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You Are a Beautiful Soul, Full of Jewels and Gifts. Share Them with the World, as You Have Been Given Much!

Hello. I am here to assist you with making choices about life purpose, personal relationships, career direction, and other matters. I live to my potential by helping you live to yours. I want you to enjoy the satisfaction and inner peace that results.

I primarily do my work by reading the energies of your auric field and chakra system. I find this to reveal current, and even "past life" information about you and the people/situations connected to you. I also have a knack for assisting with dream interpretation, as dreams are powerful (and under-utilized) tools with which to access the unique, transcendent wisdom of your Higher Self.

Finally, those passed to the other side sometime come through in my readings, with messages of love and insight for you. But note that I do not primarily work through mediumship. And like other mediums, I do not claim control over, or foreknowledge of, when the deceased will or will not come through for you in a reading. However, it is quite amazing and touching when they do, so I list mediumship as one of my services.

To schedule a telephone or email reading with me, please contact me at the email or telephone number above. I truly look forward to working with you.

Thank you.

Listed since: Jul 26, 2010


I had a reading with Elisa and it was the most helpful one I have ever had! I have had lots of readings with other psychics, but the info Elisa gave me was helpful and she put me in the right Direction! NO one else has ever done that for me! I highly recommend her for your readings she is truly a angel!
I had the privilage of meeting with Elisa. The energy around her resonates! Elisa was able to help me find guiadince and clear away bad energy that had been draining me for some time now. Elisa's dream readings are very personal and addressed the symbolism as it meant for me. I always feel very refreshed and clear after sitting with Elisa. She provided me with an excellent follow up of books and articles to help me with my path. A truley start to finish reading. I highly recommend her!
Elisa is truly amazing. Her insights and getting into what is going on in your life is spot on. She knows what needs to be done and how to go about changing it for the better. It is like talking to an old friend who knows everything about your life and gets you to understand how to go about making the best life you can for yourself. I feel empowered and uplifted from speaking with her. Please do yourself a big favor and call her. Your life will be forever changed for the better. Thank U elisa!
As Elisa's daughter, I was always able to go her to help me interpret my dreams. She has a way of making sense of all the strange scenes, statements and symbols that stand out from complex dream sequences. After listening to her interpretation, I find my self saying "oh yeah, that makes perfect sense!" Even now (after 26 years of life), I'll call her to discuss a puzzling dream and gain great insight from her interpretations.
I just had a reading done by Elisa recently and am impressed by her honestly and directness with a loving touch. The information she had given me was very informative and true. She also helped me clear some stuck energy to a problem I had been struggling with. I highly recommend Elisa for a reading if you are looking for clarity, insight and truth. Very uplifting!!
I met with Elisa Nicholas the other day & her initial intuitive notes on me were almost exactly what I was thinking about on my drive down to meet her! I felt like she may have been sitting in my car with me! Her approach is very personable & I get the feeling that she sees herself as just as human as the people she is reading. Her advice on dealing with stuck energies was practical & useful & I left feeling empowered to make positive changes to improve my relationships. Highly accurate!

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