Jennifer M. Shaffer

Jennifer M. Shaffer
Jennifer M. Shaffer


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Los Angeles


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$175 - $550

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Visit her on-line Calendar @ ~ Phone Readings 7 Days a week and Office appts. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday ~ Los Angeles Office: 3701 Highland Ave. Ste. 303A, Manhattan Beach, CA. 90266 Ph:1-310-962-0511


Meet Jennifer M. Shaffer
Founding Member of JS Intuitive Investigations Academy and JS Investigation Alliances,
Social Activism Award Winner,
Best American Psychics Psychic of the Year
Guest on Below Deck, Monica the Medium, Dr. Drew on HLN and Ricki Lake
Investigation Cases Profiled on Dr. Phil
As Seen on CBS, HLN on CNN, Fox and Free Form on ABC Television
Author, Speaker and Intuitive Spiritual Teacher
Trustee Member of Beneficial Intelligence Syndicate
Intelligent Perception Teacher of BIS for Law Enforcement and FBI Officials
Advisory Board Member for FOHVAMP Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons

Jennifer is a “Translator of Spirit.” She is a Clairvoyant Medium, Medical Intuitive, Psychic Investigator and Profiler. Her investigation cases have recently been featured on “Dr. Phil,” and she has also been a reoccurring guest on the “Ricki Lake” show. Jennifer is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient which means being blessed with sight, hearing and feeling from the spiritual world that both enlightens and brings comfort. Jennifer receives guidance that gives you confirmation of past events, informs you of the future, brings clarity to issues, and messages from your departed loved ones. Spirit wants to help by giving powerful insights from the other side.

Additional Information: 

Jennifer’s pro-bono work is with law enforcement regularly, assisting with cold cases and helping families of victims find answers. She has founded the JS Intuitive Investigation Academy as well as JS Intuitive Investigation Alliance, which is the collaboration of law enforcement and Intuitives working together because she believes it is better to have more eyes on the scene as well as the unseen. Jennifer is also a Vice President for Beneficial Intelligence Syndicate where they are working on an application called Impartial Witness that will revolutionize how Intuitives work with law enforcement.

When working with the unseen, also known as spirit, she helps facilitate healing through what she calls “Mediumship Grief Guidance” to those individuals and families who may have lost a loved one. Jennifer has the same philosophy with the medical field as she does with law enforcement. She works in conjunction with Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Medical Doctors, and Grief Counselors because she strongly believes in the importance of having someone to see regularly, after sustaining such a loss.

Jennifer co-hosts a weekly podcast called "Hacking the Afterlife" with Award Winning Film Director and Best Selling Author, Richard Martini.

Listed since: Jan 19, 2014


I was skeptical. Didn’t want to give my real name for fear of being scammed and only gave it up right before our session. Boy was I wrong! Jennifer connected with two members of my family and told me details no one would have known except them and me. Their personalities came through loud and clear. She has warmth and humor and is incredibly gifted. I laughed, I cried but most of all I was in awe. I highly recommend Jennifer, especially if you are skeptical. She is the real deal
I scheduled an appointment for a reading with Jennifer after seeing her in a documentary with Richard Martini. Jennifer appeared authentic and down-to-earth and was precisely that way during the session I had with her. Throughout the reading Jennifer amazed me with her interpretations and mediumship ability; she literally repeated to me the last thing I said to my father! What a mind-blower! Jennifer also answered a lot of psychic questions that I had, which will help me move forward. Thank you!
Jennifer is so gifted! She doesn't just give you messages, she gives you the messages you need to hear. Whether translating for your spirit guides or your counsel, using her medical intuition or guiding you in tapping into your own unique intuition, a session with her is a gift to receive. I feel so grateful to Jennifer to have spent this time with her, she is beyond amazing!
Jennifer Shaffer is the real deal; she is nothing short of amazing. She told me things in regard to my significant other who passed that she would have no way of knowing like how his parents passed away, how he flipped his picture over and so much more. I found her to not only be a gifted medium but kind and compassionate. I will definitely be having another session with her in the future.
Jennifer Schaffer is a rare talent. She's professional, kind, and loving. Her accuracy was so impressive and gave me instant peace of mind. She answered every question I had. Now I want another reading! :) The immense comfort I feel now is worth everything.
My readings with Jennifer have all been amazing. Her validations of communication with spirit she receives are so accurate: my boss, she validated his message by mentioning "post-it" notes; my ex-husband, she validated his message by the number 14 (his birth date); she asked about a Tupac reference, unbeknownst to me, my Son-in- law was planning to dress up as Tupac for a party. She is such a kind, sweet soul, who leaves me with peace and comfort knowing my loved ones (passed) are content.
I was so nervous to meet with Jennifer. My daughter of 22 years was found dead on 11/20/17 by her boyfriend. There where red flags everywhere. I needed asnswers & guidance. After meeting with Jennifer I was able to obtain some Information to peruse her investigation. She is so amazing, patient & passionate about what she does. Thank you Jennifer for your time & support. One sweet day. Monica Perez
Jennifer absolutely has an amazing talent that can connect you with deceased loved ones, help you work through grief, unanswered questions, and even tying together current fears and anxieties with past lives. I had my second phone call with Jennifer yesterday and feel such a sense of peace and understanding today. My mind is still reeling from details there is no way she could have known. She has such a kind voice and soft soul that comes through in her readings. She instantly brings comfort.
My heart exploded as immediately Jennifer identified a broken elbow, neck, and thyroid issues w NO hints from me. She NAMED my Grandmother Lillian and knew about my locket necklace with her picture in it--then giving me a most LOVING message only my grandmother could have known to give. She knew the month of my divorce, the lesson associated with it. Knew the book on my bookshelf and the message from it for me to assimilate. She IS Love magic --wrapped me in comfort and knowing! THANK YOU!!!!!!
Jennifer's communication with my recently deceased fiance was so very special to me, passing on facts and nuances that only he and I shared. She was able to pick up on his pet name for me through an unconventional symbol only my love would have ever used and I love that Jennifer was able to interpret his kooky humor. She was so accurate as well as compassionate and kudos to her for being able to do such an amazing reading only three weeks after her own father passed away. I am so grateful.
I just recently had a reading with Jennifer. It was absolutely AMAZING!! Jennifer was amazingly 100% accurate and she has a beautiful heart. I was so impressed with her, I convinced two friends of mine to have a reading from her. And I will get another session in near future. She's definitely the BEST! Thank you so much Jennifer. Serene
I just recently had a reading by Jennifer. What an amazing medium. Through her my father, mother and husband communicated with me. I can only say that it was an awesome and amazing reading. Each one of them told me things that only I would know. I was moved to tears a number of time. When the reading was finished, I felt an unusual peace. Jennifer is such a kind and caring woman. I will definitely see her again next year.
My phone meeting with Jennifer was beyond what I could possibly describe with words. I can honestly say that today and thanks to her services I was able to understand something that was tearing me apart and keeping me prisoner to my past. With the valuable insight she granted me regarding past lives and how they intertwine in our present and future, I was able to finally attain the knowledge I needed to find closure and set myself free. This woman has an incredible gift.
It was such a pleasure meeting Jennifer and her daughter. Jennifer was a blessing to me, I appreciate her gift and I thank her for every word she spoke to me. She is real and very accurate. I'm greatful for our divine encounter, God continue blessings....
I was blessed with a beautiful phone reading with Jennifer. Many gifts came the day after for me. My day began with a special song in the morning, followed by an email from a friend inviting me to Oahu, where Elvis and crew filmed "Blue Hawaii", my most favorite movie! I adored him since I was a little girl. So... I am going to Hawaii. My trip with Elvis. Can you believe it? Thanks love - for helping me to see clearly so very many thing my dear Jennifer!! You saw Elvis and a trip!! xo
Jennifer you are the best of the best.She is very accurate on her readings and I highly recommend her.Aside from being the best,she's also very kind person with the beautiful heart and beautiful face.Jennifer you rock! Thank You so much
I had an inspiring reading with Jennifer this morning. She was accurate about specific details (how & when my relative passed away, info about other relatives, # of pets etc) and was able to present information clearly & with compassion. She is the 2nd person I've had a reading with - and while the other reader was nice, Jennifer was able to interpret & convey messages MUCH more clearly. We covered a lot of ground, but I never felt rushed and genuinely felt she wanted to give me value.
I lost the love of my life - the first thing you mentioned was the necklace - yes I am wearing the first necklace he ever gave me - but when you said do I have a blanket that was his by me - yes I was covered in his JETS blanket during the reading! There were numerous other validations too many to mention and so personal no way anyone could know. Thank you Jennifer for saying yes on short notice when you didn't even know me. What you did know was I really needed the messages you delivered to me.
I have spoken to Jennifer several times over the last year. She is amazing! Not only can I say she is accurate, but she has the best heart. There was something that was going on and I wasn't sure of the outcome or when I may hear from the company. She not only predicted that the outcome would be positive, but the exact date I would hear back. All of which were correct. She never waivers in her predictions with regard to my relationship for the future. LOVE HER!
Such an amazing experience! While going through a very confusing time, I contacted Jennifer for a reading. Within the first few moments she had my jaw dropped. She was able to pick up on moments in my life that no one would've known, nor had I discussed them. Such a beautiful soul and spirit. I consider her and my reading a blessing in my life and would recommend her to anyone.
I'm still blown away by her accuracy and information. Jennifer is linked into the other side immediately and brings back very detailed information. She's got such good energy and heart you feel as soon as you connect. I got so much healing from this reading on issues i've been struggling with for years. I can't thank Jennifer enough for the time and energy she put into reading me! Jennifer was able to validate and help me confirm my own intuition on things. I learned so much ! Thank you
I have got many readings done before from others and I recently got a reading from Jennifer. She was very accurate and was very friendly. Everything she described about my brother who passed away two years ago was just the way he looked. I definitely would come back to Jennifer for more readings in the future.
I had the most amazing reading of my life with Jennifer. She is so unbelievably compassionate and kind, and razor sharp in her intuition. I took notes during the session and am so glad I did because I will use her wisdom for life. I am so grateful to have found her, she is the best there is! Thank you, Jennifer.
I booked Jennifer for some guidance on relationships/career-that's what I told her. I was shocked when she started channeling my brother (I had asked him to talk to me). She knew things she couldn't have looked up, like knowing that he had brown eyes and I have blue eyes. I never even told her my brother had passed. Jennifer was amazing & comforting. She also told me the same thing about my relationship that others had told me...further validation. I will definitely call her again before others.
I had my first reading with Jennifer over one year ago and have had multiple readings since then. I have referred a ton of others because I knew she could help them. I'm blown away, every-single-time. I've had experiences with psychics/psychic-mediums in the past, but what I have come to realize and what makes Jennifer so brilliant is not only the accuracy of her readings, but the DETAIL she is able to deliver. Aside from this, she is just one of the loveliest and kindest people I've ever met.
At first I was hesitant to see a psychic, but a friend of mine encouraged me to go. I was amazed how comfortable Jennifer made me feel... and even more amazed by her insight!!! I think God gives us all gifts and he has definitely gifted Jennifer!
I was a friend of jennifer's before she became a well know psychic. She has always had this amazing gift. She told me not to go out one night or there would be trouble. I went out any way,and boy she was right. Trouble every where. She even Saw police car lights,and said Id be arrested and not to go out. I thought "not me". Soon enough I was calling her crying from a Jail cell crying. She actually sees all of this before it happened. She is one gifted Lady. Thank you jen for all. God Bles
It is very easy to see why Jennifer was named Shay Parkers 2014 Psychic of the year! I was fortunate enough to be "guided" to Jennifer's website. When I say guided; I mean sent there by my daughter that passed over after a car accident last April. Since my first reading with Jennifer - I knew instantly that she and my daughter had a solid connection together. The messages are incredible and I highly recommend Jennifer - she is the best of the best and I can't wait until my next session with her!
I met Jen after my husband died in a car accident. When I tried to sleep I had visions of the accident. Spirits showed her the same vision. She said they were trying to bring me peace and understanding of what happened. Once I accepted this gift, the visions ceased and I was able to sleep again. I’m now at peace knowing his spirit is guiding my children and me on this difficult journey. Jen taught me to recognize and follow my own intuition. She not only helped me fall asleep, but also wake up.

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