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Jamie was the Psychic for 2021 InStyle Magazine the 2018 Psychic Expert for The National Enquirer. Quick, Accurate, Compassionate & 20+ years experience!
Jamie Lynn, MBA is a gifted 4th generation internationally known Psychic/Medium, Remote Viewer who provides accurate readings. Jamie specializes in relationships, love, career, finances, health & connecting others with loved ones who have crossed. Jamie is a Psychic/Medium, Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer, Clairsentience/Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient (hearing spirit/messages from the other side) and a paranormal investigator who investigated some of the most haunted places in New England & Gettysburg--just to name a few! Jamie will connect with spirits/loved ones who have crossed over. Other topics include: Love, Luck, Career, Health and Past Life. Readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions regarding the future or loved ones who passed. All information discussed in readings is private and confidential. Jamie realized that she had this gift at the age of 5 and started doing readings at the age of 15! She has many years of professional experience giving accurate readings. Jamie has worked with many people on both energetic and spiritual levels to provide them not only answers to lifes ups and downs but with peace and comfort too.
Jamie first and foremost receives her messages from Spirit but uses Tarot and Astrology in readings if needed. She works with people from ALL walks of life and is non-judging. LBGTQ friendly.
Jamie possesses a MBA and is a Michigan State University Alumni. Jamie is a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Intuitive Coach, Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church & Spiritual Counselor. She is a certified Life Coach and Certified Reiki Master as well as a licensed body worker/ therapist for 20+ years!

*Please read the Disclaimer via my website https://psychicjamie.com You must be 18 years old or older to consult with Jamie. Thank you!

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Specializes In:
Mediumship/Connecting with loved ones in spirit.
Loved Ones Who Passed
Reiki Healing
Animal Communicator & Healer
and More!
LBGTQ Supporter
Jamie is an Internationally Acclaimed Psychic, Medium, Certified Angel Reader by former world renowned author & Angel Therapy Founder Doreen Virtue, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Accountability Coach, Certified Past Life Regression Coach, Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Certified Chakra Healer, Certified Naturopath, Certified Flower Remedy Healer, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Akashic Records Coach, Certified Diet and Nutrition Coach, Paranormal Investigator, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor & Animal Communicator.

Listed since: Nov 9, 2015


I stumbled across her on Bob Olsen Best Psychic and I had her read me for 10 minutes- in those 10 minutes she BLEW ME AWAY !! so I booked a 1/2 hour reading to learn more- she just hit the ground running with information on what is going on with my life to what is going to be happening in the future- all of a sudden she said someone is trying to come through do you want to know who it is- and I said yes its a gentleman with the initials L. well that did it for me it was my husband !!!!
I was just introduced to Jamie and she’s read me twice and I literally cannot put into words what my reading was all about with her she hit the ground running said very specific things very specific names she told me things that she couldn’t possibly have known but yet she said them and left me speechless Jamie you are an amazing reader I am so going to come back to you and I already have told all my friends that you are the one To have a reading with not to mention her warmth and kindness
All I can say is that I have spoken to a few psychics recently and only Jamie accurately saw something not to occur. Even though it was all lined up to go ahead she said it wouldn’t. I could not see how it would stop but today I got confirmation it’s not happening! Jamie saw this and wow she is right again. She is the only one who clearly said no! Love her insights. Margaret
She always blows me away with her predictions, and she picks up on stuff no one could even know. I received a text message concerning a certain picture, something I only knew about and she picked up on that picture and mentioned it in the reading. My mouth dropped thank you again!
I was in search of a kind, honest and accurate psychic. Jaimie is all of these! The first time I called she picked up on sensations that described my issue accurately and there is no way she could of known this other than she is gifted!
By now I shouldn’t be surprised...but I am! I’ve been going to Jamie for counsel and advice for over 6 months now, (I’ve been going through a lot of change) and Jamie has picked up on EVERY SINGLE DETAIL; all predictions have come pass thus far..its honestly unbelievable how she gets it right every single time and when you’re in the moment of a prediction unfolding before your eyes exactly as Jamie described it, it’s surreal. Jamie is simply in a league of her own
Wow!!! I stumbled across Jamie by fluke just because I was kinda bored, kinda looking for answers, and was on BestPsychicDirectory looking for an instant reading. I was so impressed by what she was able to pick up in a ten minute reading that I booked an hour session with her the next day! Jamie is the real deal! She picked up names of people, events, and jumped right in with details no one could know! She communicates with angels with accuracy! Call Jamie! You won’t regret it!!
Her accuracy is ridiculous. Got a reading 3 days ago and so much has come to fruition. Not only that, but told me things about others that shocked me, but it was exact facts. A letter, characteristic about a woman that was so detailed. Told me color of a medication I would have to double up on. That was the doctor’s orders. A new health condition arising and a simple remedy. A specific doctor I was referred to. Saw my upcoming surgery. And a day trip out-of-the-blue. All true.
I have had several readings from jaimie. It is like talking to a long lost friend. She has connected with me so many times it is astounding. She said she felt someone reading the bible and the book of Job, OMG I was just reading my bible the other day and this particular book. She has picked up on things that have just happened, or things I would only know that are taking place. I wish she had a membership, so I could have a reading every month. I will always use Jamie for all my readings.
Jamie was so sweet and gave me a lot of information. I was impressed by the way she knew details that I did not hint at. I am very happy that I worked with her, and would happily go back for another reading. Thank you, Jamie!
I’ve been a skeptic of “woo-woo” stuff all my adult life. (We’ll leave childhood for another time). I decided, at my wife’s suggestion to give Jamie a try. Expectations low. I admit I’m impressed. Jamie was able to comment on things only I knew about. Boy, is that creepy. She made a few comments regarding my future. I’ll be attentive to them. Upshot? I remain a skeptic but Jamie certainly put a chip in that perspective. You never know, you know?
I am truly astonished by her accuracy with predictions. One she made was in advance about debating over a gift I was to get. Thought of what she mentioned out-of-the-blue and it was the perfect gift. Was right about me watching my driving and not stopping. Rear ended a car cause I didn’t properly stop. Pipes bursting and flooding the building, resurfacing medical issue, a friend trying to contact me through another friend twice and in the exact space of time in between. The best!
Predictions came in immediately. “Don’t worry about lost keys, in the car.” True. Police around, twice a few. Yes, elder person I helped look after got out at early am walking street lost and cops called to retrieve him. Person with addiction lying to me for sympathy. Happened. Saw me changing doctors, which I doubted. Occurred. A neighbor complaining about noise for my unit to management. I said I’m super quiet. he did about the front door that slammed and echoed when it closed. Great!
Highly recommend. Wonderful reading. Some predictions she made already happening as we speak within a few days.
14 predictions came true within a month. Warned me of headaches and chills. Even accurately identified why and how to relieve them. Confirmed by doctor. A male relative who is a Wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to deceive and emotionally drain me. Coming in contact with a woman (that I know) who will be gossiping, telling secrets and not being honest. She to run a sympathy game to get money. This all occurred and stated the woman’s experiencing mental issues. Learned that was true.
I’ve been meaning to write another review for a long time, and all I can say is, Jamie is simply in a league of her own. I’ve been speaking to Jamie for about 4 months now, and literally every single prediction is coming to pass, even ones that seemed impossible at the time. Jamie has also given me advice which I can now look back and say that she was spot on. She’s simply amazing; words don’t do her justice! Please don’t waste your time, energy and money searching for other psychics
Talking to Jamie is like talking to your best friend. She'll tell you what you want to hear and what you don't. I had a reading on a Tuesday, where she said there will be big changes at work. By Friday there was a big meeting announcing department restructuring. I was shocked. She's always on point and her predictions come to fruition. Can't wait till my next reading.
She keeps getting it RIGHT! Warned me about a person I didn’t know trying to deceive me and take money. Well, a telephone scammer called with basic info about me pretending to be a government agent wanting my social sec # & bank info to take care of supposed ID fraud. A big hoax. Told me to be aware of a bad case of food poisoning from an exotic dish. That happened and I puked my head off and was severely dehydrated. My car will need to be fixed soon. My radiator belts gave out. $726.
Jamie was amazing! This was my first time talking to her and she answered every question I asked. She recently told a friend of mine 01/2020 that I would be having a baby boy this year and I just recently had my son 10/17 so I was very much amazed! I love Jamie she’s not only good at what she does but she is very warm hearted and welcoming. I will be getting another reading soon. Love you Jamie! Stay blessed
Jaimie has been my one and only go to for now 2 years. She is non judgmental, sees things clearly and always on point with her visions. I have had many moments when I saw what was going on the moment and almost reacted but she has helped me see things differently based on her vision and knowledge and I am so grateful! thanks Jaimie
Everytime I talk with Jaimie it’s like talking to an old friend. She is kind, empathetic and just easy to talk to. I have had several readings that in some shape or other have come to pass. Her readings come in different interpretations , and I will look back at my notes and say this is what she meant. She is very accurate. I look forward to speaking to her in the new year. Would recommend her highly.
There are no words to best describe the peace I felt after speaking with Jamie. She was able to help me see past my fear and align me with my mom. Jamie was enlightening and I honestly felt a true connection with her. It was as if she knew me outright. Her messages for my life now place me in a better position of acceptance, and appreciation in knowing that even in the midst of all of this madness, I still have so much to look forward too. Thank you Jamie for giving me hope...you are a Blessing!
She did it again. 20 predictions came through within a month, and as she predicted. One, that seemed so far-fetched. I’m elated! Can’t wait to she what is revealed my next reading. She is far above expectations.
When I was referred to Jamie, I never imagined I would have the reading that I did. Jamie made me feel very comfortable and relaxed; this being my first psychic reading ever! I didn’t know what to expect; I was also a bit nervous before we spoke. The conversation went smoothly. Jamie told me things she could have never known. I had a choice of psychics but am glad I chose her. She came into my life for a reason. I know there are others in her profession but she was amazing!!
She’s excellent! Last reading she said a surprise visit from 2 relatives. One I hadn’t seen in 10 years, the other in 5. They drove down. My sister is pregnant. She revealed it to me yesterday. Stomach issues and headaches. That occurred. Moving suddenly, by October. My lease isn’t up till January. It all happened like she said and I move tomorrow. An unexpected check in the mail. Got a refund check 2 days ago from a creditor. A rash on my face next to my mouth like a fever blister.
truly an amazing psychic, she never disappoints me when having a reading. she picks up on everything. definitely read with her! one of the best on the site
I write down everything thing she says and goes back to check them off. Last reading, some came in fast, then others appeared later. All within 1 month. Incredible. So specific! I couldn’t be more pleased.
I am so happy I decided to talk to Jamie, she told me pretty much EVERYTHING I needed to know. I got clarity about my baby. I now know my baby is okay & honestly that’s all I really needed to know. I also know I’m going to have another baby & he’s going to be a boy. Financially one day I will be stable... she told me stuff about my day, including going to the dentist I just knew she was legit when she started telling me more than I was asking & I love that. I’m forever grateful.
Jaimie is awesome! She gives quick and direct answers. At times you don't need to say too much as she jumps right in. At the end of the reading, she gives us time for questions. Great personality, always pleasant and on-point!
So many more predictions have come true. A major issue with keys, getting a check under near $1,000, who it was from and why. Getting a gift from a friend. Receiving an invitation. Positive results from medical tests (and I thought “what is she talking about, I don’t have any tests scheduled.” Sure enough I had a slew). And FINALLY contact from one who I’d been waiting for contact from for awhile. She kept assuring me I’d get it and after a specific date. It happened when she said.


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