Brandy Rosenberg

Brandy Rosenberg
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Considered by many to be one of the most gifted intuitives, Brandy is guiding us into the early cycles of the Aquarian Age by providing germane insights for navigating the incredible times that are upon us. During mediumship readings, she brings evidential and compassionate messages from loved ones in spirit. During intuitive consultations, she connects with higher guidance and focuses on issues in your life. Integrating years of experience, Brandy utilizes multiple disciplines to open a space where profound and lasting transformation can occur

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Brandy delivers the information she receives with her personal flair, refreshing style of humor, intensity and compassion. Brandy not only offers her clients fascinating insights from the other side, but also draws on her extensive experience as a healer to offer practical spiritual solutions and cognitive exercises for the living to transform their own lives.

Brandy came to practice spirit-mediumship through her own personal journey of healing. After four near-death experiences, one of which landed her in a coma for two days, Brandy began to research and learn all she could to reconcile these death experiences, including exploring her own psychic sensitivities—gifts that she had spent the better part of her life pushing away. In fact, Brandy learned that she came from a long line of psychic-mediums—all of whom had kept their gifts hidden. As her Aunt Janie confided, “You’re the first to come out of the closet!” This revelation reinforced her passion to make this her life’s work. A certified Rebirther, Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Pranic Healer, Sat Nam Rasayn practitioner, ordained Minister and Kriya Yoga initiate, Brandy is breaking new ground in the practice, dialogue and teachings in the field of psychic-mediumship.

Listed since: Nov 19, 2012


The first 5 minutes talking to Brandy completely changed the course of my life. No joke.I gave her no info she just immediately started talking/channeling and what she said was EXACTLY spot on. I was't prepared for what I received however it was the "meat" I had been searching for for years. There has been a fundamental shift in my life as a result. Forever grateful for this woman.
A session with Brandy Rosenberg was given to me as a gift from a long time friend and i accepted with enthusiasm and skeptisism. She came over and I came out of it with a deeper understanding of things that i didn't realize had been weighing me down so profoundly. Her visit lifted my spirits no end! and resolved many things that were rattling around unresolved for many years. Watching things come to her was fastinating ..there was nothing contrived about it..a great positive deep person!
I met Brandy maybe 5 years ago and from my first reading I knew Brandy was the "real deal". I've never went back to anyone else. Brandy's keen insight and no non-sense reading was direct and clear. In all of my readings with Brandy she's always been right on and there have been times when I was unclear during the reading, but after a day or two I found myself saying "AH HAH" that's what Brandy meant! Each new year I do a check-in with Brandy, it's a gift to myself and well worth it! She's Golden
This is the first time I have called Brandy and I don't know what too me so long! Brandy has a natural gift as an intuitive and healer. She can see it "as is" with no wishy washy vague interpretations.. Her guidance is exactly that.. you are given what you need to make your own free will decisions. Definitely worth the money and a great investment for your peace of mind.
Brandy is nothing short of astonishing!! A session with Brandy isn't about psychic predictions or tarot card revelations. It is a life-changing event. I am still in awe from my first reading with her. She was so accurate not only in her channeling from the other side, but in giving me practical, spiritual advice for the here and now. She is honest and down to earth even as she is relaying messages from the next world. I highly recommend Brandy for anyone who needs spiritual guidance.

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