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Laurie Gardner
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$250 for 60 mins.; $135 for 30 mins.; see website below for details. All sessions include a free recording when possible.

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Please book on the "Appointments & Fees" tab of my website, then I will contact you to schedule a time.


I passionately believe that everyone deserves a fun, abundant, meaningful life. My role as a psychic reader, healer, and coach is to help you to remove any negative energy, resistance, and blocks and to uncover what needs to be seen and known. Love, healing, warmth, humor – these are the energies that surround you as pathways for a more fun, full, and free life become clear.

I have two decades of experience in a diverse array of psychic and energy healing techniques (see below). Anything I can do to assist on your path, I would be honored to be of service. Journey well, gentle warrior. - Laurie

My specialties include but are not limited to:

* Psychic readings - relationships, money/work, living space, health
* Past life readings - current impact and how to let them go
* Channeling - loved ones, spirit guides, and others
* Intuitive coaching - go deeper than the occasional reading or develop your own psychic abilities
* Energy healing - clean your psychic space of energy that's dragging you down
* Shamanic healings - journeying, soul retrieval, removing negative beings
* Space clearing - remove beings in your physical space (house, car, room)

For more details on my psychic services, please see my website. Each session is 100% individualized and can be scheduled in-person or by phone or Skype. When available, a free recording is provided afterward.

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“Laurie hits the nail on the head in a way that makes my jaw drop.”
- Carol E., strategy expert, Oakland

"Laurie shifted me to a new level in my life, one I've been trying to reach for years but have been unable to achieve on my own. After my session with her, I immediately went out and got a tattoo...I want to remember this day."
- Gilberto G., Mayan spiritual leader, Guatemala

Listed since: Jan 15, 2013


What a breath of fresh air. Laurie is quite insightful and fun. Highly recommend her if you are really interested in leveling up.
My recent intuitive reading and energy healing session with Laurie was a gift from a friend, a person who had so significantly benefited from her relationship with Laurie she wanted me to have the opportunity to experience Laurie’s, insights, wisdom, intuition, energy and compassion. Although at my request, we focused on grieving, our discussion was much broader as she insightfully helped me turn road blocks into speed bumps. I also found her book to be rich and delightful. Thank you, Laurie
It was amazing how accurately Laurie spoke about people in my life. I would recommend her if you are interested in a reading.
I didn’t know what to expect and Laurie made the experience not only comfortable but rejuvenating. She zoned in immediately on the energy vampires in my professional and personal life and gave me practical and intuitive advice on how to deal with them and on how to direct my energy and light inward. She is also able to guide you to a place where you are receiving messages and signs from your departed loved ones. I know you will enjoy and benefit from working with Laurie.
Laurie’s reading was spot on! She was easy to talk to and her advice was very helpful and insightful. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with an issue and needs intuitive counseling. Can’t wait for my next reading!
Two weeks ago, I experienced a horrible loss of my younger sister and then my mother. Laurie talked to both of them and the conversation she relayed to me and my sister helped us immensely. She is organized and very clear. I would highly recommend using her to help if you have questions you’d like to have answered. I’ve slept better and her words helped lessen my enormous grief.
Exactly one month ago I had a reading with Laurie. So much has been unfolding since that time. Her session gave me more clarity with my life purpose and past lives, which I focused on in this session. The pieces are coming together. Knowing fully that I have to do the work in this lifetime, Laurie has given me ideas and a fresh springboard to launch them. She's real, and loves her work. It shows. Thank you, Laurie. I will visit you again. Blessings!
This was my first time meeting with an intuitive and Laurie made me feel comfortable and helped me see things more clearly.She was very insightful and positive .
Laurie has been my leadership and personal development coach for about four years. In that time, she has been an invaluable source of insight and support through some of my hardest experiences, decisions, and life transitions. Her warmth, honesty and wisdom have helped me to strengthen my career and relationships as well as my own intuition, and she has a fantastic instinct for balancing practical guidance with inspiration and humor. I couldn't recommend her more highly!
This was the first time I have ever done anything like this. I went in with an open mind and an open heart and Laurie gave me insights that were spot on. Things that I knew deep down to be true. Things I needed to hear. She is a very warm and positive person with a gift she knows how to use. You will not be disappointed !
WOW!!! I highly recommend Laurie Gardner as a coach, healer, and consultant - whether for business or personal goals. Hire Laurie!! I just had a session with her yesterday and have immediately experienced powerful shifts in my approach to my business and relationships. She also holds me accountable to maintain these transformations over time. She is brilliant, funny, compassionate, insightful, and enlightening. She weaves together wisdom from many cultures. Working with Laurie is a true gift.
Laurie was by FAR and away one of the BEST psychics I’ve ever had a reading w hands down. I’ve had probably 35-40 over a 30yr period. She’s a total delight. In tuned. Gifted. Charming. Her coaching style and advice is so approachable easy and given from her heart. Her gift is unbelievable and I will totally see her again. I’ve recommended her to all my friends.
I cannot day enough about my short 30 min experience with Laurie. She was spot on as to why I was so confused and lost in my life. She was so accepting and made me feel validated. She was able to help me see my situation so clear and take away my insecurities.... her insight to me and those in my life could not have been more accurate... thank you Laurie for putting my mind at ease. I will definitely be back in touch
I worked with Laurie and she shed some awesome light on what was bothering me in this life, I was feeling so happy and blessed to find out the information she told me, so I can move forward with manifesting things in my life that I was wanting. She was fun to talk with and just felt relaxed thru the whole process. I will be going back to Laurie for any further readings and energy work. You wont be disappointed.
Laurie helped me ground and connect with my body's wisdom in minutes. I really appreciate her helping me see possibilities for my future I had not previously considered. She is truly gifted!
Laurie is a truly amazing spirit! She is gentle, humorous, and incredibly wise and insightful. Her intuitive coaching helped me see my path more clearly, and I feel refreshed, re-grounded, and more hopeful than I have felt in a long time. You will not be disappointed!
I spoke with Laurie over a week ago and she hit the nail on the head with a relationship that was quickly ending. She saw things that I had overlooked and helped me with clearing the blockages and negative connections I had attached in my energy body. So far her guidance has held true and she has helped guide me towards moving on to better things. :)
I met Laurie shortly after my mother died. That first session was so unforgettably meaningful to me. I've now seen her 3 times and have had exceptional experiences with her. She is insightful and always spot on. Her energy clearing is so powerful and grounding. I always leave feeling more rooted in my best self. I love her lightheartedness and ease even when talking about heavy things. She's amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking clarity, healing and compassion.
Reading with Laurie tonight was truly an enlightening experience! Her high intellect combined with her deeply joyful connection to Spirit, made our conversation both impactful and fun. She offered meaningful, heart-centered guidance on both my personal relationships and business trajectory. The icing on the cake was her energy healing work -- I instantly felt the negative hooks and imprints dissolving as we spoke. Thank you for a beautiful session, Laurie!
My reading with Laurie was very short notice, but she was extremely accommodating and kind about fitting me in. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her. Definitely is one-of-a kind and without a doubt very gifted! This was one of my better readings in a way that she was able to pick up on my situation quickly without me saying very much other than what I wanted to talk about and will tell you how to deal with your situation. I highly recommend her (and I don't say that about everyone).
Laurie is a breath of fresh air. Totally positive and she knows how to raise your vibration. She is extremely accurate, blesses your future, energetically heals, and has an amazing interpretation of Jesus and Archangel Michael. I always feel better after receiving her insight. What's more, is that she blocks off time for you, records your session and never worries about going over time. She has gone above and beyond for me, and I am so incredibly grateful to have found her. Thanks! Love-Halo
Awesome! I had such an enlightening session with Laurie. Her natural abilities combined with her own positive energy gave me the clarity and the lift that I really needed. She helped me sift through the muck, release the constraints, and tune into the essence.. "Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies!"
Laurie is brilliant: highly intuitive, deeply connected and caring. Her readings and insights are quite profound, revealing influences from the deep past through the present. With this new understanding, and her gentle coaching, new pathways are opening for the next stage of my life. She is a wonderful guide through the journey, and her presence and compassion are a grounding influence. Bless you Laurie!
Laurie is an awesome spirit! She helped me identify what was blocking me from having a better relationship with my daughter. I am so pleased with the time I spent with Laurie, she is funny, intelligent and really knows what she is doing. If you feeling down about something, schedule some time with Laurie, she is guaranteed to help you through whatever is blocking you or slowing down progress that you need to feel better.
Laurie is......just the best. She zeroed in on exactly what I needed----what I needed to hear and what I needed to learn. It was an amazing therapy/intuitive session that was spot on. I will definitely schedule with her on a regular basis for counseling, insight, guidance, and her spot on intuition. Thank you Laurie :)
Laurie is a special, rare Gem. There's a lot of psychics out there but crossing paths with her felt divinely inspired. I almost don't want to share this review for fear that she will become too busy. The way she uses humor makes me feel so light after discussing my darkest burdens. She really cares about helping people!! RUN, don't walk to the phone. U will be so glad u did.
Laurie was such a joy to work with and an absolute God send. Laurie helped me feel my true essence and purpose within a few minutes and helped me see that all my dreams are, in fact, completely possible! She is a powerful guide and intuitive and I look forward to utilizing her deep wisdom for years to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I found Laurie on the Internet and was nervous at first but when I spoke to her, I was immediately calm. She was so spot on with my family and I. She makes you feel enlightened and positive. I would definitely recommend her. I can't wait for the future and to see if what she says is true and if it turns out not the same way then she at least brought me out of a crazy depression.
Laurie is creative, funny, and a problem solver. She has a gift of being able to listen to the challenge or problem you are facing, and providing you with a solution through various tools and techniques. She listens closely to what you have to say and then breaks it down in such a way to increase your understanding, not only of the problem, but also of the solution. I look forward to implementing the tools and strategies she shared with me. Thank you Laurie for the great session!
got introduced to Laurie through, my life never been the same since, I have spoken to other amazingly gifted psychic/healers but Laurie stood out with her professional yet laid-back sessions, I keep going back for more and there is always something now to learn and heal. I recommend her to everyone weather its your first time or a regular. she will not disappoint and feel like you got more than your money worth. its always joyful and uplifting to talk to Laurie.


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