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$50 - $275 with me or one of my personally trained, certified intuitive coaches; please see my website

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Please book on the "Appointments & Fees" page of my website, then I will contact you to schedule.


I passionately believe that everyone deserves a fun, abundant, meaningful life.

As an intuitive reader, healer, and coach, my role is to help you to remove any negative energy, resistance, and blocks to uncover what needs to be seen and known. I am a master healer in over three dozen intuitive and energy healing tools and techniques, which I individually tailor and apply to what your spirit needs most. With warmth, humor, and laser-like insight, I immediately cut to the core of what needs to be discovered and healed so you can live a life that’s more fun, full, and free.

For the past 25+ years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of people from all walks of life to quickly transform and shine.

I received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University in world religions, psychology, and education, where I also taught quantum physics. While fasting in the desert on a vision quest, I unexpectedly wrote a book in my diary in four days. "The Road to Shine" receives all 5 stars on Amazon, and the adapted screenplay is currently under consideration in Hollywood. I am a frequent national media guest.

My specialties include but are not limited to:

* Psychic readings - relationships, money/work, living space, health
* Past life readings - current impact and how to let them go
* Channeling - loved ones, spirit guides, and others
* Intuitive coaching - go deeper than the occasional reading or develop your own psychic abilities
* Energy healing - clean your psychic space of energy that's dragging you down
* Shamanic healings - journeying, soul retrieval, removing negative beings
* Space clearing - remove beings in your physical space (house, car, room)

For more details on my psychic services, please see my website. Each session is 100% individualized and can be scheduled in-person or by phone or video call. When available, a free recording is provided afterward.

For those interested in honing their own intuitive and energy healing skills, I offer ongoing, small group master classes called "We're All Psychic." Please visit for upcoming classes.

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“Laurie hits the nail on the head in a way that makes my jaw drop.”
- Carol E., strategy expert, Oakland

"Laurie shifted me to a new level in my life, one I've been trying to reach for years but have been unable to achieve on my own. After my session with her, I immediately went out and got a tattoo...I want to remember this day."
- Gilberto G., Mayan spiritual leader, Guatemala

Listed since: Jan 15, 2013


I had the pleasure of meeting with Laurie recently for an energy healing and intuitive reading. She was fantastic! She went to work right away clearing my chakras while giving me an intuitive reading at the same time. She's so kind and gentle, which put me at ease right away. She dug into my soul contracts and my life purpose and answered all of my questions right away. At the end of the reading, I felt so much lighter and left with an understanding which I didn't have before.
After my recent, first session with Laurie, I left feeling more clear and inspired than I have in ages. It was a pleasure spending an hour+ with such a kind, intelligent and talented woman! Laurie immediately put me at ease, and zeroed in on my "block" in no time. After learning the sheer extent of its history, I'm finally able to give myself a long-overdue break, and I foresee positive growth ahead. And feeling understood and supported is priceless - thank you, Laurie!
I had an amazing experience with Laurie. She connected well and is compassionate and caring. I learned so much from Laurie. I hope to visit with Laurie again and I would highly recommend her.
What an amazing way to start the New Year! Laurie was awesome...she was on point, funny, real, light-hearted, and most importantly, she was exactly what I needed to wake myself up to what I have always known. Truly and amazing experience that I will tap into again in the near future. Thank you Laurie!
Let's put the issue of value on the table. You pay money and expect value, right? How many times have you been disappointed but still had to pay, sometimes a lot of money? Well, if that is your concern here (and it's natural to wonder) let me assure you that you are about to say these words, "Wow, she is amazing -- this is so helpful, I want more!" But be advised, you are given a gift with Laurie and now that you become awakened the world, your world, becomes clearer and you have peace of mind.
Laurie is part life coach, part intuitive and part real common sense tools. She's not your ordinary psychic. She looks at situations, feels your energy, clears it and is able to give you advise based on her intuition. It is all practical and easy to grasp. I really enjoyed working with her and look forward to implementing her suggestions. Wish me luck! Thank you Laurie I will be in touch soon. I look forward to seeing what happens next :-)
Laurie's insights and deep intuitive guidance have been absolutely instrumental to me a number of times over the last few years. She has an amazing ability to feel and see into the heart of the energetic situation and can paint a unique picture of healing and possibilities. Laurie not only has the keen psychic ability to read a situation, but has the verbal dexterity to articulate it comprehensibly and the coaching skills to empower you to act on the information.
I was impressed with my reading Laurie told me quite a view things that had been mentioned to me in the past so she really came through and confirmed a lot of things for me and was on point. I recommend her highly and have the utmost respect for her ability she also made me feel very comfortable and at peace. Thanks Laurie Lois Thacker-Sweet
Laurie is amazing! Her compassion, gifts and witt make her so easy to talk to. Laurie's intuitive gifts gave me incredible insight and peace on my life's journey. She is a true and gifted healer who has lifted the gloom from my life so that I may move on cleared and ready to become who I am truly meant to be. I will be consulting her again and sending my husband and friends to her!
Laurie has been helpful on many fronts in my life. She helped me figure out why I hold certain patterns and beliefs. Her gifts are powerful and she is a trusted guide into the subtle world.
I’m a very pragmatic person who was hard pressed to believe that energy work would actually heal my pain. After working with Laurie, I was completely surprised and deeply grateful for how much better I feel.
"I feel so fortunate to be a receiver of your 'downloaded wisdom.' Your words touch me so deeply....healing, understanding, self-loving is taking place. You are truly an angel."
I don't believe in psychics. That said, time and again Laurie has been able to zero in on where I am stuck and is one of the most trusted supporters in my life. She has an uncanny ability to ask the question I have been hiding from or to reframe my thoughts in a clear new way that helps me move forward. She is fast too, no muddleing around but cuts through the fog like a beam from a lighthouse. Laurie's guidance is practical, grounded, timely, and supportive.
Laurie's ability to clearly communicate messages through her gift of insight has helped me to clear away some blind spots and renew a deeper connection with my energetic support team on my path to living more fully in my true power. Thank you Laurie!
Laurie sets herself apart from other intuitive readers in that she teases apart my stories and gets down to the root/theme of my experiences. Her compassion, love, humor, and concrete insights have me returning to her time and again for help navigating life.
"Laurie has been the perfect coach for me. Her unstructured yet intuitive style helps her find and dig into the complexities of me and my life real time as we talk. Tough and gritty, she tells me not necessarily what I want to hear, but what I need to hear to move my life to new levels of effectiveness, self-confidence.and peace of mind."
I've consulted Laurie several times for intuitive coaching and readings. A chunk of my rational brain doesn't actually believe in this stuff, but I keep going back to her because she hits the nail on the head in a way that makes my jaw drop. Laurie has helped me deal with early childhood trauma, career setbacks and relationships. She's able to articulate in a non-judgmental way what is happening with everyone and discuss strategies that are healthy, true to my values and compassionate.
Working with Laurie has absolutely changed my life! Thanks Laurie


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