Kim Quinones

Kim Quinones
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Since 2013 I have been helping people find and heal their stuck places, release the shadows and reveal their inner light. I am an Intuitive Guide and Wayshower helping you get connected with your Higher Self and Inner Voice to support your personal growth. In an intuitive reading I can help open your eyes to what both hinders and supports you in life, and can provide answers to the questions in your heart. I will look at your aura and chakras and energy bodies for the stories you are carrying with you energetically and help release them. A reading may include clairvoyant and clairaudient insights, mediumship messages and channeled wisdom from the Archangels and Ascended Masters. With the insights gained in a reading you can begin to rewrite your story, stepping into a space where you can feel your most empowered self. My mission is to help you find your way to a gentle awakening and to assist you as you take back your power in your life.

My reading style encompasses a number of techniques. While I do not predict the future I can look at the possible outcomes you are aligned with, I can also see what you are holding in your energetic space, get insights from it and release it. My biggest interest in healing is getting you grounded, in present time, clear of cords and outdated contracts, free of stuck emotions and stagnant energy, and empowered to take steps to living the life of your dreams. Think of me as your best friend that tells it to you straight, yet from the most enlightened perspective. Whether you are working on issues from this lifetime, a past life, family/ancestral healing, healing from trauma, abuse, grief or loss, opening to deeper spirituality, parenting and relationship issues, career, contemplating a move, finding your voice, wanting to connect with a passed-over loved one, or simply need support taking steps forward in your life, any issue can be addressed in a session. A full session is 60 minutes and a recording will be provided afterwards, $150. I am also available for shorter session work beginning at 20 minutes for one question or issue.

As a channel I also offer one-on-one healing sessions with Saint Germain and the Goddess Isis. Private channeled Healing Session with Saint Germain, $150, 45 minutes
Private channeled Healing Session with Goddess Isis, $150, 45 minutes

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I am a lifelong seeker of wisdom, healing and awakening. I began working with the tarot and crystals as a teenager, practicing yoga and meditation and candle magic in my 20’s, from there I have connected deeply with Spirit. As a psychic, a medium and a channel I have a multi-dimensional ability to connect with Source.

I am a graduate of the Laughing Lotus Yoga School 200 Hour Teacher Training program, the Clairvoyant Training Program at Psychic Horizons and in May 2019 I completed the Sound Healing and Therapy Certificate at the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness, all in San Francisco, CA, where I reside today.

Listed since: Nov 21, 2019


Kim is an absolute joy to work with! Her vibrant energy in conjunction with the great ease in which she conducts her work leaves you feeling refreshed, refocused, and ready to take on anything. Moreover, her accuracy in locating your energetic blocks and patterns is astounding and with your permission, she can almost effortlessly assist in clearing these issues. Kim has been profoundly helpful during as an intuitive and healer and I highly recommend utilizing her gifts and services.

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