Joyce Jackson

Joyce Jackson
Joyce Jackson


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I am is a Psychic Medium in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a highly trained Huna and Toltec Shamanic Practitioner, plus a Usui and Toltec Nagual Reiki Master. I uniquely bring a calm, reassuring message, in easy, simple terms, for clarity to your important life questions. I deliver guidance with compassion and warmth through my ability to inspire real understanding and transformation to those confused by unclear emotions and experiences.I need no tools but can use Tarot and Oracle cards, Runes, Pendulums and Shaman Stones upon request. I am one of the few practitioners who use Andara Crystals when working within the healing arena. I am also a certified hypnotherapist and past life regression (PLR) expert, as well. My readings are to give you affirmation to your life experiences and your ideals. My intent is to strengthen each person who comes to me, and their connection to the Divine. I am an author, radio show host, ordained minister, and Intuitive Coach. I have practiced in-person intuitive readings and Reiki at wellness centers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact me at or through my website,

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I am a highly educated professional spending years as an architect and engineer. I draw many respected doctors, attorneys, CEO's and professionals to my spiritual practices and readings. I am the Founder of Spiritual Wisdom Journeys, Inc. and specialize in taking groups on spiritual journeys to some of the world's most sacred places: Machu Picchu, Sedona, Stonehendge, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Zion.

Listed since: Jun 8, 2023


joyce is a very clear, direct and concise advisor. her delivery was exactly what i needed to help me shift into my personal power as well as stop second guessing my own senses about things- it was also very helpful to have her insights that combine both strong intuition and clairvoyance as well as logic at the same time. joyce is also a very wise and assuring counsel, and while she is direct she is also a great listener for you and helps you feel heard and encouraged.

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