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Lisa Beachy
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Mixture of Psychic Skills, speaking to your Spiritual Teams & Angels with some just plain common sense & good advice.

My whole life, I have been blessed with the intuition to use a form of mediumship that connects with those on your Spiritual Team (angels, guides, your Higher Spirit) through images, feelings and energy to see where you are now and the current direction you are headed in if you stay on your current path.

This helps you choose to make changes if you wish or receive guidance on how to move forward on the path you desire by tapping into the experiences that you are living that may need healing or shifting with their help and the help of the Creator of All that is.

Listed since: Jul 28, 2009


Lisa has read for me multiple times about relationships, career, family, and more. I have been consulting with advisors for more than 25 years and she is the most accurate of any I have spoken with. She is a joy to talk with and delivers both the stuff you want to hear (and the stuff you don't) in a way that gives you the confidence that you can get through it all with a positive outcome. Her advice is practical and real, and she has a huge heart full of compassion for any situation. Love her.
Lisa Beachy is the best of the best. Have had readings and Reiki. I saw angels during he reiki session. The creator's love is strong in this one!!
Lisa and I have talked many times over the past several years. She feels like a friend to me. Her personality is very sweet and inviting; she feels like a friend. Her abilities have helped me through some stressful times and her accruacy is remarkable. She will share the tough things and not gloss over what could be difficult for others to want to tell. I enjoy having her and her ability available to me.
Lisa is incredible. She is bright and cheerful, like an old friend Ive known for years but have only spoken to on the phone twice. The first time we spoke was great. She nailed everything and I hung up thinking, Wow! The second time she blew me away even more, as if that was even possible, by bringing up something that occured over seven years ago. My husband didnt even know about it yet. She really gives me peace and gentle guidance when I'm feeling lost or confused. Call Lisa!!
I just wanted to give an update. I had a reading done by Lisa in late 2007 or early 2008. At the time I thought she did an amazing job with the reading. Several years later all I have to say is WOW! There were a few things I didn't really understand at the time, but everything she told me has come to fruition!! Amazing! It took me a lot of research with google & my email to find her again, and I'm so very glad I did!
Reading was good. She gave me information that I wasn't ready to hear but that I needed to know in order to move on with my life. Thanks Lisa, I appreciate your reading :)
Lisa's clairvoyant abilities and work with the angels is excellent and helped me with a career decision. She was also right on the mark about my two children and affirm my own thoughts about their futures.
Lisa is simply fantastic!!! I have used her gift 4 times and I will continue in the future. I am very satisfied. She's helping me a lot... She's a light in the dark. Be confident with her you are in good hands. I live in Quebec and she is able to guide me... I have only positive things to say about her... Try her!! You will be happy to spend money... ( : She is my guide.. Thanks a lot Lisa! Pascale, Quebec
Lisa is an amazing woman with great talent. She helped me with her readings to avoid unnecessary mistakes and guided me thru my life experiences along with Angels. She's got the true god's gift and I enjoy every reading with Lisa. She is loving, honest person and a good friend. I definitely recommend Lisa to anyone that seeks help. With great Love and respect, Maria Wincenciak
I recently received an email reading from Lisa, and it was incredible. She is one of the most gifted and accurate psychics I've had a reading from. She nailed my profession - and incredibly specifically. She also confirmed things I knew or have recently been told. She was quick to respond and I have no doubt she was communicating with my angels and guides. I was ASTOUNDED. She also provided insight on where my path would go-it was relevant, exciting & totally aligned with my thinking. Amazing.
I have a whole deck read to me by Lisa. She is a conduit from GOD. That I know and it's hard to find someone who has a psychic in them it a truly gift. The guided deck was a story of my journey that I need to be aware, focus, and help to be connected to GOD and his Messanges it's great. I thank you for being my MENTOR. Blessing, Nina Pekarek
I have had a few readings with Lisa. She is spot on. She is very caring and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her service.
I have had the pleasure of receiving about 3 psychic readings from Lisa so far. Lisa is a very intuitive and gifter psychic and her readings have been very accurate and right on the money. I have been to many psychics and Lisa has been the most informative and accurate and she is a very kind person as well. You should call her you won't be disappointed.
I received an Angel reading from Lisa that was amazing and accurate. Her information helped me make a great decision about my career. Her reading also led me to find invaluable insight about my husbands health. Lisa's ability to communicate with the angels and her passion for helping people is clearly displayed when she gives honest, unbiased readings. I enjoyed her so much. I highly recommend her!
I have had 3 readings with Lisa and still amazes me how on track she is...Whatever we spoke about in the previous reading seems to come back to her as it has been relevant to the changes I am making...I have been going through some "interesting" changes in my life in the past year or so and I have looked to her for guidance and have not been disappointed...This lady is the "real deal"!!!!

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