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Bill Philipps
Bill Philipps


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Bill Philipps has helped countless people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information and beautiful messages which help heal and bring a sense of peace.

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Listed since: Sep 29, 2008


I attended one of Bill PHILLIPS shows. He has such an incredible gift. He connected with my niece and he knew things, specific things, that there would be no way of him ever knowing. It brought me so much peace. God bless you, Bill.
Love him , Bill is so Amazing, I met him outside of his work after helping him with his car, when he asked how much I said not to worry just say thank you , he did with a reading about me and my family on the spot and flat out nailed it , he spoke of my very private past only known to myself with complete and total accuracy A total OMG , my brother passed he spoke to Bill at that moment , he told Bill he was great full that I traveled but missed his passing and then said I had kept his license
I had the most amazing experience meeting with Bill. He told me things that no one could possibly know. He is an extremely talented Psychic with a God given talent. I left the reading feeling so uplifted and positive about my life and the future. Thank you for coming into my life and helping me understand my past and the future. Love you Bill you are an incredible person.
I went to see Mr. Philips after my husband passed suddenly and unexpectedly. He hit on 13 points that were right on and facts that nobody would know. I see now that he is with me...always. It brought me great comfort to know that he is alright in his new home in the sky.
My adult son, daughter & I were read from the audience Oct 25th at Tempe AZ Improv. My mother, father in law and daughter's friend came through with very specific info no one could know. Eventscoming up had specific messages attached to them (birthday, traffic, medical) and did occur. My son was a skeptic and is now true believer. I've had a handful of readings with an excellent psychic over the years but this was my first medium. Bill is remarkable. Truly gifted
From one intuitive to another: Bill, you are a true gift, not only to us here, but to those in Spirit. From personal experience, you made such a clear connection with my loved one. You deserve so much praise and public recognition!
I had a reading with bill Phillips in person. He is the best, I have had many many readings with other psychics networks. Bill was right on. He brought up my departed husband and my father. He even had a visit from my departed granddaughter. I was overwhelmed by his predictions. He was right on with dates, names. He is the best.
Bill is a REAL psychic and medium. He has brought my grandmother, grandfather, and aunt in from the other side. Bill has provided me with the help I need in making important business decisions. I now have a very successful business despite the downward spiraling economy. I continue to call Bill frequently for any future insights. Let me tell you, I just can't get enough of his reading! Bill is worth every penny!!!!!! Totally authentic in every shape and form.

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