novice" in me. But I feel that an in person session can't even BEGIN to compare to a phone reading. So, if at all possible, I DO encourage the face to face, one on one sessions. If it's not convienent to meet in person, I have done very succesful, helpful and meaningful phone sessions... this is FOR you, and only you can and should make this decision. I do encourage you to visit my web site, www.lhannelbelieves.com, if nothing else...just to be able to learn in more detail, what a reading with me is truly like: you will be able to read some comments from people that I've been able to have actual face to face sessions and spend time great time with; you'll see pictures of me, my family and friends, and hopefully, you'll be able to get a sense of the kind of person that I am.

I BELIEVE that this kind of information is so vital in helping you make the huge decision of who will be the one that will ultimately be helping you re-connect with your loved one! Doing a reading / session for someone is such an intimate and personal time, that ( in my opinion ) you MUST feel completely safe and connected with your "reader". I try my hardest to accomplish this, making your reading something that you will never forget, and hopefully helping you find some peace! Thanks for reading and don't forget...just BELIEVE!

Lori Hannel

Listed since: Jul 8, 2007


I had gone to Lori back when no one even knew of her gift. A mutual friend named Steve told me about her. I had the best reading with her. She knew things she couldn't possibly and she was able to contact my Dad. I highly recommend Lori. She is a wonderful person and her gift is amazing.
It was my good fortune to be Lori's very first phone reading. She had only been doing readings for about 8 months at that time. Lori is a caring and interested medium. Lori is the real deal. She is compassionate, detailed and impressive. She relayed messages from my loved ones to me about things I had completely forgotten about. At the end of our session I felt wonderful. I have a renewed, calm faith in what lies beyond that only came from my fantastic session with Lori. I can highly recommend!
I was a total nonbeliever in psychic readings until I met Lori. Within the first five minutes of meeting with her for the first time, Lori "connected" me with my ex-fiance and told me things that only he and I knew and shared. Many years later, she did the same with my Mom. Being able to "reconnect" with these important people in my life was a life changing experience for me and has given me such a sense of peace. I would recommend Lori to EVERYONE! She is a healer in every sense of the word!
I've known Lori for 11 yrs. I didn't know her as a medium until a couple of years ago when she felt "drawn" to me to share some info from my Mother who died in 1987. I was never a believer or non-believer as I had never had an opportunity to experience anything from the after-life. When some dramatic life changing experiences happened & my father died she spoke to me & wrote things that only my parents would know and things I had forgotten. I was calmed. We are all at peace. I BELIEVE!
Lori blew me away with all the informatoin that came pouring forward. She is not like other mediums who give you bits and pieces. She was right on and gave me facts and a ton of information. The information was pouring out. One reading and you will be blown away! She is a very Sweet person who God has given a special gift too. Thank you Lori for all you have given to me. Can't wait for you to come down to Southern California. I really want to meet with you.
Lori is a kind, sensitive medium. She also calls herself a healer and I think that is a good description of what she has done for me and others I know who have had a reading with her.
Lori is a person who is filled with compassion and a real committment to helping people with her gift. When I first met Lori, I felt as though I had known her for years. She makes you feel completely at ease and I will always place my full trust in her. I have the greatest admiration for her and highly recommend her services to everyone!

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