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Quick, Accurate, Compassionate & 30 years experience!
Jamie Lynn, is a gifted 4th generation Psychic/Medium, Tested and Certified. Jamie channels spirit messages to bring in clear answers and solutions. Accurate predictions with relationships, love, career, finances, medical intuitive, & connecting others with loved ones who have crossed over. Jamie is a Psychic/Medium, Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer, Clairsentience/Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient (hearing spirit/messages from the other side) and a paranormal investigator who investigated some of the most haunted places in New England & Gettysburg--just to name a few! Jamie will connect with spirits/loved ones who have crossed over. Other topics include: Love, Luck, Career, Health and Past Life. Readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions regarding the future or loved ones who passed. All information discussed in readings is private and confidential. Jamie realized that she had this gift at the age of 5 and started doing readings at the age of 15! She has many years of professional experience giving accurate readings. Jamie has worked with many people on both energetic and spiritual levels to provide them not only answers to lifes ups and downs but with peace and comfort too.
Jamie first and foremost receives her messages from Spirit but uses Tarot and Astrology in readings if needed. She works with people from ALL walks of life and is non-judging. LBGTQ friendly.
Jamie possesses a MBA and is a Michigan State University Alumni. Jamie is a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Intuitive Coach, Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church & Spiritual Counselor. She is a certified Life Coach and Certified Reiki Master as well as a licensed body worker/ therapist for 20+ years! Host of The Electric Spirit Podcast!

*Please read the Disclaimer via my website https://psychicjamie.com You must be 18 years old or older to consult with Jamie. Thank you!

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Specializes In:
Mediumship/Connecting with loved ones in spirit.
Loved Ones Who Passed
Reiki Healing
Animal Communicator & Healer
and More!
LBGTQ Supporter
Jamie is an Internationally Acclaimed Psychic, Medium, Certified Angel Reader by former world renowned author & Angel Therapy Founder Doreen Virtue, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Accountability Coach, Certified Past Life Regression Coach, Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Certified Chakra Healer, Certified Naturopath, Certified Flower Remedy Healer, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Akashic Records Coach, Certified Diet and Nutrition Coach, Paranormal Investigator, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor & Animal Communicator.

Listed since: Nov 9, 2015


I had a reading with Jamie related to my relationship (POI) and my career. She was absolutely spot on in her analysis of my POI and provided additional information and predictions. She gave me a lot of predictions that I hope come to be. Without providing any info on my parents, Jamie knew my mother's first initial and nickname, my father's first initial, his profession and his exact college. I had goosebumps throughout my entire body as I never provided to her any of that info.
This was my 2nd (short)reading with Jamie 2 weeks later. Woke up in the am feeling upset. Was fortunate enough to get a last min spot at the end of the day. Before I even asked my first question on my reading, Jamie had told me that this am spirit already told her I was calling (prior to me booking) and what it was about. She answered what I was worried about before I could even ask the question! Thank you Jamie for your time. You are a blessing. I'm sorry we got disconnected.
I had a reading with Jamie and she is very accurate. Loves how her voice is so calming and she puts you at ease. Jamie is very easy to talk to. Thank you so much!
On Saturday, February 5, 2022, Jaime Lynn predicted that within 2 months, Ana, the love of my life would contact me, I had not heard from Ana since July 2021. Well, on April 3, just 2 days shy of Jaime’s time frame prediction—Ana contacted me!! Jaime’s readings/predictions blow my mind. I am still anxiously awaiting to see how Jaime’s other predictions play out in the remainder of this 2022. Call Jaime, you will only wish you had called her earlier. Mathew Hernandez
Loved my first reading with Jaime. Honed in on my POI and really accurately depicted his personality without me relaying any info about him, so that was awesome. I could feel her goodness and compassion on the phone which is what I personally want in a reader... light and truth! She gave me many predictions in a 30 min reading, only time will tell, but what I can say right now is she was generous in spirit and with her time; it was an A experience!
Jamie was absolutely amazing. She was unbelievably accurate. I'm a psychic myself and can tell when someone is accurate, Jamie blew me away. She gave me very detailed predictions that 100 percent matched my own perceptions of my life and life dreams. I would definitely get another reading from her, anytime! Highly recommend!
I came to Jamie regarding a job opportunity that seemed to good to be true, she told me I was going to get it, but me being who I am, I was doubtful about it. as time passed, it seemed that I wasn't going to get the job, but she was stern in her prediction about me getting it the job. by some miracle, I had got the job. it seemed to good to be true, but she was right. Jamie is always right. . When she tells you something is going to happen trust her! she has never been wrong. thanks again :)
If I could put a recording of our conversation, you would be stunned. I was stunned! Right away, she said things that were occurring in present time. She knew I was on travel and my aunt just sold her house. She picked up on my father and how he would appear in a blue or yellow bird. Not even a minute later, I spotted a blue jay on the ground and I got goosebumps all over my arms. It was my dad.. Jamie is amazing and she’s a spitfire with all this information. Be ready to receive!
I absolutely love talking with Jaime! She connects energetically with me right away and was absolutely right about me receiving a job at the timeframe she predicted. I was completely surprised since I wasn’t expecting to receive a job offer at the time. I’ll be calling her back!
Jamie’s style of reading is what I love and keep coming back for.Her messages are so specific and lots of times they will make sense after the reading when I review the notes.Prediction for people from past coming back this year happened.I will have revelation happened. Busier at work happened.Almost all the questions I have before the reading are answered within the messages and there have been times when I was speechless because of the details of the messages.Thank you Jamie for wonderful 3 yr
Jamie gave me a great reading. Some information was disheartening, but I’m looking forward to what’s to come. She also provided information on my guides and what each of them can help with. Overall it was informative and helpful. Thanks!
I always enjoy my readings with Jamie. Things come full circle and more understandable after our chats. Love you Jamie!!
To say that Jamie Lynn provided me an excellent psychic reading to me would be an understatement—she excelled! Without me providing her any details of the girl that I have a romantic interest in, Jamie alluded to key/specific details about her that only I knew. She blew me away. Jamie validated what my heart feels for this young girl, and by default made feel at peace and that I am not crazy for what I feel—she was reading my heart, it was that profound. Contact Jamie Feb 5, 2022
Jamie Lynn is an amazing psychic! Her incredible accuracy combined with a warm and caring disposition make for a great reading experience. Jamie’s sympathetic presence allowed me to feel comfortable opening up to her about my issues so I could gain clarity and perspective. I trust her guidance and highly recommend her!
I just wanted to say “Thank You” for going over many items and helping to clear up all of my inquiries. I look forward to all that was mentioned especially about my new business starting on a high note! I will definitely stay in touch!
Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure Jamie is real. She is the gentlest soul and I cannot be more grateful for her time and guidance. Long time ago I stopped concentrating on timing of predictions because I know they will happen when the timing is right. The actual predictions never change which to me just confirms Jamie and her "dream team" are right. Someone having surgery, stolen package, my previous manager are all predictions that were right! Amazingly accurate!
I’m beside myself! I am so pleased with the accuracy of her reading. More predictions materialized this week. Two that didn’t make sense, until they occurred. Sometimes it feels as if she is writing about about my life, other times like she’s reading a book about my like in the present and future. So awesome!
Jamie is the real deal! She is THE go-to psychic for accuracy and honesty. She recently gave me a short time frame of when a specific event would occur and, per usual, she was exactly right! She's honest with what she sees as well as extremely kind. She has such positive energy that any conversation I have with her boosts my spirits!
I really enjoyed talking to Jaime! She’s the person I trust to tell me what she picks up in my energy and the people around me. I love her sweetness and her delivery in providing me messages that are clear and make sense. She was correct in letting me what was happening behind the scenes with my job application and the folks I would be interviewing with. Also correct on me getting the offer! Thanks Jaime! Appreciate your time and love your energy!
It is so comforting to be able to rely on and trust her reading. Here again, they ring so true! I gave it two weeks before I looked back on her predictions, and the the first 12 of 14 happen. And in order! I remember one that I kept thinking this may not happened, but sure enough...just as she said. I’m so grateful to her her guidance and wonderful informing messages. Thank you so very much Jamie!
This is the second time I have had a reading with Jamie Lynn, every time she has been fantastic and so clear in messages that make sense. There have been many instances in each of my readings where I am in AWE of how spot on she has been. I would highly, highly recommend Jamie for your next reading.
Jamie was absolutely amazing, she made me feel so relaxed and was so easy to speak to. She was so accurate and specific and my mind is still blown. I couldn't recommend Jamie enough, it will be the best experience.
90% of what Jamie predicts happens within a month. A few happened soon after my reading, this week, the rest came. Daily and a few on the same day. And significant ones. A person contacting me from far away, lifting my spirits. Ending a friendship. Contact from poi right after we just spoke and speak for hours. Another contacting me about moving, ending a relationship, seeking counsel. Avoid a woman giving me negative advice and another who I’ll learn is jealous of me. All materialized.
I do not think there is a subject Jamie and I haven’t discussed! I can ask about anything and Jamie genuinely does not judge. All she does is give advice or outcome. It immediately hits me “Jamie told me about that”, for example someone admitting to addiction, job change and confirmation of the decision I should make, my energy finally shifting and me starting to feel better overall and what’s more important me feeling the change. Not even including the health issues she just confirms.
It’s incredible! I’m so impressed. Told me about a procedure I need to go and I would do it in October. I couldn’t see how that was possible. Well, today, it was scheduled and having it done in October. Other things about communication occurred. So looking forward to big events she predicted.
Where do I start?! Jamie reassured me I would get a job that came back round again; I hadn’t even put the phone down and I was told I got the job! Jamie said I would get push back to a letter I had written, sure enough, that’s what happened! Jamie said months ago my son would be best friends with a little boy in his new school - it’s come to pass! Jamie told me this time last year I would work from home, it never materialised until now - Jamie is AMAZING and her predictions ALWAYS come to pass!
I had to write again about her accuracy. Told me that I was going on a trip in a few weeks. I did not challenge her, but did not truly believe it. We’ll I’m heading out tomorrow. Couldn’t believe it. Kept telling me over and over my health was good. Better than I thought. Had to go to doctor 3 times because my test results kept showing a lab result level was sky high and needed a special MRI and maybe surgery. I was scared. Got news today that it was tested done incorrectly 3 times.
My mind is blown. Things she predicted in my reading earlier this month, happened like 1-2-3. One involving a trip to see a person in a few months that I had not planned, the situation presented itself Friday. Specifics about a doctor and a procedure, dead on. Then she mentioned about a friend moving and involving large property. Got news my friend is buying a new house and it’s on a massive piece of land. Also about construction delays, a woman starting chaos where for no reason. Spot on
There are many I have spoken with but none as accurate & sweet as Jamie. She is reassuring even when she knows you’re at crossroads & making tough decisions. Her descriptions are right on point with looks, names, & personalities. She says things verbatim to what has been said to me. She was correct with her predictions as far fetched as they may seem at the time & as much as I don’t want her to be. & I’m in complete awe. Thank you for continuing to give me strength & support. Blessings
The fact that Jamie is so in-tuned with the spirit realm is one thing, but it’s her soul that makes her unique. Every single prediction has come to pass - some are still to unfold due to timing, but I have faith that what Jamie sees and hears will transpire because it always has, even when I couldn’t see the the wood for the trees! There is never enough time when you’re on a call with Jamie because there is SO MUCH that spirit relays and confirms! We need to treasure Jamie - she is a rare gem!!


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