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Jamie Lynn
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Jamie was the Psychic for 2021 InStyle Magazine the 2018 Psychic Expert for The National Enquirer. Quick, Accurate, Compassionate & 20+ years experience!
Jamie Lynn, MBA is a gifted 4th generation internationally known Psychic/Medium, Remote Viewer who provides accurate readings. Jamie specializes in relationships, love, career, finances, health & connecting others with loved ones who have crossed. Jamie is a Psychic/Medium, Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer, Clairsentience/Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient (hearing spirit/messages from the other side) and a paranormal investigator who investigated some of the most haunted places in New England & Gettysburg--just to name a few! Jamie will connect with spirits/loved ones who have crossed over. Other topics include: Love, Luck, Career, Health and Past Life. Readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions regarding the future or loved ones who passed. All information discussed in readings is private and confidential. Jamie realized that she had this gift at the age of 5 and started doing readings at the age of 15! She has many years of professional experience giving accurate readings. Jamie has worked with many people on both energetic and spiritual levels to provide them not only answers to lifes ups and downs but with peace and comfort too.
Jamie first and foremost receives her messages from Spirit but uses Tarot and Astrology in readings if needed. She works with people from ALL walks of life and is non-judging. LBGTQ friendly.
Jamie possesses a MBA and is a Michigan State University Alumni. Jamie is a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Intuitive Coach, Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church & Spiritual Counselor. She is a certified Life Coach and Certified Reiki Master as well as a licensed body worker/ therapist for 20+ years!

*Please read the Disclaimer via my website https://psychicjamie.com You must be 18 years old or older to consult with Jamie. Thank you!

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Specializes In:
Mediumship/Connecting with loved ones in spirit.
Loved Ones Who Passed
Reiki Healing
Animal Communicator & Healer
and More!
LBGTQ Supporter
Jamie is an Internationally Acclaimed Psychic, Medium, Certified Angel Reader by former world renowned author & Angel Therapy Founder Doreen Virtue, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Accountability Coach, Certified Past Life Regression Coach, Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Certified Chakra Healer, Certified Naturopath, Certified Flower Remedy Healer, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Akashic Records Coach, Certified Diet and Nutrition Coach, Paranormal Investigator, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor & Animal Communicator.

Listed since: Nov 9, 2015


I have to say, although some people are skeptical, and I’ll admit I was at first, Jaime changed that for me! I have seen her at least 4 times and every reading I feel better and more confident in her. I brought my Mom to her and she knew the name of a doll my Grandma used to have! There’s NO WAY she could have found that information anywhere, I didn’t even know the name! My last reading was exactly on point, everything she said happened!!! Thank you Jaime! You’re the best!!!
I had my first reading with Jaime and I have to say it was quite an amazing experience. I started off with my love interest and one of her predictions actually happened the same day. I have no doubt everything she said will fall into place and I’m so happy for that. Out of the blue my late grandpa came in and she bailed his name and what he did for a living and some very heartfelt messages that brought me to tears and all of it was so accurate! She is amazing and I will definitely return!! ❤️❤️
Absolutely loved speaking with Jaime, she was very accurate and specific and her predictions are very relevant and clear for understanding. She's super sweet and ensures that if you have a question, she'll give you the answer you NEED.
Thank you Jaimie always puts my mind at ease always giving a insight so I’m seeing things clearer
Jaime is amazingly accurate! I enjoyed her warm and friendly spirit. She knew the specific genre I love dancing to. She automatically picked up on the male around me & confirmed his feelings. She knew that we dated in the past as well. She picked up on where my grandmother was from & what she enjoyed doing. Most of her predictions did come true for present. Still waiting for future ones! She also knew about trips bein planned & that I had in mind to create my own business! She has a gift!!
This was my first time having a reading and I was truly impressed with Jamie. I was calling her regarding my parents that has passed away The information that was given to me about my parents was very accurate. I didn't provide here any details but she was able to tell me all about my parents. I have told my family and friends about her and welcome anyone that is looking for a reading to give her a call. I do plan to call and make another appointment
On 8/27/19 I had my 1st reading with Jaime and honestly one day later I’m still processing the whole conversation!Amazing is not even close to be able to describe it.Jaime made me feel so relaxed and never once judged.Predictions just poured out of her.Jaime, please say thank you to your guides.I realized after we hung up it was rude of me not to do that.I cannot wait to talk you and your guides again. You have a another regular caller that is and will be forever grateful.
I recently spoke with Jaime for the first time. It was an amazing reading. She received actual dates and full names. She was very detailed and accurate. I got goose bumps many times during the reading. She read with pinpoint accuracy. I have been struggling for months with unanswered questions, and she gave me the answers and comfort that I very much needed. Jaime was so comforting and very easy to talk to. I look forward to reading with Jaime again.
500 wordimit is simply not enough to describe Jaimi and her gift, as well as her caring soul. AMAZING is just a small fraction to sum her up. Ive been to plenty of psychics who I thought were good and plenty bad ones. As soon as I sat down all she did was look me in the eye and recalled things from my past & present. I was blown away! Of course future came next and everything she said so far has happened. I have been in with her ever since and will continue to use her as my guide and mentor. A+
I have had several readings with Jaime Fitzpatrick and she is amazing!! She’s extremely detailed and accurate! She has told me that a loved one of mine who passed said there was someone from my past that would try to get back in touch after 10 years. This is not someone who I wanted to reach out to me and within 2 weeks of the reading they emailed me. She has told me certain things were going to happen with regard to career, she’s always accurate! She’s the best!! She is kind and such detail!!
Recently came to a crossroad in my life and felt stuck as to which path to take... I researched online for several days to find a psychic reader that felt authentic. Came across this website and read through all the bios etc. and chose Jaime... From the minute I heard her kind voice--it felt safe and comfortable. My reading was very detailed--names & details that she could not have known! Very satisfied with the reading and felt more secure that I am headed in the right direction.
I love talking to Jaime! She’s been correct on the situations I reach to her about. For example, she was correct on letting me know that I was going receive contact for a job I was very interested in. Jaime has also been correct on letting me know about certain people I ask her about. I highly recommend connecting with her, she’s awesome to talk to and always provides the truth to the situation you’re asking about.
In my readings with Jamie, she saw me making a move (which I was really hoping would happen). She saw me getting a job with more money right away, both of which HAPPENED. She also saw me traveling to Italy. At the time of my reading, I had never been outside the US. Shortly after, I actually traveled to Europe, including ITALY. How could she have known? In my 2nd reading, she predicted an even better job in June. I was just offered that position and will start June 5th. Highly recommend Jamie!
Amazing reading! Jaime is a gifted, brilliant Psychic Medium, I'm so happy to have met her. What a beautiful reading full of incredibly accurate information! She was able to tune into my finances, career and life in such a way that it helped to illuminate my best path going forward. She also was able to connect with my loved ones who have crossed over with such evidence, I was sure she was speaking with them. I feel refreshed, renewed with hope and excitement for the months to come! Thank you!
Jaime is so kind, sweet, and always reassuring. She is very down to earth AND accurate! She has given me such great guidance through the most difficult time in my life and I will always be grateful for that. You can't go wrong with a reading with Jaime :)
I have had readings with several psychics before, but after my reading with Jamie, I will always, always go to her! She’s by far the best! She’s detailed and very very accurate. She’s sweet and calming. Love her!
WOW! Jamie was spot on with predicting I would meet someone in February of this year and I did. She nailed it right down to the initial of his first name, his height and stature and personality and what would happen. And it is all coming to fruition with complete joy. I just love her. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out. Thanks Jamie!
She is by far the best psychic medium I have ever read with. No matter how many times I have called her she sticks with her original reading. She saw working at a new hospital with more pay and better for mental health. Her time frame was correct when others saw different. Now I'm just waiting to meet my new love that she said was coming after I start working at this new place. She has been correct with her readings so far. More than anyone else I have ever read with. I'm sticking with her.
I have had several reading with Jaime and I just love her! She listens, is kind and compassionate and tells you the truth. She told me the last reading I had that someone who was close but not too close would pass away. Unfortunately, this happened but it reinforced to me that Jaime is the real deal and sees and hears things most other psychics don't. She is truly gifted.
I have been one of Jaimes clients for 2 years now and believe me she has been a huge impact in my life. Her abilities are incredible, she is able to communicate messages from spirit to her clients that only you can know! Her predictions for me have come to pass many many times and that is why I trust her, because she is loyal and will never lead you in the wrong path! She is truly one of the best psychics I have ever come across and she is THE only one I consult with! Jaime has a beautiful soul!
Jaime came through with accurate advice, which I'm taking. She also connected me with many deceased relatives. I was amazed at how she knew them all by name, what they died of, and what they were like (and probably are still). I counted six loved ones, but there were more in the background. Jaime is kind, compassionate, wants so much to help and heal you, and her accuracy is the best I've ever seen. I repeat: Not initials but entire first names and physical descriptions! Highly recommend!
Jamie has been my go to medium for a while, the thing i love most about her is her ability to pick up on the smallest details. always leaves me speechless. i will not go to anyone else anymore. she doesn't sugar coats and will tell you the truth. :) god bless you Jamie
Jaime really has quite a gift. And just as importantly her kindness and delivery are uncommon in a way that left no doubt about her gift and her intent to help people. I have spoken to her on three occasions and I will say I enjoyed the hour session the most. It is very relaxed and the details she provides and kindness are such that you will think about what she said and her long after the session ends.
I just had my first reading with Jaime and she is very gifted.I felt like I was speaking with an old friend and she put me at ease allowing the conversation and reading to flow naturally. She is very intuitive and empathetic making some very astute observations. She touched on some very specific areas in my life very accurately and I was awed with some of the details. Wonderful experience and look forward to speaking again with her soon.
Last night I had an initial reading with Jaime and, to tell you the truth, I am still tingling. She is tremendous! She started out giving me messages from my parents...not only did she get their names right, she knew how they passed away and stories from their past that were totally correct. We then moved on to my questions regarding a relationship and, again, she was right on with everything. She is kind, compassionate, caring and listens very carefully. I cannot recommend her more highly!
Had my 1st email reading with Jaime and let me say this was amazing. Jaime picked up on my questions and provided such detailed answers I was amazed. The answers were not what I had hoped however the peace of mind provided was incredible. Jaime delivered such amazing details that validated everything being shared with me, provided names and month for predictions, and spoke of my brothers spirit who joined her during the reading - I never expected that! I highly recommend Jaime with all my heart!
Jamie is one of the kindest souls I've had the pleasure of meeting. I've made progress in cleansing my energy field because of her healing work. She was able to connect me directly with my ancestors and bring me into a close spiritual embrace with them. She is truly a healer and blessing to this world. I'm so glad she has this gift and chooses to use it with so much compassion. I've felt so seen and heard during my experiences with her. I am truly thankful for all that she is and offers.
Jaime was definitely a real pleasure to read with. Her details were scarily accurate; she even touched on some of the more emotional parts of my life that I’d never told anyone. She is very calming and comforting in her tone. Very down to earth and understanding. This was my first time reading with her and after speaking with her, I felt as if i’d known her for years. Would recommend to any of my family and friends.
First time having a reading with Jamie and was very impressed with her picking up small details that only someone close to me would know about. I would recommend her, not only due to her abilities, but for her compassion to making sure your questions get answered. Warm, friendly, and very intuitive - highly recommend.
Jaime was fantastic!She told me certain things that she would never know.I recommend her highly.Im so happy that I was able to talk to her.


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