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Dawn is a LEAD for the TLC TV SHOW, GHOST INTERVENTION! On this show, she uses her extraordinary clairvoyant & mediumship gifts to help families.

Dawn, The Bliss Guide, has a degree from Harvard & is world-renowned for her readings. She has the unique gift of helping people determine their soul design/life purpose so they can experience the most in all areas: love, money, health, wealth, career, & family.

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Dawn has been featured in several publications including: The Albany Union Times, Awareness Magazine, Career Builder, City Masala, The Dallas Morning News, Goddess Queen Magazine, Harvard Business School Alumni Magazine, iParenting, Indie Travel, The National MBA Magazine,The New York Times, Plug LA, Redbook, She Knows, The St. Clair Journal and the WorkWise Syndicated Column. In addition, she was on Fox News, NBC TV, Loveline Radio Show and LA Talk Radio. She is also profiled in the book Grads Take Charge.

Dawn gives Bliss Sessions in person or on the phone and has served many around the World including: Fortune 500 executives, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Healers, Psychics, and others. Clients call her The Expediter because she expedites their path to bliss, health, wealth and success. Dawn has the rare ability to communicate with ascended spiritual masters such as St. Germain and Kuan Yin. She can channel master spirits who give direct guidance on your questions. You are given divine guidance to find the solutions to your challenges and learn how to be on the path to love, bliss, peace, harmony, abundance and wealth. She serves individuals with: Money/Career, Life and Health issues including: Increasing Money, Career Advancement, Finding your Life Partner, Marriage, Getting Pregnant, Parkinson's, Sexual Dysfunction and many other areas. The company also sells art –sunset photos, t-shirts, and artwork - to help customers reinforce bliss in their environment.

Listed since: Jun 21, 2007


Dawn is the MOST professional psychic and coach. She is really a spiritual guru. She knows it all. She follows up with you BEFORE the session to make sure she knows your focus and everything is clear about the process. She is a great communicator who achieves tangible results. I have love health and money in my life because of Dawn. I am happier than I have ever been. Thank you Dawn.
Dawn is amazing. The Bliss Maximizer is the way to go. I am skeptical of spiritual types. Dawn is both intuitive and intelligent. She combines her clairvoyant skills with her Harvard MBA. She is a modern oracle. She guided me to a better job, happier life, more money. She told me things no one else knew. Other psychics tell you what they "see". Dawn shows you how to get there. She gives you what, when, how, why and so much more. Dawn transformed my life.
Dawn Clare, The Bliss Guide, predicted the Wall Street financial crisis She also told me that Lehman & Merrill would go out of business. I did not realize at the time that she was dead on right. I was able to switch my money to another bank. Do full 1-2 hour reading with her. It was the best money I ever spent! She is great.
DAWN PREDICTED THE FINANCIAL CRISIS AND THE FALL OF LEHMAN, MERRILL, ETC. I talked with Dawn about increasing my money to better support myself and my family. Through her psychic abilities, she steered me to a safe industry. I also did her career coaching and quickly got a new job paying more money. If not for her, I would probably be laid off now and in that whole mess. Times are tough and DAwn is the person to go to.
Dawn is the most accurate psychic I have ever seen. She is worth every penny. She is so much more than a psychic – she is a clairvoyant adviser on everything. She is so sweet and loving. She told me about my life path, why I am here, and gave me specific steps I should take to attain all my goals. It has only been a few weeks but what she said has already come true. I feel empowered to make the decisions that bring me love and money. She changed my life. Dawn is an angel.
Dawn is the best! I have been to many psychics, mediums, channelers, gurus, healers who are on the top 100 list. Dawn is #1. She gives a very in-depth session and gives you the keys to leading a more successful life. She performs miracles every day.

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