Ingrid H. Turner

Ingrid H. Turner
Ingrid H. Turner


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Nevada City


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$150 - $300



Ingrid has been working as a professional psychic for more than ten years, and over twenty years of combined experience with various intuitive modalities, including Tarot, Vedic Astrology, Human Design, and other divination tools.

Ingrid is a highly experienced intuitive, a natural teacher, and a passionate healer. She is the architect of the Soulmatic Renewal healing modality, and the Founder of the Bhava Spiritual Mission, an International not-for-profit organization that teaches gifted individuals how to connect with their spiritual gifts and take them out into the world.

Additional Information: 

Psychic to the stars at the Emmy's and the Hollywood Film Awards.

Kind words from my clients:

"I am 65 and have gone to a few people for readings of cards, past lives, info on soul groups and more. This woman is the most informative person I have seen. She gets straight to the point and doesn’t filter any information through her own views or personality. All info I received was completely accurate. She has a kindness that comes straight from her heart. She has a direct contact with her guides and your guides. Looking forward to seeing her again."
Joy W

"My reading with Ingrid was intriguing, to say the least. As the months rolled on from when she gave me a full reading, 97% of what she predicted for me has come true…"
Ian M.,

"After the reading, I really feel very humble. You opened my mind to a new world. I am still amazed at the beautiful session we had. Thank you again! I am overwhelmed, happy…so many emotions and more than anything, a sense of peace. Thank you a million times. I am so grateful to you. It has been a wonderful experience. Still digesting everything. Certainly my world has changed."

"Ingrid is down to earth, sensitive, and intelligent. I loved my reading with her (though it was emotional)."
Ayse T.

Listed since: Jun 26, 2017


Ingrid is one of the few authentic psychic people I have encountered who actually work in the field of their gift. I have benefited greatly from her readings and some of her classes. I also enjoy her poetry. She genuinely loves to help people with her gifts and often puts up with much scrutiny in a controversial field. She handles all with love. She's bold, graceful, and inspiring. I love this beauty, her book Bitch, and all her psychic services.
Ingrid is a GEM, one that I deeply cherish and will forever connect with. Absolutely love her spunky straight forward channel with spirit that comes pouring out quickly and precise. We’ve worked together for x#yrs, little before she established Bhava Spiritual Mission. Myself and two others were her first students and very proud we’ve hung in there for each other and witnessing her journey inspires me to keep on keepen it on…. She’s TELL IT LIKE IT IS PURE LOVE!
I've been blessed to know Ingrid and work with her for years. She's the Real Deal. A lightening fast reader with a razor sharp intuition and a shockproof BS detector combined with a heart of Gold! I love this lady, and respect her gifts and her wisdom. You're lucky if you find her! Peace and Blessings! Lou Martin :-)
Absolutely amazing, my readings from Ingrid are unfolding before my eyes. She delivers such precise messages, no filler and with such love that you feel held while your soul is unlocked to your highest possibilities.
Ingrid has helped me in so many ways and has given me so much resolve in my questions to her. I couldn't believe the first time she gave me a reading , my jaw was dropped to the floor. She carries with her a very special gift that I haven't seen before. If you are looking to change your life then look no further Ingrid Turner is an amazing channel.
Wowzer!! Readings with Ingrid are lightning fast and deep! In addition to her superior channeling skills, she has an encyclopedic like knowledge of multiple esoteric modalities for a deeper view into any situation. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
I have known Ingrid for many years as my personal go to psychic. I have worked with many people in my life and no one has EVER been this amazing, eerily accurate and just an all around talented amazing person! 20/10 highly recommend! I have taken some of her classes as well to cultivate my own gifts and those are amazing as well. I will always go back to miss Ingrid when I need some guidance from spirit, she’s just so very gifted <3

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