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Psychic Medium Kelley Eckhardt was born with memories of her time in the spirit world and many of her past lives. Kelley’s first memory in the spirit world was of her mother giving birth to her brother who was put up for adoption. This was 13 years before she was born. Being the youngest child in a big family and growing up in Venice Beach, CA in the 1970’s, where everyone had crystals, bongs and tarot cards on the coffee table contributed to her ability to relate to many people. Having always had a strong connection to her angels and the spirit world since birth was key to her surviving the dysfunctional dynamics at home. While most families were playing Monopoly together, Kelley’s family used the Quiji board and talked to spirits. On her 11th birthday, Kelley’s oldest sister gave her a tarot deck, which she still has today. Kelley’s gifts have been with her since birth, it is a family trait, genetics, or whatever you may call it.

She has trained with many Arthur Findlay tutors and taken many courses to dive deeper into her many gifts. She has been recognized and featured as an expert on the Roni Deutch radio show, been double tested and validated by Shay Parkers Best American Psychics and is a credible and reputable member of Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory. She has mentored with Thomas John, Lisa Williams and renowned Spiritual mediums Mavis Pittilla, and Andy Byng. In 2020, Kelley co-authored the Amazon #1 best-selling book, The Last Breath.

Kelley loves learning and continuing to develop her gifts further; She understands that there is always more to know and prides herself in life-long learning. Kelley understands navigating life-shaping grief, having experienced the loss of her oldest son Ron when he was 20 years old. She draws from this devastating experience and her own healing process to offer others an understanding of the Spiritual world.

Listed since: Jun 4, 2017


I have had a couple readings with Kelley. Amazing!! I am forever grateful. Kelley has described my dad to a T. Passing on things what he wanted me to know. Helped me tremendously with closure. Kelley had told me 3 things that were life changing all coming true 1 by 1. Things I would have never thought of. Unbelievably spot on! Thank you Kelley! I can’t wait until my next reading!
I had a reading Kelley and it was incredible to say the least. A few things popped up that I couldn’t piece together but directly after finishing with Kelley I realised exactly what messages she was passing on to me!! Every piece of our conversation came together perfectly and I was able to get validations that no one would know apart from my son and myself. Kelley’s reading gave me a freedom in my own head to believe we aren’t gone forever, we just are in a different space.

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