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Britta Grubin
Britta Grubin


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Britta Grubin is an internationally known certified Medium, Psychic and Animal Communicator. It is her passion to connect you with your loved ones on the other side. Britta hails from the USA but has lived all over the world in multiple countries. These international experiences have elevated Britta's psychic mediumship ability to more easily connect to the spirit world as she has crossed paths with many different cultures.

We grieve because we love. Your love is eternal and let Britta show you with evidence how your loved ones walk alongside you.

Britta understands the deep sense of grief that comes from losing a pet or even struggling with what your living pet is thinking. She offers personal animal readings and also webinars on animal communication. The animal kingdom is incredibly intelligent and far exceeds our human understanding.

Britta is a strong supporter in her community and a certified mediumship provider for the Helping Parents Heal Organization. Britta has enjoyed the opportunity to learn from many spiritual teachers around the world. She holds a BS in Business Administration and spent a decades-long career in corporate sales. Britta also holds certificates as an End of Life Doula and Grief Support Specialist.

Britta connects via Zoom for all of her readings and if necessary, also by telephone. Both individual and small group readings are available on Zoom. Britta is also a teacher and frequently offers classes to help you gain more insight in your own intuition, psychic and mediumship skills. You can find out more on upcoming events and classes on Britta's website,

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Listed since: Mar 4, 2023


I had a really insightful psychic reading with Britta. She conveyed important messages about my career that I really needed to hear. It was also fun how she picked up on random things like my plans to get new bedroom furniture or to consult an ayurvedic doctor. She also tapped successfully into a family member's energy, sharing an insightful and on-point perspective on that family member. I wholeheartedly recommend consulting with Britta & I look forward to booking an animal communication w/ her
I asked Britta to contact my beloved Irish Wolfhound, Shamrock. I haave been grieving and depressed since her passing. Now I feel so much more at peace after the reading. To me Shamrock was a sentient being in dog form, an old soul. This Britta attested to in the reading. Britta also made many comments about things that happened in our life together and things that are occurring in my life presently. I truly believe Shamrock is around me and that makes all the difference. A very insighful read.
Helped me understand questions that I have been considering. Very helpful.
Just got off the phone with Britta and had a extraordinary experience. I love her nurturing and radiant energy. She received messages in regard to my estranged daughter which has left me hopeful. My spirit guide and uncle had very helpful and powerful messages in regards to my current life struggles....and my guide gave a exact description of my personality...truly astounding..I know he and my ancestors walk by my side. TY B
Britta was a joy and had a very loving light about her. The one messages from spirit that I needed to hear was in regards to my son...that I needed to start letting go of pain and sadness before it eats away at my health. She was kind warm and made me feel very comfortable and safe. I highly recommend her!
After limited exposure to mediumship, I sought a mediumship reading with Britta. Losing my daughter left me skeptical, but hearing from her through Britta was incredibly healing. I now believe in the afterlife, and Britta's unique gift is a compassionate source of comfort and insight. Her ability to connect with those in spirit has provided me with profound solace and a renewed sense of connection to the spiritual realm. Thank you so much.
Britta channeled the message of healing which I needed to hear to move forward. I was connected with my chatty grandmother who continues to look out for me on the other side. I was very grateful for the experience. Britta has a positive and bright light of positive energy and is very easy to talk to. Highly recommended!
Britta is amazing at what she does! She brought through such accurate and detailed information from my loved one. It was so wonderful and filled my heart with peace, joy, and hope. These sessions are so healing and a truly a gift from above!

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