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Ingrid Turner

Ingrid Turner
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Nearest City: 

Nevada City


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$75/30 minutes, $140/hour

To Schedule A Reading Call: 

Schedule online at


I work with people all over the world as a psychic, medium, and spiritual guide. Everything that comes through me is to your highest benefit. Nothing is off limits: you can ask me anything, and I am duty-bound by my agreement with spirit to answer your questions completely. I give you everything I receive, in the ways that I receive it, so nothing is left out during a reading with me.

As a psychic, I am able to tune in to Universal consciousness and glean messages for you to assist in your daily life. I receive these messages through all my senses. I relay what I am seeing, hearing, feeling, and even smelling, and provide my interpretation of the message for you.

As a spiritual medium, we go deep and far out. I will pull in spirit guides, spiritual energies, loved ones, and whoever else needs to connect with you to help you expand into your highest expression, your brightest authenticity, your soul mission.

As a spiritual guide, I work in partnership with spirit to help you connect directly and intimately with your own spirit guides, spiritual energies, departed loved ones, animal totems, and more. We start where you are, building a foundation in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms so you can reach out and touch infinity.

I weave these spiritual modalities together during a reading for you, and let Spirit show me your highest potential, your best self, which I reflect back to you, so that you can live in your highest truth.

Additional Information: 

Psychic to the stars at the Emmy's and the Hollywood Film Awards.

Host of the Living in Partnership with Spirit podcast (under Goldylocks Productions on iHeartRadio)

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Kind words from my clients:

"I am 65 and have gone to a few people for readings of cards, past lives, info on soul groups and more. This woman is the most informative person I have seen. She gets straight to the point and doesn’t filter any information through her own views or personality. All info I received was completely accurate. She has a kindness that comes straight from her heart. She has a direct contact with her guides and your guides. Looking forward to seeing her again."
Joy W

"My reading with Ingrid was intriguing, to say the least. As the months rolled on from when she gave me a full reading, 97% of what she predicted for me has come true…"
Ian M.,

"After the reading, I really feel very humble. You opened my mind to a new world. I am still amazed at the beautiful session we had. Thank you again! I am overwhelmed, happy…so many emotions and more than anything, a sense of peace. Thank you a million times. I am so grateful to you. It has been a wonderful experience. Still digesting everything. Certainly my world has changed."

"Ingrid is down to earth, sensitive, and intelligent. I loved my reading with her (though it was emotional)."
Ayse T.

Listed since: Jun 26, 2017

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