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Kae Schreiber
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Palm Springs


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$130.00 1.5 Hour or $110.00 for hour, $65.00 for Half Hour

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Hello. Welcome. I am an INTUITIVE, MEDIUM,PALMIST, and SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR. I have been using my spiritual gifts of spirit for the twenty years professionally and for many years before.

In a reading I ask Spirit to guide me with love, wisdom and profound healing in accessing your Auric Energy Field, subconscious, soul, higher self, reading the energy around Love, Relationships, Career, Business, Finance, Health, your Spiritual Purpose and what else is going on in your life. The reading will give you CLARITY, SPECIFIC DIRECTION,UNDERSTANDING,INSPIRATION, PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS, HOPE,HEALING and LOVE. I strive to answer all your questions as I am directed by Spirit. I either "SEE, HEAR or FEEL" the energy and I tell you what I receive.

As a Medium I feel I am a conduit of energy where I tap into your heart connection with your loved ones in spirit. If you imagine a filament of light from your heart to theirs, containing all the WISDOM,LOVE,THOUGHTS and MEMORIES of this person, that is the frequency I access.

The stronger the heart connection, the more information comes through.What I receive is a thumbprint of their personality which can be pretty specific. I know I feel the person and their love and wisdom for you.

This works best when you know inside you are ready to let go of unhealthy relationships, people, low self-esteem, hiding your light, anything that is keeping you from living up to your highest potential given by your Creator. At this time we know something must change, and we have more energy to expend toward resolution.

I surround our sacred space with Protection, Courage, LOVE, and Healing.I bring the power of POSITIVE ENERGY to our session.

My readings are healing, positive, uplifting and respectful. Please submit a review if I met your expectations. I really do appreciate it. It helps me know I am being of service when you tell me your experience.

I live in Palm Springs, California and I work with English speaking clients all over the world in different time zones talking by telephone or by an email reading as well as in person when you visit our area. Talk with you soon. Kae

Additional Information: 

I am available for private consultations, parties, events and telephone readings. Call for a free quote. My office telephone is (760)992-9197 or (619) 957-6605. I am an ordained minister with Universal Life Church. Go to my www.intuitivepalmist.byregion.net for more information. I have a CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL by Bob Olson. Thank you. Kae

Listed since: Apr 9, 2008


My reading was warm, kind and surprisingly accurate! Without giving her much info, she answered my questions with such detail and non-judgemental instruction by talking to my kids spirits, like they were in the same room w her! She gave me SO much information, and even went over our scheduled time, that I now feel better equipped as a single mom to raise my 2 boys more efficiently and with more understanding of who they are as individuals. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone seeking help in any area!
When I first met with Kae I instantly felt comfortable and at ease. She helped me immensely through a time of confusion and gave me great insight and confirmation that was much needed to move forward. She took her time and related her own experiences to mine and treated me like a compassionate friend who cared for my well-being. She is a blessing to my life and I would recommend her to anyone looking for some clarity on their journey.
I had the pleasure of meeting with Kae last week. It was one of the best readings of my life. She was accurate, insightful and kind. I could have talked with her all afternoon. She also knows her stuff and actually shocked me a couple of times with what she knew of my life. It was such a pleasure to meet you, Kae. Thank you.
Kae is awesome...Shes friendly and doesn't rush the time...She is amazingly accurate..I would totally recommend a reading with her.I look forward to future readings with her...
Kae is not only has amazing skills and was dead on about my questions but caring and took more then 3x the amount of time I has originally requested. She helped me way more then I ever thought I was going to get the 1st time I did a reading? She was so patient and her insight was right on to so many questions, what was originally scheduled for between us turned into a much longer reading because of all the insight she provided..!! I will go to her for all my needs in this life
Kae is an amazing psychic/intuitive/medium! Kae was able to tap into the essence of individuals in my life (both physical and non-physical) to ascertain detailed, compelling, and verifiable information that was extremely beneficial to me! Furthermore, Kae was able to accurately describe and elaborate on issues specific to my situation, and to describe detailed information about my life, my home, and relationships. Her generosity and psychic skills are beyond this world!
I've been going to Kae since 2004. Her readings are pragmatic,always down to earth, and her advice is always valuable. She's especially good with business advice. She's not the kind of person to blow smoke, so don't expect hyperbole or anything but actionable TRUTH. Kae offers great, practical readings. Highly recommended!
Ive had a few readings with Kae and Im blown away from how gifted she is. She gets a lot of accurate information that is very helpful to me in life. Shes very kind and warm and just wonderful to talk to. I find her to be the best medium Ive ever had a reading with, and i look forward to all my readings with her. :) God Bless her for all shes done to help guide me. Thankyou Kae! <3 <3 <3 Kara
Kae is a very sweet, caring, and spiritual person who is a direct telephone line to either the departed on the other side or to the subconscious of a living person. Is someone deceiving you? Giving you trouble? She can help unravel the emotions and problems. Through her I spoke with my departed mother, father, grandparents, a dear client, and even my cats. Imagine that! Their personalities came through; we had a verbal conversation. The spirit world is amazing. Let Kae take you there.
Nine years of insightful readings with one-hundred percent accuracy. Kae is the most authentic, spiritual, gifted person I have ever known.
I have known Kae Schreiber for over 10 years as a friends and as a co-worker in light. Her clarity is astonishing and her humility is honorable. She is able to focus and pin point areas of conflict or confusion easily and shed light where it is needed to solve problems. That which comes through her is pure and the answers meaningful. She is perceptive, compassionate, and generous as a person and in her work. And, anyone would benefit by her counsel. I highly recommend her.
A joyful, radiant individual with a true gift. The reading was very accurate and enlightening. Her positive energy and compassionate nature made the reading all the more enjoyable. Kae's reading provided me with guidance and validation. It lifted my spirits and a heaviness I have been carrying in my heart. It is a relief to find someone who appreciates and uses their gift for the betterment of others as it was intended. I definitely recommend Kae and will call on her again in the future.
I love this reading. Very accurate! Kae is very loving and caring. She is joyful. I will call her again in the future.
A sweet light being with the intention for good which is appreciated. When it comes to the spiritual mind we can all feel lost It is nice to know there is guidance and light in the darkness You can feel a sense of relief a sense of knowing that guides you with her voice When someone like Kae gives you good energy with advice on how to find your joy you listen! Thank you Kae!:)
Extremely accurate, spiritual, perceptive, and brilliant woman with exceptional psychic abilities. Kae's down-to-earth practical advice and her wonderful sense of humor in addition to her psychic ability has made her a favorite in the desert area of southern California.

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