Kelly Musulin

Kelly Musulin
Kelly Musulin


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$120.00-$150.00 for indivaidual redings.For various size groups, please visit website for specific pricing.

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Kelly is an evidential medium and mentor. Due to her remarkable accuracy she is referred to as the clear channel. She has over 20 years experience working as a professional medium. She is personable, and down to earth and wants nothing but the best for those she communicates with on both side of life.

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As a medium I will help you to connect with your loved ones in the hereafter, providing evidential information and messages from your loved ones that will help you continue to move forward in your healing process.

I am compassionate, caring, and honest. I love my connection with spirit and I’m truly blessed for each experience I have with them and their families here.

I offer phone, Zoom, and in person private, and group sessions.

Peace to you,
Kelly Musulin

Listed since: Jun 5, 2007


What a wonderful soul. I have had other readers try to connect with my beloved husband but, I never felt they made the connection and I was determined to keep trying until I felt the connection. I felt that with Kelly, she knew him she knew his personality and provided unquestionably valid evidence. She is now included in my nightly prayers to be able to keep helping people who are in profound grief
I recently had a 30 minute phone session with Kelly hoping to connect with my father who had passed one year ago. I told Kelly before we started that I might get emotional as I had just lost my beloved dog of 14 years a week earlier. Kelly's empathy and kindness was wonderful and I was thrilled when she was able to connect with my fur baby, confirming she was with my loved ones in spirit. She was also able to connect with my father, providing validations and comfort. She is amazing!
Today my mom and I had a reading done with Kelly. I was nervous and not really sure what to expect. She was very welcoming and put my nerves at ease. My Dad came through and ran the show. I was never really sure if he was around me,but now I know that he is always with me by the things Kelly was able to tell us. I can’t wait to have another session with her!
I sat down with Kelly recently and was extremely impressed with the amount of information I received in 30 minutes. Some things unclear at the time of the reading became very clear after speaking with other family members. Hopefully I will be able to see her again in the future.
Kelly is the real deal! She connected with my Uncle and was spot on about everything. Nothing was coerced by me and my family that came through were validating things that only I or my other family members would know. I am at peace with some things now and I truly know that my Uncle is always with me. Thank you so much Kelly!! You were blessed with this wonderful gift to help others seek closure. Please continue to share your gift with others. You are truly amazing.
I just don't even know where to start regarding how gifted, sincere, aware, and educational Kelly is. I met kelly during a paranormal investigation of my home where she was volunteering some of her time. As the group was leaving Kelly sat my partner and I down and proceeded to blow us away with the intricate details that only I or other family members could possibly know. In one hour she changed my viewpoint from Black to white and I can't thank her enough for tapping into her gifts for others.
Last night before my reading I spoke outloud to my family and friends in Heaven..I asked them questions which Kelly spoke about in my reading! There is no way she would know these things unless she were real! Kelly is amazon an has a gift from God! She helped me with the voice of my family in heaven to know that they are proud of me and are always with me! I feel like I'm walking on the clouds with them! Thank u!
I have said often, I would not have made it threw my grief had it not been for her Kelly. She has a gift from GOD that makes people find some peace. She taught me that they are still here, not physically but spirit. When she told me things that there was NO WAY she would know I knew my son was with me, and for the first time I smiled and slept knowing he was with me. GOD BLESS KELLY!!
My niece and I contacted Kelly to make sure my sister/her mother was doing well on the other side. Not only did my sister assure us that she was fine, so did numerous family members--they had been waiting for the opportunity to contact us. Their identity was made clear by Kelly revealing details about the family member and events only the two of us would know. It was reassuring to know that the family is together and will be there for us as we cross over.
Kelly is absolutely wonderful. She put me and my husband at ease with her laugh and her presence. My husband lost his father a little over a year ago and age gave us both some peace with the messages she provided. She was dead on with the things she knew. She used her gift from god to heal our hearts and we couldn't be more grateful to her.
Kelly is truely an amazing preson If ever i thought that it was to good to be true that has all gone away with the last reading i had with her to have something validated that no one other then myself knew gave me all the peace in the world with my brothers passing when kelly talks its not her that i see i see my brother every time that she smiles just ask her about the Military guy that she want to write about and youll see that great big smile that i miss so much
Kelly's gift is true and real. Her calm demeanor and friendly personality allows a comfortable reading between her and her clients. She validated soo many things only my loved ones would know!
Kelly and I did an over the phone reading. I live on the east coast. Kelly's gifts are so intense and focused that distance or proximity don't seem to matter. She was able to communicate with many of my relatives and the someone special I was hoping to hear from! Kelly was able to forwarn me about an important upcoming event. She also has a great personality which allows her clients to relax knowing she is going to take care and do a great job.
I recently had an in-person session with Kelly, and I have to say, it was the best reading I've ever had. I've had over 10 sessions with several mediums over the last 7 years. Kelly topped them all. The souls must have a special connection with her because the messages she brings through are more personal and loving than I've experienced with other mediums. She's a truly gifted, fantastic girl. Much love and light, Kelly, I can't thank you enough.
With Love from heaven Kelly was able to connect with my loved ones. Kelly was able to bring through validations that only I and my past loved one would know. She is amazing with her gift and her words. Kelly has shown me that through the darkness of death I can find some light with love in heaven. I am able to sleep and awake with a feeling of love and happiness for my passed on loved one. That has been a huge comfort. Thank you so much Kelly!
Kelly has a wonderfull and loving gift. The validations from my loved ones on the other side were strikingly accurate. there was no way kelly could have recieved the information except from my family members who are in spirit. A million hugs Kelly. and thanks so much for the comfort you give
Kelly is a guardian angel of messages from loved ones on the other side. She was able to connect me with my loved ones and provide comfort from validations that she could not have possibly known. A million kisses and thankyous Kelly! You have an amazing gift. I have found so much peace and comfort from your readings and would recommend you to any one. I am no longer afraid of death. I will continue to use your services for a long time. God Bless you and the messages you carry!

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