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Geof Jowett is an intuitive medium, published author and educator. It is his passion to promote the expansion of universal consciousness, the continuity of life, the laws of nature, intuition, mediumship and the rediscovery of the higher self so that we may heal and discover a greater sense of contentment, joy and peace. It is Geof’s passion to help others on their journey of enlightenment and inspiration to “Know Thyself” as a precious eternal and infinite portion of God Source to perpetuate Divine Love.

As a medium and intuitive, Geof can provide you with the opportunity of communicating with your departed loved ones and Spirit Guides. It can be a very healing and enlightening experience to have a spiritual reading so that you might get a better prospective about your life, your soul’s journey and to maintain your connection to those that have crossed over to the world of spirit. Geof also provides life readings about the journey of your soul, to obtain universal wisdom and healing from collective consciousness to review several past incarnations that are relative and significant to your current incarnation. Geof also provides a chakra atonement and attunement reading to help align your sacred energy centers and to bring peace, harmony and balance to your energy being.

As an educator, Geof provides active learning workshops to develop your abilities of communicating with your loved ones and spirit guides and to establish an effective messaging system, chakra and energy healing, channeling your higher self, developing your intuitive abilities and meditation classes.

Geof has published What’s Cooking in Heaven Grandma and Hope for Parents Who Have Lost Children: A Medium’s Communication with Children in Heaven. Also, Geof released his first meditation CD called Allowing Peace. The Allowing Peace CD was designed to assist in achieving a deeper state of relaxation, and to help intuitively obtain messages and healings from the listener’s Spirit Guides.

Geof earned a MS in Cellular and Molecular Biology from University of Buffalo, worked as a technical services manger and project manger for two biotechnologies companies, taught human anatomy, cell biology and general biology classes at Middlesex Community College, New Haven Community College, Armstrong State University and Brunswick Community College, was a dean of student services at Savannah College of Art and Design and most recently was the associate vice president for student affairs at Southern California University of Health Sciences.

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Thank you for a truly amazing session! It was insightful, inspiring and healing. As a professional medium myself, I know the hallmarks of a great medium, and you have them all… details, accuracy, compassion, wisdom, great guidance, and most important of all the ability to capture the unmistakable essence of the spirits with whom you connect. rnAt the time of the reading, I had been struggling tremendously with trusting my own intuition and standing in my power as a woman. You connected me with both of my grandmothers, two great- rngrandmothers, and one great-great grandmother. There was a lot of maternal ‘she-power’ going on in that session! It was exactly what I needed. Your ability to give survival evidence details and accurately name each of my grandmothers gave me immediate confidence that you had a genuine connection to their spirits. (I had to verify a few of their rnnames and, of course, you were correct.) Without knowledge of my struggle or specific questions for the reading, you delivered a consistent, united message from my maternal spirit guides. To summarize: trust where my heart is leading me, despite what the rest of the world may be saying. This is good advice and encouragement that I had been hearing from others. However, it had quite a different impact on me coming from spirits who have a different vantage point for seeing things, as they no longer have the ‘weight of the world’ on their shoulders and are able to see things outside of the limits of present-time consciousness that we are typically bound to here on earth. Geof, you certainly earn your reputation as a first-rate medium. You are having a tremendous positive impact in others’ lives, and I know that your work will continue to grow and touch many, many lives along the way. Thank you for all of your encouragement and support. (Anne)

I was open and somewhat skeptical when I asked Geof to do my first reading. What a powerful and wonderful surprise when both my mother and grandmother came through with information that only I could understand. He provided specific details to validate to me that my mother and grandmother were present and he gave me hope for the continuity of life. (Elizabeth)

I wanted to write to you and thank you for bringing me my son, Andrew and my parents through n the reading. I am very grateful to know that Andrew is well and he is still with us, and with my parents. But I miss him with every ounce of our soul. (Eva)

Thank you for connecting me with my father. My father and I always had such a very special connection. So you have no idea how much it means to me that he came through. The red roses, not only did my mother just put red roses on his grave days before we spoke for Valentines day, she only puts red roses on his grave, and also saved one red rose from his funeral…The Fire Fighter, the girl with red freckles (my sister), the beer drinking with the beer belly, the Irish music - bag pipes. I thought it was amazing the things that you did say that made total sense. So thank you very much. I really appreciate it more than words could ever express.(Linda)

Geof did a terrific job connecting both quickly and evidentially with my mom in spirit. I was amazed at the undeniable details he presented me which included names and connections to current happenings in my life. Geof delivered these messages with a level of sincerely that surpasses other readings I have had. He has a gentle, kind and healing way of delivering messages. Geof is an example of what I feel the true objective of mediumship is: to bring not only comfort in knowing our loved ones are with us in spirit, but also, our loved ones in spirit can continue to offer their love and support in their messages to us. I highly recommend Geoff to anyone looking for validation and comfort in a reading.(Patty)

You will always hold a special place in my heart, for you are the first person to bring my son Richard through to me. He always had good taste! And he has such a great sense of humor - for him to be laughing about my not moving his burial site because the weather is better where he is, well that is SO Richard. Kind, thoughtful, funny. My tears after the reading were of pure joy - because he was laughing. I am not the same person I was before I spoke with you. Your gift to me is such a profound sense of....Hope, with an affirmation that Love never dies. (Tina)

I have been to various world-renowned mediums, but none of them offered as much valuable information as Geof was able to offer in one visit. Geof is truly gifted and has a love for beings both in human form and in spirit that shows in his reading. He was able to connect me with my grandmother who has never come through in the past as well as my father and recently passed grandfather. The detailed information passed from my family through Geof not only brought comfort, but also provided a clarity and direction to my life that is literally saving me years of research as well as trial and error. I feel blessed to have found Geof and will continue to refer loved ones seeking comfort, guidance and clarity. (Meredith)

Last Sunday was the one year anniversary of my daughter's death. I want you to know that I will never forget our appt. where I had the opportunity to make peace with all my unanswered questions. Last Sunday, I celebrated the good parts of her life with the rest of the family. I know now that she is happy and safe. A mother can not ask for anything more for her child. I tell so many people about you. You have given me closure, not to mention the bonus opportunity to speak to my grandparents. I look forward to our next visit. You are a very special and gifted man. (Margaret)

Jana and I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful reading this morning. Neither one of us had ever visited a medium before and were very pleasantly surprised by the experience - And much comforted and encouraged by what we heard. Thank you for making us feel comfortable and for taking the time to meet with us this morning (despite our communication challenges)! Thernentire experience was enlightening for both of us; I think you have the wonderful ability to share messages with compassion and understanding in such a way that never once had us questioning your integrity/credibility. Definitely a very pleasant and memorable experience. Peace, (Fryern)

Thank you very much for the wonderful reading, it meant more to me than you can imagine. My father died in 1977 when I was 21 years old, and all of these years I have wanted to hear from him. I appreciate the gift you have been given, and you obviously use it for much good in this life. Many blessings to you! (Tawnarn)

I wanted to tell you that I am very happy I had the chance to talk with you today.It was very uplifting for me to get some answers that I have been wanting to validate. I knew inside what I was experiencing was real but, I guess we all are a little skeptic in our own ways as humans and want to know for sure. You helped me today to know that I am not loosing it as, some say I am here because I believe in the spirit world very much. God Bless You Geof! (Nina)

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Geof is amazing & wonderful! Not long after my son passed I became aware of Geof through a friend who had just met him. I was so distraught at the time but my life kind of turned around with his reading! First my dad came through & it was so him! Then Geof brought my son through describing my home & where he lived. And at the end said my son wanted to say hi to Rick, his best friend & my support as we cared for Tucker through his cancer journey. So many amazing details! Geof is a great person!
Geof Jowett is the best, he is right on......I also liked the late Bobby Drinnon.......Your money will not be wasted with Geof Jowett
Hi! Both me and my boyfriend were blown away by how accurate Geof is. Literally everything that came through him was confirmed and his guidance was really profound. I witnessed him read about ten people to a T...all of them were able to confirm his message and were suggested to look up certain locations for work opps. He is a really compassionate person. I also enjoyed witnessing his clairaudience which allowed him to hear our dead's favorite song, if any...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GEOF!
Geof is the real thing, he has been strong, accurate, and insightful with all his readings for me. I have grown over the years with awareness through Geofs guidance. Communicating with loved ones knowing they are still with you happy and continuing with their growth and healings on the other side is so comforting. A special thank you to Geof for the peace of mind he always provides during his sessions.
My 2nd review..I can't say enough about Geof. He knew things he had no way of knowing. He told me I will not find the answer in the papers. I had filled out paperwork to get my brother's autopsy report. He told me what the answer was and now I have no doubt he is legit and honest. I know he is who he says he is. Thank you Geof! Our conversation gave me some peace. That's all I needed. Thank you! Megan Zopf
I found Geof on James Van Praagh's website where he was highly recommended for his insight, gift, and sensitivity. Geof has done readings for me and members of my family for the last three years. I cannot express how grateful I am to Geof for all that he has done to help me along on my spiritual journey. Geof brings forth messages from departed loved ones, corroborates their presence with evidential information he has no way of knowing. Geof is the real deal.
Geof is a talented psychic who always works from a place of love and compassion. He is committed to making sure all who cross his path receive love and guidance from those who have crossed over. I have had many readings with Geof, attended his seminars and just recently had a life reading with him. He is genuinely enthusiastic about making sure his clients reach their soul's full potential.
Geof did a reading for a family group session, and I subsequently went to a second reading by myself. He is quite specific regarding relatives on the other side and is able to transmit messages. His messages are healing and positive and he is reasonably priced.
Geof is amazing. He gives me information with so much clarity and understanding. He gets straight to what is bothering me and he has been right on with the information he has given me. I would recommend Geof to anyone, he is a friend and someone I can go to when I need help understanding things happening in my life.
I came across Geoff's name in the local paper as they were promoting a book he had written. I'm a newspaper columnist and I was interested in doing an article that included Geoff and his psychic ability to channel my Grandmother. It was a wonderful reading and he perfectly recalled my Grandmother and many other people in my family who have passed on. It was great to gain some insight into my life as seen from "the other side." I also wrote a great article! Thank you Geoff!
Geof is amazing in his accuracy and the depth of his readings. I had such doubts until he brought through my father and husband and gave messages regarding situations and experiences that only they and I could know. He offered information about "where I go from here", how I can heal.
Geoff has brought so much peace to me after connecting with my son in spirit. I have had 3 readings with Geoff and will meet with him again. I know he is sincere because only my boy would know the messages he passed on for Geoff to give to me, I know now that my son is in a place where he can be free is happy and doing what he loves to do. I plan on having more readings with Geoff because he is sincere, kind and will I know bring me more peace. I hope to get messages from more family members.
Geof is very connected to and guided by spirit. Geof, was my first contact with a medium. He right away brought through my grandfather, his name and description of him, what he did for a living and how he passed. My father and other family members came through the same way by their names and proof. He continued this first reading with so much comfort from my loved ones who had passed. This was the beginning of a new life for me. He helps you to heal and grow spiritually.
I've worked with Geof for several years and he's an amazingly grounded and insightful man who always comes from a place of peace when it comes to working with his clients. His readings have allowed me to gain insight from relatives and several close friends who have moved on and his work has truly enriched my understanding of who I am and my place in the world. Geof is also one who uses his gifts well to do good for the world without ego! I encourage you to work with him! Bravo, Geof!
Geof has read for me multiple times and his message has always been one of compassion and healing, not to mention highly accurate and detailed. After the loss of my mother, he read for my entire family and provided us with comfort knowng that she had truly found peace and was reunited with her children that had passed over 3 decades ago. I would highly recommend him.
He did a reading for my husband and I after the death of our daughter. I believe with all of my heart the messages that he delivered from her and I recommend him to my friends who have gone through similar losses. The price was very reasonable and we were able to do everything over the phone.
Geof is one of those rare psychics who can go straight to the heart of a matter with insights & clarity that can only be coming from a higher source! As a professional psychic medium and intuitive counselor myself, I have received readings from & evaluated many others. Geof is definitely a 'cut above' the rest.

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