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Jethro Smith, part Native American Indian, was born with the psychic gift and the ability to see a person's aura and chakras. His gift became public at the age of eight, and he was tested and trained by metaphysical masters beginning preschool and throughout his early twenties. His gift heightened further after a near-death experience. Kindergarten peers and their children for whom his prophecies came true remain as life-time friends and clients. He is able to communicate with a person's spirit guides, angels, totems, and loved ones who have crossed over, communicating messages and future events.

Through his unique personal life and experiences from the other side, Jethro has developed a refreshing approach to life and the afterlife. He is nonjudgmental, empathetic, and not easily taken by surprise. He is an exceptionally accurate reader with a sense of humor attained from the perspective of seeing the larger picture of life's experiences.

Jethro's clientele includes people from all walks of life and spiritual beliefs: the "average" person seeking truth, detectives, politicians, legal professionals, actors, law enforcement, and government officials.

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American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums
Certified Canadian Association of Psychics
United Kingdom Association of Psychics
American Certified Association of Psychics
Certified Reiki Master
Author of Living in the Psychic Realm
Author of Uncle Jethro's Guide to the Sixth Sense

Listed since: Oct 18, 2013


Jethro Smith abilities are beyond and above a scale from 1-10. I felt safe and secure and the readings are so accurate. I have been truly bless with inspiration and a new way of living! I recommend that anyone who see him will be delighted Thank You Jethro Smith YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!
I love Jethro. We have never met in person but feel like I have known him forever. He is down to Earth-truly cares about his clients. He has a talent beyond words.Quite Amazing-delivers messages from Spirit that indeed is for becoming our highest best self. He has brought hope in areas of my life that I thought were hopeless by opening my eyes to spirits wishes for me. I feel blessed to have met him-more alive than ever His encouragement has had a huge impact on my life- the future looks bright
I had the pleasure of having my first reading with Jethro. I was extremely happy with it. He was very accurate and on point. I have to admit I was a little nervous going in to this but he made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He has a great sense of humor also and is a very kind person. I would recommend him for anyone looking for a reading. It was a great experience. Thank you. :)
I have had the wonder pleasure of having reading with Jethro, on and off the air, and I must say that he is very accurate and very insitefull. He is connected, he funny and very clear about who he is. Ibbatar Star
He was extreamly accurate and didnt try fishing for information once he was right on and i highly recommend getting a reading from him.
I met Jethro in Sedona AZ over 3 years ago. On a whim I scheduled a reading. Jethro amazed me with his accuracy and since that time he has become my consultant, my confidant and my friend. His gifts are truly God given. He works in the light with your angels and spirit guides and his messages are delivered in a thoughtful and sensitive manner. Jethro is the real deal.
Jethro read for me at a Starbucks while his home was being remodeled. We met for just an hour, but that hour made a huge difference in my life. Jethro brought forth comments about a person in my past who had been more dangerous than I had imagined. I had suffered at the hands of this person, but felt lucky to be alive after what I learned from Jethro. The psychic spoke to me from people who have passed. He told me identifying factors that only I knew. Those positive moments have stayed with me.
Jethro Smith has been an amazing teacher and mentor for me since 2011. The first time I met him was on the radio to get a reading. He was so amazing and so kind and loving I have not left him since. His breathe taking accuracy is such a gift and his inspirational and supportive advice is so uplifting. He can see and tell you where you need to go and what you need to do for your best options that are suited for you. He is a genius at this gift and also very humble and gracious with it.
I had a phone reading with Jethro in September, 2013. I can verify that his bio is accurate because my reading was absolutely wonderful. In addition to his thoroughly enjoyable personality, his accuracy is pretty uncanny. I hung up feeling better about issues about which I'd been unclear. He's the Real Deal, you will definitely benefit from a reading with him.
Awesome psychic! I've talked to him a few times and recommended to friends as well. He can accurately read the energy from the getgo.
Jethro Smith has read for me privately, and on his show Psychics Gone Wild. Jethro is very accurate, and to the point. I found him to be a delight to work with, during my reading... He connected with my loved ones, and guides, and gave me spot on information.. You will be thrilled. He is honest, caring, and very connected, to Spirit...

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