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Lisa Greenfield
Lisa Greenfield


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Celebrity Intuitive Reader Lisa Greenfield works with some of the biggest stars in TV and film. Why? Because they know she identifies your roadblocks when she taps into your intuitive guidance system. By identifying this Truth, you begin your journey to a better life. Lisa doesn't just work with celebrities; she offers intuitive guidance to everyone open to discover their Truth so they can experience more love and success without painfully repeating unwelcome patterns.

When you want caring support while making hard or scary choices, Lisa has deep insight into what helps most. She is known for surprising you with what that is. Top influencers around the globe trust Lisa to help them get where they want to go and have a better, easier time doing it. Often it's how you get there as much as what you do next that aids in turning the big corners.

Seeing the real Truth of you and your struggles or conflict can help you make better choices. Lisa uses Astrology to give you important timing, Tarot to get more specifics and the map in your hand to dial in how you can best put it to work for you. The Truth will always make you feel lighter, better.  It's the lies that make us feel small and miserable.  Discover the bigger, better Truth of YOU and Lisa can help.

She brings you a lifetime of experience. More than 20,000 people from around the globe have benefitted from her insight. Lisa has read for iconic film stars, rock stars, international CEOs, television personalities and people just like you. Her unparalleled history in intuitive readings goes to work to reveal your untapped potential and surprising personal resources to help you live the life you were meant to live.

Lisa also brings over 27 years of success in the corporate world to her work. Through her work experience, she has a sympathetic understanding of what deadlines, job requirements, management struggles and the daily grind can do to your psyche and that effect on your loved ones. Her intuitive gifts and professional tools along with her dedication and discipline led her to the top of her field. Lisa knows the challenges of success and has lived the heartbreak of failure. Her counsel for you comes from a place of deep knowing that bypasses easy answers for real-world solutions you can use, not just once, but over and over.

One of Lisa's favorite places to be is sharing with you where the magic of intuition and real, road-tested practicality come together in a combination not easily found elsewhere. Magical Reality is the best place to live and it's real. She knows because she's living it. Let Lisa show you where yours is and how it can help shift almost anything in your life. What have you got to lose except struggle, heartbreak and frustration?

Additional Information: 

Listed in 2016 Top Psychics and Mediums
Published work in the Hollywood Reporter
Seen on Women's Health
Seen on Buzzfeed
Published Monthly on NBC Universal's E News Astrological Predictions
Best American Psychic Fabulous Feedback Award 2017
Published in Divine Caroline
Intuitive Reader in Pre Award Show gifting suites before the Emmy's, Golden Globes, People Magazine Awards and American Music Awards 2012-2016

As seen on E News
NBC's Love Shack
Fox Family's Hollywood Househusbands
and USA Character Fantasy.

BA in English with a Journalism emphasis, Minor in Psychology and Business
Basics Teaching Certificate in State of Arizona
Licensed Stock Broker
Management Certification in Conflict Resolution and Counseling Problem Behavior
NeuroLinguistic Program training

Listed since: Feb 4, 2015


Lisa is hands-down my go-to Soul for readings! She's offered me SO much clarity, love, and wisdom on tough things that I need deeper insight on, and she's always provided pure truth and love with what comes through her and the ways in which she works. I'm always floored at how spot on her readings are, but even more importantly is her directness in providing what to do with what's coming up and how to expand through it all gracefully. To my friend, guide, and mentor, thank you! You're the best.
She's amazing. I asked her about an upcoming court case, and so far, so right. Can't wait for the successful outcome she told me about while it's been remanded like she said!! She is an excellent psychic!!
Lisa is truly amazing and completely accurate. She has been truly blessed with her gift . I'm definitely going to keep in contact with her because today was proof enough for me . Now I can sleep peacefully . Thank you Lisa
Thank you so much for such an uplifting reading...with all the confusion I have facing for the past 8 months,once again you just put things into perspective..Lisa thank you because you have no idea how much of a relief I'm feeling right now..I will definitely follow your advice and write and fill up my love gas tank..please give lisa a call she will rock your world..
Just an incredible reading. Lisa is so talented, and gifted. I seriously felt an inner soul connection as she read for me. Everything to the tiny details true and validated. You will not want to hang up because she is answering your thoughts before you ask the question. Pure love.
Lisa is in a league of her own when it comes to psychic guidance and clarity. Always a gentle and loving reading with hope and encouragement, Lisa can help you navigate through the darkness to find the light. I have been seeing Lisa for over 3 years and I owe my transformation to her. I don't know if I could have grown in the ways I have without Lisa. I highly recommend her to anyone that may be seeking some answers on life and what is to come! She is the best!
My reading with Lisa was crucial in helping me navigate thru my dark night of the ego. She helped give context & provided an overall roadmap to a most confusing time. Lisa is a gifted intuitive, creatively communicative, with heartfelt insights. I've referred back to my recorded reading multiple times, each time her authentic guidance inspires clarity, feeling supported, and trust in the unknown. If you're in need of some serious coordinates, get in touch with her. She's the real deal.
Lisa was great and very great at explaining my cards. Open to any questions I had and went deeper on many other concerns and questions I had. She even had a breathing method for me to practice. I would recommend her for tarot cards and now I wonder if I shall make an appointment for Palm reading.

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