Charles A Filius


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Long Beach


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$100.00 for 30 minutes / $145.00 for 45 minutes

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Clients of Spirit Medium & Psychic Charles A. Filius describe him as an authentic, commanding presence who pursues his work with integrity. Given the often deeply emotional nature of his sessions, Charles has learned to tap not only into his psychic abilities but also his natural compassion and humor to better serve participants who may find themselves at the center of a powerful, emotional experience while communicating with deceased loved ones as well as Spirit Guides and the Angelic Realm.

Whether you’ve experienced mediumship before or if this is your first time, you will appreciate how Spirit fully utilizes Charles’ strong sense of humor and unique visualization to make his readings a highly-charged, uplifting and rewarding experience.

Readings given in-person (in the Long Beach, California area), over the phone and SKYPE. Check his website for details.

Additional Information: 

Charles' first book, "Selections from On A Wing & A Prayer," has been highly acclaimed by both peers and clients alike. His second book, "Dailies: Day-To-Day Reminders from My Spirit Guides," has been equally well received. His blog can be found here:

In order to get a better idea of how he works please watch this short video on YouTube: (copy and paste the URL into your browser)

Listed since: Feb 19, 2010


I've known Charles for 6 years. I look forward to my readings with him. I love his sense of humor and the readings are very accurate and helpful for me. I won't go to anyone else!
Wow - you did it again, Charles! I love how you are able to tune in to my guides. The way you deliver their messages to me keeps me on the right path while laughing the whole way! The messages from my loved ones are spot on and I think they get a real kick out of you, too. They don't want us to be sad. To be able to laugh during our sessions keeps the energy up which helps everyone on both sides. Thanks for your guidance and all that you have taught me, including automatic writing.
I just had another reading from Charles. He confirmed in the reading the cause of my father's death. Something I've wondered for many years! Now the pieces to my puzzle are put together. Thanks, Charles for the great reading!
Charles helps me to put everything in perspective. His readings are informative, accurate, heartfelt, honest, and at times he has you laughing so hard you have to take a minute to breath. I highly recommend his services. He's an excellent psychic and medium as well as an extremely talented cartoonist. Deb O.
I've known Charles for eight years and each year he just...gets...better. Like wine. We psychics and mediums need to go to others for readings, and he's my "go-to guy" for really great, on-the-nose, honest readings that are loaded with compassion, insight and humor. I trust him. And that's saying a helluva lot. Try him, you'll like him!
I have been seeing Charles for over 5 years. The guidance and messages I received through him from my guides and passed over loved ones helped me get through a very dark time in my life and even to finding & marrying my soul mate. He is the only Medium I go to anymore because once you find someone as gifted as Charles there is no need to go to anybody else. My absolutely favorite part about a reading from Charles is that he can even make you smile through the tears. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Chaz is amazing. I have never met him face to face but he told me things about family that NO ONE could have known. His sense of humor is incredible & he is so very easy to talk to. You made things very clear for me at a time when I needed advice on life. Thank you! I am coming to see you in person next time.
I have been grieving over a very dear friend who died recently. I ran across Charles website and scheduleld a reading. Wow, I was so impressed with Charles ability to communicate with my friend. During the reading my friend came through very clearly, his personality shone through. Since the reading I have found peace, I still miss my friend but I'm not grieving as I did before. Thank you Charles for being such a clear and perfect channel, you are priceless!


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