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Cate Coffelt

Cate Coffelt
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Nearest City: 

Los Angeles


Instant Reading Fee: Click Instant Reading buttons above for rate per minute

Scheduled Reading Fee: 

30 Mins - $90 / 60 Min - $150

To Schedule A Reading Call: 

Visit website and schedule directly online


Bridging Souls - Whether Human or Animal, in the physical world or from beyond!

I am twice tested as an ethical and accurate evidentiary Psychic Medium and find it an honor to offer both psychic medium and animal communication services.

As an Empath, I deliver messages with compassion, even if it may not be what you want to hear. Spirit shares information with me thru my psychic senses of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizant, Clairsentientence and remote viewing.

(Psychic Medium Services)

Psychic Readings:
Are you wanting guidance for your life?
Do you want to take a deeper look at areas such as career, life path, love or family?

I do not believe the future is set in stone due to free will. But by validating your past or present, you can feel confident that I have connected with your higher self, angels or guides and that the messages or guidance you receive are specific for you.

Medium Readings:
While I never guarantee I can connect with a specific spirit, whether human or animal, my passion is to deliver meaningful validations and messages of love, hope and healing.

Please know that with a medium reading, any of your loved ones can come through, even ones you would not expect!

(Animal Communication Services)

Animal Communication Readings:
If your pet is experiencing behavioral issues or if you just want some guidance for your furry family member, I can help! It is my passion to connect with your pet by bringing through validations and sharing information from your pet's perspective.

Clients have reported relief and see positive changes with their pet once they have learned the reasons for their behavior. This can strengthen the bond between animal and human.

Lost Pet:
I do charge an initial standard fee for lost pet readings, but will continue to follow up with you if your pet continues to give me new information. I do not guarantee your pet will be found. It is best to have a consultation with me prior to purchasing this service.

Sorry, but I do not provide lost pet readings with the instant reading feature.

Please visit my website to schedule a Lost Pet reading.

NOTE: For psychic, medium or animal communication instant readings, I may ask a simple question to start your reading so I can connect with your energy.
If I do, please do not share any details.

I also recommend you having a paper and pen ready to write notes. :-)

With Gratitude,

Additional Information: 

I am also available for events or spirit circles and small groups!

To learn more about the services I offer, please visit my website at or contact me at

Cate is Internationally known and is twice tested as an accurate and ethical psychic medium. She has also received the 2018 Social Activism Award.

She has also been a featured guest on the radio, "Charmed Life with Tricia Carr", "77WABC's Above and Beyond with Laura Smith and Thomas John" and "The Channel, a Paranormal Talk Show with Brough Perkins".

Listed since: Oct 25, 2014


Listening to Cate work on connecting with what is going on in my life is incredible. The focus, attention, and surrendered specificity to what arises makes for all of this stuff sometimes familiar pop up into my life that is totally personal to me and also completely forgotten about of my conscious mind. I adore listening to how she connects because it feels really sincere and I can tell she is living her practice beyond just working on my life. I highly recommend Cate. She is excellent.
I had an awesome reading done by Cate today. Being a fellow light worker, there are times we need help and perspective from someone else. Cate did just that helping me gain insight in some of my own blockages and challenges I've been having recently. She nailed it on so may levels and aspects! Thank you Cate!!!!
Cate is AMAZING! We have spoken a couple of times and she is so accurate in what she has told me. It is always a pleasure to talk with her. I highly recommend Cate and look forward to my next Reading! :)
I was curious about mediumship when I reached out to Cate in April 2016. I hadn’t ever had a mediumship reading before and entered into this with no expectations. But, wow, did Cate deliver! The veracity of Cate’s gift left no doubt in my mind. She tapped into specific, intimate details about my late grandmother and both late grandfathers that can’t be found online or via private detective. That reading and the second one in January 2017 has helped me finally shake my fear of death.
I contacted Cate for a missing dog case, and it was the best decision! In a most compassionate manner, she was able to give specific details about the location of the pup. Her accuracy was astounding! She connected with the animal and assured me of his physical and mental status which gave so much relief. Thankfully the dog got home safe and uninjured, and was found in the exact area Cate said he'd be. I am thrilled to have had Cate on the case and would use her again in a heartbeat!
I hired Cate this week for a lost pet consult and I was in awe of experiencing her talents. She was able to tell me how the dog was feeling and where he'd been down to the exact neighborhood. She shared her experience with lost dog behaviors from the many cases she's worked and was spot on with her suggestion on how to best coax the dog once it was found. And guess what? THE DOG WAS FOUND UNHARMED AND HEALTHY. I'm so glad I hired Cate and would do it again in a heartbeat!
I had a psychic/medium reading with Cate recently and was very pleased with the direction she gave me. Her messages from Spirit were not only validations from them, but also included clear advice and direction. Although she wasn't big on names, that was perfectly okay because she was spot on with details about the loved ones coming through. The messages were so specific that they made sense to me, when they didn't make sense to her. I highly recommend her for connection and direction!
I first contacted Cate after my father's passing in March 2015. My reading was an experience I will never forget. Cate was able to bring up items and certain things about my dad that only I knew. Through her reading I was able to tap into my grandmother and grandfather. I now have closure and understand that my father is at peace. I also suffered a loss of my 16 year old Maltese in Aug 15' and found closure after my reading. She is amazing and will be doing another reading soon.
Cate has an amazing Gift. During our reading, 2 people came through, quite profoundly, that I hadn't expected. Cate relayed messages that there is no way possible she could have known. Her work with animals is equally amazing. Her ability to communicate, even over a distance, with lost or distressed animals is like nothing I have ever seen.

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