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TESTED, VERIFIED I see loved ones in spirit, your aura, angels, guides. Get insight on health, work, relationships, pets, spiritual gifts, akashic records/karmic events. Observing your future is not always possible, but looking at the likely outcomes and energy of events can really help you improve them. Constructive. Authentic. Recommended.

Preferred Reader & Certified Spiritual Advisor tested by world-famous Clairvoyant Medium Lisa Williams! (Lisa's Lifetime TV show is Life Among the Dead). Certified Medium Referred by medium and angel channel Doreen Virtue. Certified Six Sensory Practitioner on Sonia Choquette's referral list.

I will go into your physical, emotional and soul level, help you reconnect with gifts, align with destiny through oracle/angel readings, spiritual guidance and sometimes medical intuition comes through w/healing. Under Doreen Virtue, angel expert and Spiritual Advisor, I am also a Recommended Angel Therapy Practitioner with a satisfied client list.

I offer a wide range of psychic readings including spiritual direction.

+ Please see for a free healing mpg, events, free tips and many more details and what we can do together

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Consciousness has no time or location limit so we can work online, via phone or chat anywhere anytime, and right now. I work in the compassionate light of love.

I use Skype and Facetime as well as the phone to do remote readings. It works remotely just as well as in person.

On a limited basis, I also work with people in my offices in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Ask about this option if you prefer the face-to-face option.

(*Birthday discounts apply! Happy Birthday! Let's celebrate.)

Listed since: Feb 22, 2011


I found a written Akasic Reading document done by Lisa several years ago in an old email account that I wanted to delete, and I'm floored by her accuracy! Her love and compassion was eloquently articulated and guided me through one of the darkest days of my life. And now looking in from the other side, I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for her intuition and connection with the Source. Love and light!
She is spot on! Last reading I had with her 6 months ago ALL came true. She is very very intoned. So caring, giving and trustworthy and very very intuitive. Can't ask for more! Love love love her!!! Going to take one of her classes to tune into your intuition. Gotta learn from the best!!
I initially reached out to Lisa not for myself, but for a friend looking to reconnect with a lost loved one. The reading itself was phenomenal beyond words and as accurate as could be, but what touched me the most was seeing the tremendous impact her ability to connect with my friend's grandfather had on his heart. He was simultaneously speechless and overwhelmed with emotions, all extremely positive. It's as if the reading brought him a sense of peace otherwise unattainable. Thank you, Lisa
Lisa was exactly what I needed! Without a doubt she contacted my loved ones. She said things that I would only have known (I cried throughout quite a bit of the reading because of her accuracy) It helped my get closure and feel peaceful. Thank you Lisa
Lisa has helped me a lot with finding who I am as a person, acting almost as a mentor for me as I discover what I'm capable of in the psychic realm and just in life in general. She answers all of my questions with passion, and seems to truly care about my well-being. Her calm yet bubbly energy immediately made me open up to her and I'm glad I did. I'm not a skeptic, but I do believe there are some phonies out there. She's definitely not, and I'm glad I reached out to her!
I had a reading with Lisa this past Sunday. She is absolutely AMAZING. Not only was her hospitality great, but she had a very welcoming attitude towards everything. She pinpointed so many different details that no one would ever know about. I would HIGHLY recommend a reading with her. She filled a void that I've had for the last eighteen years of my life, and helped my siblings & I FINALLY reconnect with my mother on such a personal level. LOVE HER!
Lisa is AWESOME!! I had a reading with her a couple of months ago because I wasn't sure which life path to take. Because of her insight into me, everything became SO clear to me and now I'm happy than ever doing what I love to do!! Her constant giggle still make me laugh. ::)
Lisa described my character accurately even though we didn't know each other. She said I was independent and naturally like to counsel people and that I would do well to in that area. She voiced out what I was feeling inside. Also, she seemed to know what was going on in my life and confirmed what I had been told for the past 6mths: exercise! For it stimulates psychic energy And I am developing that side now. She is also warm and bubbly like a good friend n you really feel her sincerety.
My medium session with Lisa was amazing. I was quiet at first so that I could confirm that it way really my husband coming through. There were so many things that confirmed it as the session went on. Some things didn't click at first but after thinking I realized what they meant. I had experience "communication" with him so I was very open to receiving this gift. I felt like Lisa was an old friend by the end. I am looking forward to having another reading soon. Would recommend to anyone.
I had the most beautiful and fulfilling experience having Lisa contact my loved ones. She provided clear evidence to confirm the presence of sprit around me and was able to lovingly communicate their wishes. She brought me peace knowing that those I care for are still very much a part of my life. Lisa has a true gift, and I adore her for sharing it with me. Thank you so much Lisa!
Lisa has an amazing gift, she provides you with accurate intuitive answers to your questions followed with great advice and positive positive reinforcements. I came away from my readings with Lisa with a clearer understanding of my issues/questions and a great sense of peace.
She was great. Worth getting a reading from!!!!
I really enjoyed the reading that I had with Lisa. She is very thorough and kind. She knows her stuff! And just when I thought that it was going to be about me, my mom joins in. This really touched me! I can't wait to schedule a medium to connect with my parents. Lisa has a way of touching your heart, in the direction it is suppose to go spritually.
I so enjoyed my phone reading with Lisa! She is such a ball of light and positivity and her enthusiasm is contagious. She immediately told me how creative I am, and knew so many things about my personality, spiritual path, and who I am and will be. She answered all my questions and really pointed me in the right direction in every aspect of my life. Lisa recommeded specific resources that would help me in my struggles. Afterwards I felt excited, encouraged, and confident. Lisa's GREAT!
Lisa did a reading for me earlier this week. She was dead on to all that has been going on in my life. I will continue to ask her for a reading.
Lisa is an Awesome Soul!! She gave me a reading and it really resonated within!! She is a wonderful person very generous with her Amazing Gifts..I highly recommend her to anyone looking for honest answer...I will definitely come back to her for another reading....Love you Lisa<3
Lisa's soul is magical! Thank you so much for your words! Much appreciated and helpful! Gratitude and blessings! <3
I have never had a reading before , so I asked Lisa to give me a mini reading. I couldn't believe the first thing she said was " You brave soul". She blew me away! she hadn't known I had two major illnesses, With major surgeries. Her reading was right on the mark. She makes you feel like a friend right from the beginning. I just need to talk my husband into letting me have a full reading!
Some of things Lisa told me could have only been know between me and one other person, the person who had passed...Lisa makes you feel like you are her friend...I will be back for another reading....
I got a mini reading but what Lisa said was amazing! She even used expressions my Mum used so I know she had connected with her, the fact she used these particular expressions really hit the mark as I cold just imagine my Mum speaking to me! A couple of things I didn't get till my daughter said that what Lisa said DID make sence and then it all fell into place. Amazing! I now want to get a full reading from Lisa, probably after Christmas.. I can't wait till I can get my full reading!
AMAZING!! Lisa is such a bright light and I can't thank her enough for the reading. It helped me shine my light bigger and brighter than ever before, I learnt soooooo much about myself and was able to progress much futher on my journey with her help. She is so adorable and helpful and so, so very kind and loving. Her affirmations and advise were perfect and so easy to understand. I'm so grateful to have had this reading and am forever thankful I was guided her way.
I don't even know where to begin. I intended to have a "general Q&A" with Lisa but my reading became so much more than that! She helped me with my initial questions but she then proceeded to tell me so much more. She gave me "homework" to accomplish what I desire. By the end of the conversation, I felt like I was not only speaking with a mentor but a friend. You can tell that Lisa truly cares about people and wants to spread messages of joy and light. I will definitely have more readings.
It was definitely the Angels that guided me to find Lisa! Her advise, readings, guidance (everything she offers) have been of tremendous help to me in my dark days.. I always feel so enlightened and full of hope when hearing from her..... The world definitely needs more people like her.. Love you Lisa!
Enjoyed Lisa's message she gave me. She tapped into everything that is going on with me in the present life. Answered my questions and gave me insight how to deal with the anxiety I have been struggling with. Her spirit is truly uplifting and inspiring.
Lisa answered all of my questions thoroughly and with love and patience. I felt so stuck, but now I feel more hopeful and uplifted than I have in years. Lisa has helped me to believe in myself and my future again (given me hope), and told me what my souls purpose is. I felt very supported and encouraged by her words. She gave me practical steps to take. Her clear advice is transforming my life and I am very grateful. Lisa is a very light filled, beautiful, gifted person.
I'm so thankful to Lisa. She's been able to open a window into a whole new world - a world that I once refused to accept. She's given me info about my grandmother that she could not have known under any circumstances, giving me the joy of knowing who is watching over me and helping me heal. I'm over the moon and to use Lisa's words - " it makes my spirit sing with happiness".
I received an Akahic Reading from Lisa a day or two ago! WOW, is all I can say! I have had many readings in my earlier years but none like this one. Her beauty inside and out is as true as it comes! She helped me finally hear what I needed to hear. Not one psychic has ever mentioned this to me before but it made complete perfect sense when she said it and I knew it! Her desire to really help you become the person you are meant to be amazing! I believe and feel I have made a new friend for life.
When I first saw Lisa's picture online it radiated light. And her light radiated through the phone during my Akashic reading. The Akashic reading document that we referred to during my call was 3 pages long, detailed and amazing! I think she should charge more for her really intuitive gift that she is sharing with the world!
When I asked Lisa a question about my book, she took the time to pull her car over to the side of the road and listen to what Spirit was telling her on my behalf. Lisa is sweet, kind, generous, enthusiastic, and deeply connected to Spirit. Her words of encouragement and support meant so much to me.
had a quick reading a few days ago..was so on point and amazing. didnt even have to say anything except hello,and she knew exactly what was needed for me to hear...AMAZING..will be referring more friends!!!!


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