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Unlock the mysteries of your life with Jamie Lynn, a gifted 4th generation Psychic/Medium with 30 years of experience. Tested and certified, Jamie offers detailed, quick, accurate, and compassionate readings that provide clear answers and solutions. Specializing in relationships, love, career, finances, and connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, Jamie's accurate predictions will guide you on the right path.

✵Medical Intuitive
✵Reiki Master
✵Certified Life Coach
✵Paranormal Investigator

Are you ready to discover what the universe has in store for you? Jamie will provide clarity, guidance, and insight into all areas of your life. From love and relationships to career and finances. Allow Jamie to illuminate your path to success and happiness. Don't leave your destiny to chance – book your reading today and embark on a journey of self-discovery!

*Please read the Disclaimer via my website https://psychicjamie.com You must be 18 years old or older to consult with Jamie. Thank you!

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Specializes In:
✫Mediumship/Connecting with loved ones in spirit.
✫Loved Ones Who Passed
✫Reiki Healing
✫Animal Communicator & Healer
and More!
LBGTQ Supporter
Jamie is an Internationally Acclaimed Psychic, Medium, Certified Angel Reader by former world renowned author & Angel Therapy Founder Doreen Virtue, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Accountability Coach, Certified Past Life Regression Coach, Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Certified Chakra Healer, Certified Naturopath, Certified Flower Remedy Healer, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Akashic Records Coach, Certified Diet and Nutrition Coach, Paranormal Investigator, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor & Animal Communicator.

Listed since: Nov 9, 2015


I wrote out this beautiful review of Jamie and her work to discover an impossible word limit. Jamie you are elegant, talented and sophisticated - the greatest and the goodest! I have trusted you from the moment you made contact with the most important person in my life. An enormous validation of yours came through today and others have been appearing left right and centre. I'll always refer to you when I'm hurting or afraid. You deserve only respect, appreciation, trust and love
I've been reading with Jamie for years and her accuracy is amazing! In my most recent reading, she advised me of a conversation that would take place and how the person would react and she nailed their exact words and reaction to the "T"! She also mentioned a family member's co worker getting fired around or before July and sure enough that came true too. Sometimes, she says things and you'll second guess it until it actually does come true as she said it would. HIGHLY gifted! 10/10
I had another reading with Jamie yesterday, and it once again was absolutely amazing. In my reading my dad came through and Jamie said that he was saying the number 7. She said she wasn't sure what that meant. It just so happens that where I was sitting during my reading I had a picture of my dad when he won at a casino and in the picture on the slot he won on, was 777! This to me was total validation that indeed it was my dad, just like she said. Jamie is the real deal. Love you Jamie:)
I am posting this in mid-May. I had a reading with Jamie in February. She saw events coming up that I knew nothing about, but they later happened. She said I would travel to a city, about which I had no idea at the time. And later that happened. She picked up that I was going to have changes in my job. That happened as well. She is genuine and while she takes care to avoid being harsh, she will say what one needs to hear. In a nutshell, she is the real deal.
She’s very good. I enjoy speaking with her about my life. The messages flow to her with ease. She’s compassionate and nice. I like that she’s very honest and doesn’t sugar coat anything.
Excellent reading with lots of affirmations. I enjoyed the reading and will certainly call on her again!
I had to write another review. I received my reading from Jamie on March/06/2024, she told me that someone from my past will be coming returning, as of March/08/2024 someone from my past I havent spoken to in a couple of years sent me a message on social media trying to reconnect... MIND BLOWING how accurate she is! Just waiting for the other predictions to unfold. Thank you again Jamie!
Jamie is such a sweetheart!! I enjoyed the 3 question audio reading very much. Thank you Jamie!!
I've been a loyal client of Jamie's for a few years now. She never fails to surprise me. I don't know how many times I've called and said "you were right!". Her kindness, accuracy and passion for what she does is like no other. Thank you, Jamie!
I'm intuitive/ psychic myself and I will tell you that Jamie Lynn is the real deal! I've had two great readings with her and both were very accurate. She is punctual with her clients and has a warm personality.
I was interviewed by Jamie for her podcast Electric Spirit. I loved talking with her. Our conversation flowed so easily. The energy was great and we clicked instantly. She's compassionate and insightful. I absolutely know that she has a strong connection to spirit.
I have been coming to Jamie now since 2019 and I can’t praise her enough for her accuracy and detail! I feel as if I’ve known her for a lifetime - she is the most easygoing, sweet, kind and caring psychic I’ve ever read with! I won’t go elsewhere..she is amazing and I love that she emails quite often after our reading! There is no one quite like Jamie!!
Had my second reading with Jamie. My first was 2 years ago, and i can't tell you how much of what she said to me has come true with very specific details, simply AMAZING!! I would hands down recommend Jamie. I will definitely be reading with her again in the future! She is so kind and very comfortable to read with, I have read with others, but Jamie has been by far the most accurate with great detail. She has an amazing messaging gift!!! Thank You Jamie I am so grateful for finding you:)
Jamie has been spot on for every single one of my readings! So is gentle/kind and her warm soul makes you feel completely comfortable and relaxed—like you are speaking with an old time friend. She provides necessary messages and guidance you are seeking that leaves you feeling with a positive/refreshed energy. Thank you Jamie!!
Jamie is incredibly gifted. She is articulate and precise in her readings and connected to pure energy. One in a long line family lineage with psychic abilities, Jamie delivers messages from spirit that are grounding, open opportunities and clarify issues. I was excited to be introduced to Jamie and her abilities and after a first session plan to keep going back for more and refer her. She’s a true professional with a big heart.
I’be been reaching out to Jamie for a few years now and have always found her energy very comforting and grounding. She is very easy to talk to, non-judgmental and honestly, the sweetest soul. Jamie has always been spot on with the situations in my life and the people in it, including a pregnancy! She also made an unbelievable prediction in 2020 and said it would happen in about two years which I did not believe. Sure enough the “No way that will happen,” prediction came true in 2022!
Jamie's predictions started to happen within a week...astounding. She delivers her predictions effortlessly and in a sweet and kind manner. She also confirmed traits and personalities of people around me. She's such a gem.
Jamie is the most authentic, accurate, outstanding psychic and human being I have had the pleasure of connecting with. She is extremely versed in multiple modalities in reading her clients. She is so very kind and compassionate, amazingly intelligent and she is passionate about her work and her clients.
Jaime was on the mark! 2 predictions came through at the end of last week that she had predicted a while ago. She is empathetic and kind. She holds steadfast to her predictions. Give her a chance.
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, you were spot on. Thanks, Doug Keene
I absolutely love Jamie!! She gives detailed, high-quality readings! She's the best psychic and is also a first-class human being! She has so much compassion and empathy in how she delivers her messages. 95% of everything she saw/predicted for me has come to fruition! I've recommended her to family and friends--she's the only psychic I go to now. And that's saying a lot since I've had readings with hundreds of psychics. I walk away feeling reassured, calm and hopeful.
I have been reading with jamie since 2018, and During my time reading with her she has provided me with so much information that no one could have possibly known. She has gotten things involving my family right, such as my Father and grandma, Things involving my current job, Friendships new and old and so many things to list. I Value her opinion A lot, and there are not many readers who can hit the mark like her! Be patient with her and trust Her! She is truly a blessing! Thank you Jamie! xoxo
There is no one quite like Jamie as a psychic reader. Jamie's approach is lovely, kind, compassionate and generous. I appreciate her accuracy and look forward to the unfolding of what will occur in time. I always feel soothed after my reading which means so much to me. Thank you, Jamie!
Hands down the best psychic. All I want to say is Jamie, thank you for being there for me for the last 8 years. Thank you for such wonderful readings and support. You are truly gifted. I am looking forward to have more readings with you.
Thank you Jamie for always the most accurate reading. I have been going to Jamie since 2016 and she has always, always been on point. She is very compassionate, most accurate even with dates. She is the only one I would trust. Don’t waste your time on anyone else, if you want a very accurate reading, Jamie is the one.
I highly recommend a reading with Jamie. She was able to accurately predict that I would pass a very important exam. She is extremely warm and empathetic. I truly believe she has a connection. Still waiting on another prediction, and I hope to update when that occurs. Do not hesitate to have a reading with Jamie.
The most important thing that Jamie offered me was the feeling of being safe. During our session, she made me feel comfortable and safe enough to be vulnerable, open, and honest. She was spot-on with her reading and I'm excited to see what comes to pass from her predictions! She spoke to many of the questions and issues I was going through and gave me hope and guidance for the future. Highly recommend her for any seeking clarity and guidance.
Jamie is a truly gifted reader, as well as, a sincere and heart felt person. She has been unbelievably accurate and she is able to offer tremendous insight choices I am in the process of making. She is a treasure. You would be fortunate to receive a reading from her.
Jamie is great! Very kind and tells you what she sees and not what she thinks you want to hear. Certain things that were said definitely made sense and a prediction of travel looks like it may be happening after all :). Give her a try you won’t regret it
Jamie’s clarity and alignment with divine guidance is absolutely amazing. I am very grateful to have received a reading and cannot wait to see more of what unfolds as a result of it. I work with energy full time and am very selective with who and how I work with. Working with Jamie was a breath of fresh air and I am already eager to get my next reading!


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