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Donna Marie
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Los Angeles


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$55 - 30 min recorded voicemail Psychic Reading

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+61466949885 through whatsap.


Psychic Twin Featherz ~ Donna

Channels Spirit for Spirit Healing and Psychic Readings

Psychic Twin Featherz For Psychic Readings is Available worldwide offering Psychic Readings Spirit Healing and Psychic Wisdom for you In Person, Phone Call, WhatsApp Call, and VoiceMail (email).

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WhatsApp: +61 466 949 885


Everything I receive for a psychic reading is channeled, I am a Psychic clairvoyant and I see images. I hear my information in words and my strong sense of inner 'knowing' clarifies the information that I receive from Spirit. I do not use tarot or other oracles, nor do I provide 'cheap psychic readings'. Every insight, guidance and information that I receive for you comes from Spirit, channeled through my higher self. The insight, wisdom and knowledge that is receive is usually relevant to you in whatever your current situation/circumstance.

I can generally source any information that you ask once you give me your name and age and that of any other person in question. I can describe your emotional condition, the situation and events occurring in your life at present or the events surrounding the other person. I can see the condition of your personal relationships, your health or your love life. I am able to read energy from any personal connection that I have with you, such as your voice on the telephone, a photograph and your personal presence via the internet such as Skype. Further enquiries or to book physic readings, you can simply contact me by phone, Skype or e-mail or have a personal physic reading consultation.

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Your Psychic Reading is Intuitive, informative/detailed, uplifting, spiritually comforting and down to earth.

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I look forward to connecting with you :-)

Listed since: Mar 19, 2014


Donna is always spot on. If you get a reading with Donna you will not be dissapointed, I promise you!!!
Recently I had a psychic reading with Donna and was completely amazed at how spot on the reading was. Donna channels into spirts and the information about my past was all correct. It gave me goosebumps listening to her. Im also looking forward to seeing if my future comes true. I highly recommend Donna to everyone wanting a reading. I am also looking forward to trying her other services.
I received guidance and reassurance upon my visit - with some actions I could undertake during such stressful time. I felt quite relieved after the session and no longer feeling so helpless. Thank you Donna - I strongly recommend.
Donna Marie, she is incredible, everything that she told me has become true .she is very accurate. Every time I have question about someone or something I always contact her and she is always right with her reading I will highly recommend her.
I loved donna's reading. The fact that she was honest made a great first impression on me. Thanks donna
I have had two readings done by Donna now and she is fantastic! The information she gave me in response to my questions was very accurate and gave me real clarity about my situation. I recieve the readings via mp3 so I can listen to them over and over again to really absorb the messages. Donna has a real gift!
Donna is incredibly accurate. It was as though she knew what was happening in my life - except that that she hadn’t been told. I’ve made some huge changes in my life and feel like I’m on the right track now!
I have had many readings from Donna-Marie over the years. I always appreciate her honesty - she does not tell me what I want to hear, but what is available to her from Spirit. I experience her as non judgmental - over the years I have asked her many sensitive and sometimes stupid questions, and she always answers patiently and with kindness.
The angels guided me to you for sure. Your reading was spot on. I loved your nature and energy. I feel at peace already. Thank you Donna. I have past your details on to a couple of friends already. Much love Sandra xx
One of the best readings i've had in a long while. so comfortable to be around and so very insightful. An awesome start to my 30th birthday. I would recommend anyone interested in getting assurance in their life's journey...
I received my voicemail read from Donna today and was just touched by her sincerity. This is a wonderful spirit who applies her gifts in truth and love. Guiding you towards your better path. I will always seek her for any direction in my journey that needs any clarifications or verifications. Namasté Donna Marie
I am over the moon that I have connected with Donna and plan to continue. I have experienced some truly gifted psychics in my life and Donna Marie is definitely one of the very best of the very best. I can't recommend her highly enough. She 100 per cent connected with my energies and my guides and delivered a reading with such heart and insight. I feel so uplifted, encouraged and affirmed. Run don't walk to book in with her if you are seeking guidance or contact with spirit of any kind.
Great reading. I liked the 1st one so much I ended up doing 2 more. 3 readings in 3 days. Merry Christmas to me. Great ideas, information, tone of voice, love her dog in the background. I look forward to more readings in the future.
Donna comes through as a warm and gentle soul and imparts such calm and hope in her readings. I can now move forward knowing that all will be well for myself and my children. Although I have only received my reading today I feel positive for what the future holds. Everything Donna said felt sincere and I thank her so much for her insight.
If I could give Donna from RavenSky 10 stars I would in a heart beat!!. She is extremely gifted! Every word she spoke resonated inside me so deeply. I highly suggest if you can’t decide between another reader and Donna from RavenSky... go with Donna!! You will NOT be disappointed!! She puts a lot of time, energy and most of all love into your reading!! Thank you Donna!!
I think Donna Marie is without doubt the best reader i have every been to. I have had 2 readings and they have both been accurate. She has an honesty that is evident in her reading with a beautiful soul. Thank you twinfetherz you are one amazing lady. Lesley
Donna is always spot on and to the point. She recently clarified soooo much for me. Thank you so much Donna! Truly gifted
The most accurate and insightful reading! I recommend twin featherz to whom ever is seeking guidance and direction as you will definitely get it from her . Fast delivery of message and absolutely beautiful soul
First time seeking Donna and she is just really spot on, would definitely highly recommend her services. Thank you again.
I just received my voicemail reading and I feel a really strong validation that her messages were genuine and spot on. I was worried that the reading would not be as strong through email without feeling energy through physical presence, but everything she talked about really resonated with me. I am really grateful that I came across Donna and I am looking forward to future readings in person or through skype next time so that it will be stronger. Thank you Donna!
Donna Marie gives the loveliest readings! Everything was so clear and spont on! The reading provided insight and reassurance and really give a clear perspective on your situation!
This lady is amazing. I rarely write reviews but Donna is the real deal. Kind and compassionate but honest. No sugar coating. I will see if predications come to pass but this lady is truely gifted. Highly recommend Morag U.K.
I have had three readings with Donna. All have been very accurate and given me a great amount of quidance and clarity in difficult times.
Donna Mari's reading was absolutely amazing. She told me things I needed to hear to move forward in my life. Would definitely recommend her services, Thanks Donna!! Quite excited for things to happen as she mentioned!!
Donna Marie is a gift from God I am lost without her. She is an exceptional talented spiritual advisor and healer :)
Twinfeatherz what an absolutely beautiful message from spirit! You actually feel healing as you receive her message , her message was clear and she was spot on about everything that she said to me without even saying a word. The response is fast and in the most beautiful way ❤️❤️I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TWINFEATHERZ
Amazing lady with no equal. So lucky to have found her.
Try her and you are hooked for life. Truly an amazing lady, an angel indeed. Love her.
I have had many readings from Donna Marie. Her readings are accurate and done with upmost integrity. She has been very specific and spookily accurate. She reads in a non judgemental and kind manner and when I have had complicated sometime unusual love issues she has always been very kind and direct. Highly recommend
Donna Marie gave such great insight into the questions I asked. Everything was spot on and really refreshing to hear, I will move forward with patience as suggested and look forward to my journey into my purpose. Also, prior to the reading I had blood work done and have recently received my results, this was all addressed in my reading and again spot on! I am truly grateful for the gifts that Donna Marie shared with me and have already recommended her to my close friends! Thank you so much!


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