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Los Angeles


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Phone/Skype/Facetime Please visit website and click on "Rates & Scheduling" for current rates.

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I am a Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Psychic, Tarot Card Reader, Channel, Dream Interpreter, and Medium. I also offer astrology, palmistry, and tea leaf readings. Some of my specialties as a Certified Hypnotherapist include pain management, weight loss, breaking habits, relationship improvement, and helping actors, artists, writers, and musicians to maximize their creative and financial potential. My goal is to help you improve your life, whether that’s with hypnotherapy or psychic readings. I enjoy working with clients who are open to the benefits of self-improvement. I’m wishing you the very best in your journey to finding all you want in life.


-WE tv
-Alpha TV
-LA 18
-Tailgating with Kato Kaelin


-5-season Host of CBS Radio’s Zodiac Divas, offering live, on-the-air hypnotherapy guidance, channeling, and mediumship
-Co-host with Butch Patrick on KKNW’s The Luv Channel
-Resident Psychic and Guest Host on KKNW’s The Astrologer’s Daughter
Host of Future Dates, BlogTalkRadio
-Guest on CBS Radio's The Outlander
-Guest on Hey Z Radio Network’s Rock N’Roll Psychic
-Guest on Fantasy Dating Radio, BlogTalkRadio


-Priekavos Magazine (May, 2015)
-Alegria Magazine
-Metrogreece Magazine
-Clyde Fitch Report
-Yahoo! Voices


-Graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute
-Lecturer on Hypnotherapy at Pacific States University
-Member of Hypnotherapists Union Local 472
-Member of American Hypnotherapy Association

Psychic Readings

-Featured on Famous Psychic
-Does not require prior information or questions from the client to do a reading, even if the session is done over the phone.
-Uses clairvoyance to access specific information about future love partners, finance, business, and techniques for manifesting your dreams into reality.
-Thousands of clients in the U.S. and overseas

Additional Information: 

“Helped me solve a carjacking case” (5 Stars)

Jordan M says: "Kyra gives the best psychic readings. She helped me solve a carjacking case and was able to accurately identify the two carjackers, their physical descriptions, whereabouts, their histories, got one of their names, and was even able to read their motivations. I don’t know how she does it, but she does!"

"My Missing Cat"

Lauren says: "I didn't find Kyra on my own but instead through a friend who HIGHLY recommended her. The session was so organic and smooth that I sat speechless most of it as she gave me profound insight into my future. At the end of our session I asked Kyra specifically about my missing cat. There are a lot of coyotes around and I was worried. Not only did she sense that he had a cone on his head, which was true after surgery, but also reassured me that he was alive. 2 weeks later he came home. I was grateful for Kyra's comfort that he would return and when he did after going missing for 3 weeks in total it confirmed her keen psychic sensibilities."

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Listed since: Mar 12, 2012

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