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Gail Serna
Gail Serna


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Woodland Hills


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Half Hour Reading $90 Hour Reading $125

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Gail offers intuitive readings including psychic, mediumship, reiki/energy healing, and spiritual counseling. She is also an Intuition Development Mentor Teacher. Her readings will give you a roadmap of steps you can use and help you uncover your correct path.


Gail works online and uses either Zoom or the phone. If you would like a recording then please use Zoom. Gail works by appointment only and once you purchase a session she will reach out to you by text to schedule the appointment. Gail uses each modality in a reading and will ask you how you want to spend the time.


As an intuitive reader people seek her out for a psychic reading or mediumship session. Some combine both in one reading. Gail likes to reserve the 30-minute reading for Mediumship work and the hour reading for psychic insight, channeling, and spiritual counseling. Gail is proud to be on your team as your spiritual practitioner but if you are experiencing trauma or need medical attention please seek out those most qualified to help you. She loves this work and has seen her tools relieve suffering and ease people’s minds when they are ready. Working with Spirit is gratifying and loving.

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This is a snapshot of my story and gifts as a Psychic Medium. I grew up believing there was no God and that humans acted alone. Somewhere in my subconscious mind, I knew this wasn't true. So as I transitioned into adulthood, I began to explore my relationship with God.

Through my own exploration process about spirituality, I stumbled onto meditation as a way to relieve anxiety and stress. As I began practicing meditation, a whole new world opened up to me. I realized as an intuitive that I could channel and receive messages from souls on the other side. Mediumship became my passion.


I know when a person loses a loved one it can be such a trying time. After doing many readings for people, talking to your deceased loved one is very healing. It also helps you move on with your life because many people hold onto their grief.


I have experienced healing as a result of Mediumship in my own life. As a young adult, my father committed suicide. It was a very difficult time for me and I had many unanswered questions. Through Mediumship, I discovered that he was not in his right mind at the time of his passing. His thoughts and ego were controlling him. He did not see another option. Learning this helped me gain more understanding about my father’s passing. I was also able to connect with my father in a way that allowed me to sense his deep love and support. All of this opened up an opportunity for healing.


Gail holds a B.A. in Speech Communication from Fresno State University. In her traditional career, she is an executive recruiter. Gail has been a regular participant in several meditation groups and psychic circles. She is a certified angel intuitive through Hay House Publishing. Gail also took an evidential mediumship development class from Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association. She is also studying with John Holland in his program called My Soul Community. Gail continues to develop and seek out new ways to improve and become more accurate in her readings. It is Gail's goal to give practical hands-on information almost like a road map for the client to use.

Listed since: Apr 10, 2015


I had suffered a great deal of losses in a short amount of time which seemed to catapult me into a major spiritual awakening. I was overwhelmed and confused by visions and dreams and synchronicities that I just couldn’t explain. Gail was recommended to me as a safe and gentle teacher that would help move me from point A to point B. And she did just that! Gail listened to me and was able to tailor her teachings to meet my needs. Gail will help you recognize and trust your spiritual gifts! 5 stars
Gail is a compassionate, intelligent and warm soul. I highly recommend her class in Intuition Development. It will truly open a whole new and peaceful world for you with her guidance. Thank you so much Gail!
i really enjoyed my reading with gail! this was my first ever reading with a psychic/medium and she made me feel very comfortable and at ease. gail was able to assist me with bringing clarity to a my current work situation and i’m so grateful for that. she is so encouraging and reminded me that “boundless freedom surges thru me” (an affirmation that i will now use daily!) thank you gail for using your gifts and sharing your light with me! i truly appreciate you!
I booked an hour long reading with Gail in hopes of getting some closure on an individual’s tragic and untimely death. Within a few minutes of the reading, she had established connection with this person and offered me a message (from them) that was both emotional and freeing for me. I am grateful to Gail for her ability to utilize her gifts to help me and many others. If you are in a place of confusion, or as I was, loss by death, and need assistance in healing, book with Gai
I had a lovely 30 minute reading with Gail. I was surprised how much could happen in such a short time…it seemed much longer. Working with her brought some long time patterns to the surface and helped me to refine my spiritual focus. A couple of things that have improved are a more regular connection with my guides and trust in my own intuition. Those hoping to make a deeper connection with the Divine and become aware of limiting patterns would benefit greatly from working with Gail.
A session with Gail is a wonderful treat to give to yourself. I keep reading the notes I made and I find new bits of wisdom each time. Really really helpful information and a meaningful connection!
I had my first reading with Gail a few weeks ago. I chose her because I felt drawn to her, we had an immediate connection. She was planning on doing a reading through email, she ended up calling me because she felt drawn to it. She was very warm, loving and compassionate. She gave a me alot of information in a short time. This is one of the best readings I have ever had in several years. You will not be disappointed.
I've had several readings from Gail. I always find her warm, approachable, and kind. She gives great readings and lots of practical advice to help make the most of the information.
Gail is by far one of the kindest, most caring and intuitive souls I've ever met. She has a warmth about her that really helps you focus and connect with those you are seeking. I've had a number of readings with Gail and each and every time she brings about information that no one could just randomly know about me and my loved ones. If ever you're looking to connect with the spiritual realm, Gail is the one to help you get there!!
Gail Serna is a natural at connecting with the angelic realm. The information that she channels flows easily and the relevance of the message will strike a chord of authenticity. If you are looking for answers to questions or want to connect with someone who has passed over, Gail, with the angelic realm will not disappoint.
Gail has such a warm and loving energy she immediately put me at ease. She gave me proof numerous times that she was connected to a deceased family member, and the channelled messages Gail brought through, plus the Angel cards that she selected, were perfect. The situation I was in was resolved exactly as Gail said it would be, and the reading gave me peace and much relief. I'm so grateful I found Gail and I hightly recommend her services to anyone in need.
I've had several readings with Gail over the years and she’s amazing! She has the ability to get straight to the issue and is able to offer guidance with accuracy and compassion. Her gifts have helped me immensely when I’m in a quandary regarding which direction to take concerning my career and my calling. After our sessions, I always feel incredibly uplifted, hopeful, and have the confidence I would not have otherwise had. I highly encourage others to seek Gail’s guidance!

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