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Your life purpose is to be happy! As an Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach I assist you in discovering your soul's purpose, and clearing away any beliefs or emotions that are limiting you from fulfilling your destiny, so you can truly love your life from the inside out.

When you fearlessly express your soul's intention, your life naturally unfolds with joy and abundance.

There is so much more to you than you ever imagined. It is my joy to use my gifts to help you discover yours.

Currently, my focus is teaching YOU how to be more intuitive.

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I'm known to fuse entertainment with enlightenment, wit with wisdom, and psychic with sassy.

I offer a variety of resources to uplift and inspire you including a monthly numerology and intuition videos, a self-empowerment blog, meditations and teleseminars throughout the year. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Listed since: Oct 1, 2012


My first reading with Kari was more than I excepted. I went to her for help with direction in my career.During the reading, she mentioned that I needed help with releasing some fears on starting a family,she was right on.After the healing session, within days I couldn't believe that my fears were gone. My husband and I were so excited to start a family. With in 6 weeks we were pregnant. I'm now 5 months into my pregnancy and couldn't be happier. Thank you Kari for knowing exactly what I needed.
Kari is amazing, gifted and spot on. My husband and I have both found her intuitive readings to be very helpful and insightful. I would recommend her service to anyone needing guidance. If you are skeptical she will make you a believer.
Thank Kari for all the insight this week. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear but I know it's what I needed to hear. So far I have followed the advice you gave me and have already seen great changes in me. I know this is only the beginning and I will enjoy every moment of the way. Thank for opening my eyes to my patterns, now I can use them as my strength.
I met Kari some years ago when I took her classes on intuition development. These were the highlight not only of my week but my life! Meeting this beautiful spirit has been life transforming. I was going through a very energetically heavy time-and she literally saved my life. No sugar coating from Kari! Like the wise bodhisattva, she inspires and gudes with great love, discipline and patience. She helps you to remember the way of the Divine in Anything you are questioning or struggling with!
My confidence in a reader rises as s/he identifies specific details about my personal history without any sort of clue coming from me, and I was amazed by Kari's ability to do this. I left our session with clear and specific ideas about what I need to do to make the sort of changes I'm desiring to make. I don't think there's anything better that a reading can offer. I heartily recommend you to anyone in need of intuitive insight that can really make a difference in their life."
Kari is absolutely AMAZING. I was at a cross roads in my life when someone handed me Kari's card and never would have imagined what was next. Kari didn't tell me what I wanted to hear she told me what I needed hear. The lies I told myself were revealed in my reading and gave me the courage to make the changes necessary to move forward. Anytime a friend tells me they are struggling, I pass on her card. I have yet to hear anyone say they are not blown away by what comes up in their reading!
I worked with Kari as an intuitive numerologist a few days ago to select the dates for my next Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing® courses. So far everyone I've spoken to about the dates for class has said, "Wow, that's perfect." or "That's actually the only weekend I would be able to do it." It feels really good to be so certain of the dates because they are based on more than just my best hunch. Kari is very intuitive, shares information effortlessly and I am super excited to work with her again!
Kari has a beautiful and accurate psychic gift which she shares with compassion and humor. I originally met with Kari hoping to gain a few reassurances but received so much more. She helped me to move beyond obstacles that have been blocking me for years and has helped me to recognize a career path that echoes my passions and beliefs (none of which I shared with Kari...she was able to tune in with immense accuracy). Her love, light and wisdom have truly changed my life.
To put it quite bluntly, Kari Samuels has helped me one thousand fold! Kari is such a talented and gifted intuitive counselor! From just my first session, my thoughts, my actions, and peoples influence in my life all changed. It was like she cleared all the negative debris from my psych and energy field and opened the floodgates of positivity! Kari has helped me in so many ways that I cannot wait for my next session! By far, the best counselor I have ever worked with!
One of my greatest gifts this year was finding Kari. She's a brilliant numerologist, gifted intuitive and shares with such love, clarity and light that you can't but help feel good after a reading with her. She shares information in a way that's very practical, so you'll end a session feeling empowered, motivated and inspired to fulfill your potential. I am delighted to highly recommend Kari as a coach, teacher and guide and very glad she's here!
Kari Samuels is a gifted intuitive, teacher and healer. My first reading with her literally changed my life and how I look at the world. Kari has helped me tap into my own intuition and feel more fulfilled and on purpose. She is kind, compassionate, ethical and inspiring. Her optimism and energy are contagious, I always feel great after a session and the glow lasts for days. I feel blessed to have found Kari Samuels!
I can be a pretty skeptical and fearful person, but I am so happy to have met Kari. I have had periodic sessions with her over the last 2 yrs that have led me to make significant and beneficial life changes. She's helped me cut away the negative and unnecessary junk and listen to my true inner voice. Recently, I had a theta healing session. I was cynical, but now I am a believer. I'm experiencing an indescribable lightness because she helped me get rid of some guilt and shame I've been carrying.
Kari helped me clear away energy and thought patterns that needed to be changed long ago. She is respectful in her approach and is able to zero in on what is important and bring it the attention it needs. She has a gift and I am very thankful that she shares her gift to benefit others and that I have been a recipient.
Kari has a special gift to connect with spiritual guides and help you find your true soul-purpose and best path in life. I am blessed to have met many physics in my life and I can genuinely say that is one of a kind! She also has an easy way to relate messages from the universe ... Listen to your guides via Kari; it works every time!
Kari Samuels is a born healer with the mastery of shaman and the heart of an angel. Kari uses her intuitive gifts and her numerology pedigree to guide you through life's challenges, address past life.patterns and ultimately help you become one with your higher self. I have been a client for several years and I have never met a more gentile soul or a more skilled intuitive. She is truly a healer, a counselor and a coach.
Kari is nothing short of amazing. I've had several readings with Kari over the last few years, and each time, I am struck by her compassion, insight and perspective. Earlier this year, I took my first class with Kari, which was fantastic. Just as she does in her readings, she blends her gifts of intuition and perception with humor and humanity; I found myself doing a guided meditation one moment, and laughing the next - it's a wonderful and powerful combination. Kari is a truly gifted counselor.

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