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Hello, I am an accurate, loving and compassionate Spiritual Medium. I will see, hear, feel, and sometimes even smell and tastes communications from your loved ones and pets who have passed away. I will give you accurate and specific evidence of their continued existence and presence around you affording you the comfort and assurance of knowing that they live on in the spirit realm free of all physical ailments and issues. And, please know that your pets and other animals in the spirit realm will communicate with me in the same ways that your people loved ones there do.

I do not do psychic readings to foretell the future, but sometimes I bring through spiritual guidance from mine and your spirit guides that can assist you with existing life issues and circumstances affording you direction and a greater understanding of them. I couple this with my skills and knowledge from my Masters in Spiritual Psychology to assist you in my Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions.

As you can see from the reviews below, I help people in many locations and do not need to be there with you physically to be able to communicate with your loved ones and pets in spirit.

It is an honor and a joy for me to be a voice for your loved ones and pets in the spirit realm and I hold my mediumship service in the highest regard of integrity, responsibility, and love.

I offer:

Mediumship Sessions By Phone* and In Person to Communicate with People and
Pets that have passed over to spirit

*Please note that Mediumship Sessions By Phone are just as effective as
Mediumship Sessions In Person. Your spirit loved ones will give you the same messages through me regardless of the type of session you have because they are not bound by time, space, or location now.

Public and Private Spirit Circles

Large Group Mediumship Demonstrations

'Mediumship for Beginners: An Experiential Workshop'
Available for One On One By Phone or In Person and Groups In Person

Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions By Phone and In Person

Receipt of payment is required to book a session.

I also teach others how to develop their own mediumistic abilities through my enlightening and informative mediumship development circle, talks, and workshops.

For information about my upcoming events in Southern California and across the country please visit my website

Additional Information: 

Brief Bio
While completing my Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica from 2000-2002, my natural born mediumistic abilities were reawakened. Childhood memories of these abilities that I had shut down out of fear surfaced during my studies there and I was inspired by Spirit to embrace them once again and to use them to bring comfort and healing to many. To further hone my abilities I engaged in additional training and instruction with respected internationally known mediums Francesca Kimpton, Hollister Rand, John Holland, Lillydale Medium Patricia Price, Reverend Lisa Lockhart, James Van Praagh, Mavis Pittilla and Lisa Williams.

Since February of 2003, I served as a medium for many dedicating my time and energy to being "A Voice for the Voiceless", a voice for those in the spirit world to get their specific evidence and meaningful messages to their loved ones here in the physical world to let them know that they are alive and well in the spirit world. Many people have experienced comfort, healing, understanding, resolution, acceptance, peace, and love through my Mediumship Sessions, Spirit Circles, Mediumship Demonstrations and Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions.

Listed since: Jul 30, 2011


I get a yearly reading from Beecham Parker and can honestly tell you that it's like having a personal phone line to heaven. I became familiar with Beecham, when he visited a local church, here in Santa Barbara. I knew then, that he was the real deal. After Beecham's visit, I scheduled a phone reading with him. Beecham's brought such peace and calm into my life. He's absolutely the real deal! I can't recommend him enough!
As someone who can't help but be a bit skeptical when it comes to the topic of mediumship, I can now say with certainty that is no longer the case. The info that came through at the time seemed a little insignificant but the events and validation that unfolded over the few days following our session were astounding! Thank you for bridging what I felt was a gap in communication & letting me know that my loved ones in spirit are still with us. It truly is the greatest gift I have received.
Almost a month after my little best friend passed, nothing brought me any relief until I spoke with Beecham on the phone. I was surprised to hear myself even laughing as my dog seemed to possess Beecham's body, and mimic some of his beloved quirks and behaviors. I'd been trying to believe that he was still here with me, next to me, and my other efforts - even at pet communicators - had failed me. But somehow Beecham made him come through to me, with warmth, understanding, and compassion.
I want to Thank Beecham Parker so much for my session with him. He was so kind and caring and put me at ease right away. I So wanted to connect with my Beloved Mother and thankfully she was the first one to come through. We both were able to have an Extreme Healing beyond what I could imagine. I left my session with a feeling of such peace. Thank you Mr. Parker from the bottom of my Heart, I look forward to future sessions with you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Thank you, Beecham Parker, for your extraordinary gift! In speaking with him I found comfort and closure in his communication with my loved ones. He gave me very specific details or words that were clearly communications coming from my mother and grandmother. He couldn’t have known the details he told me! It was an amazing experience on every level and this reading gave me the peace I was looking for! I would recommend Beecham to anyone open to using a Medium. I already have! Thank you so much!
Beecham Parker is the real thing. Kind, professional and most of all, he gave me very specific details that could never have been known unless he was talking to (communicating with) exactly who I thought he was. VERY specific details. He challenged on one as he was clearly getting something I wasn't remembering. Again, he used VERY specific details... not general comments that anyone could make fit if they tried hard enough. I highly recommend utilizing his services. Thank you Mr. Parker.
This was my second powerful spiritual experience with Beecham. The first was in person and the second was on the phone. Both were life changing experiences. Beecham has a powerful positive and loving presence, and his ability to connect with my loved ones and friends who have passed was beyond my expectations and very affirming! I took the time to prepare before hand as he had suggested and was open to love and light. Beecham uses his spiritual gifts to transcend physical boundaries.
Beecham put me and my family at ease right away with his calm, gentle, peaceful demeanor. The session was filled with love and laughter from my dad and my sister, and others who have passed. From the very beginning Beecham mentioned specific details that made me a believer he was really communicating them. We received healing messages of love. I left with a peaceful heart knowing my family in the spirit world is still with me.
Beecham made meaningful connections with my beloved dogs. I received visits from all four dogs which delighted me. The details Beecham conveyed were so specific and it was clear who was coming through in our session. It was as though I had given a party and everyone I invited showed up. There was laughter and tears. I felt the spirit of my dogs alive in the room with me. I felt a sense of peace, particularly with the more recent losses. I am so grateful to Beecham for sharing his gift with us.
First of all I was very nervous before I met with Beecham. I can assure you that he is very calm, kind, accurate! So accurate that I was moved to tears because of his accuracy. I cannot wait for the next time to meet with Beecham. Beecham really confirmed some questions that I have had after losing my loved one about ten years ago. I feel very grateful to have had a chance to meet him.
My mom and I had a wonderful session with Beecham. He is a very kind soul who allowed my mom and I to both get some healing and answers to questions. The details he provided assured both us it was indeed family coming through. Thank you Beecham for your kind spirit and compassion....
With Beecham, it is "more real than real." From the very first image he saw, it became clear to me, once a skeptic, that Beecham was talking with my departed Love. Knowing nothing about me or her, he described precisely the unusual way she died. He piled detailed fact upon fact about my life in recent weeks, including a reference to a recurring dream I've shared with no one in my life. He managed to convey all the information I needed to hear to heal my searing grief. But he had me at "hello."
My session was a Christmas gift from friends. Beecham is a gentle, loving, & caring spirit, who helped me to relax and enjoy this most amazing experience. To connect with my Dad & Mom was so reassuring to me that they were now healthy and happy in their after-life. They relayed strong personal information that only they would know, giving me goose bumps! I came away with a sense of peace and serenity. I hope to have another session again with my sister joining me next time.
Having a session with Beecham Parker allowed me to receive the communication that I needed with my dog. I have struggled with his early passing for several years and having this reading gave me a sense of relief and peace. I found him to be not only accurate with his information but also extremelly compassionate in his delivery. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I am comforted by the fact that I will be reunited with my Dog again in Heaven. Thank You Beecham!
my reading today with beecham was so uplifting and right on target. what i loved the most was how he captured my moms essence so perfectly from the very beginning of the reading to the end. his caring and kind manner put me at ease right away. thankyou again beecham!
What an amazing experience! I feel so blessed that I had an opportunity to meet Beecham and have a session with him. I have always wanted to believe that life doesn't end when we leave this physical earth and now I know that spirit truly does exist. Beecham was able to have contact with my mother and relay several messages of love and assurance. I was blown away! I no longer have any doubts and feel completedly comforted knowing that my mom and other departed love ones remain with us.
I had some "unfinished business"with a very close brother and it never really sat well since he left me. Not knowing or saying anything to Beecham he has made me at peace and opened my mind by showing me that the spirit lives on.To me this is priceless! Mahalo and Aloha Beecham I hope to see you soon one way or another.
I was skeptical when I attended one of Beecham Parker’s demonstrations. When it ended, however, I was a believer. I knew he had connected with my father, not only because of the facts he referenced, but because he also conveyed my father’s personality. Since that first time, I’ve met with Beecham 3 times. Each time was meaningful and helpful, and I was impressed not only with his accuracy but also by his kindness and compassion. I am so thankful I found Beecham. He is a true blessing in my life.
We have witnessed Beecham Parker's excellent skill as a medium in his spirit circle as well as in a pet spirit session. His accuracy, integrity and genuine ability to fully engage and pass on the communication impressed upon him are amazing and heartwarming. From perceiving specific details to relating major events, his humble sharing of his awesome skill is outstanding. We've felt fortunate and privileged to have had our paths crossed with Beecham and to have experienced his mediumship.
Beecham is one of the most comforting, compassionate and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. The first time I spoke with him, I felt an instant connection. He helped me understand and deal with my grief on the passing of my husband, my soul mate, and gave me the confirmation that he is with me still, watching out for me and guiding me on my journey alone. I can't thank him enough and will be scheduling another session with Beecham, hopefully in person.
Before speaking with Beecham, I was in a very dark place. I had talked with a grief counselor and prayed over my loss with no relief to my pain. After my session with Beecham, I felt like a 100 lbs had been lifted from my shoulders & heart. His words, kindness and authenticity helped me immensely. After my mediumship session, I slept for about 18 hours straight! I had finally received sincere peace of mind knowing my loved one was okay. I thank Beecham for giving me this gift, his gift.
Beecham Parker is a beautiful and special soul. In his prescence you feel the love of god and all things holy. My mother in law and I had a beautiful session where we were both connected to our loved ones. Ive been to several pshychics and mediums and I can tell you Beecham is special. I asked my grandmother to verify something through Beecham if it was real... and wouldnt you know it. He relayed it just the way I asked... Blessings to Beecham. I believe he will be a houshold name someday.
Beecham is a gentle and loving soul who brought me messages of comfort from my husband, who left this life far too suddenly and without warning. Beecham conveyed details that are accurate and capture my husband's personality. In our two sessions, the communications from my loved ones in spirit brought much peace and elevated my energetic vibration. The recording allows me to return to these messages of love from spirit. I deeply appreciate this gift.
Beecham is the most precise, accurate and detail-abundant medium that I have EVER encountered. He has blessed me with many hair-raising moments over the years and validated some very intimate, personal conversations and nuances of my relationships with loved ones who have transitioned back into Eternity. I cannot recommend him more enthusiastically! Thank you dear Brother!
Beecham is an amazingly gifted Medium with a beautiful loving heart & soul. His gentle warmth & abilities allowed me to have 2 wonderful visits with my father and his 2 dogs and my poodle that had recently passed. It gave me such comfort to know that I can recieve messages from my loved ones and pets in the after life. He gave me details that only my father and I could possibly know, & through his medium abilities, he affirmed with clarity in his readings. I'm grateful for his talents & gift.
Thank you very much, Beecham! Our session was enlightening and magical. Your ability to reach those that that have passed on is amazing. We were definitely communicating with our loved ones, as detailed thoughts came pouring forth through your voice and movements. We are warmed and appreciative beyond words.
Beecham, thank you so much! Your reading reconnected me with several of my loved ones and my guides. The information was so detailed and lovingly presented that it has truly made a difference in my life. There is no way for me to truly express my appreciation for the joy you have brought to my life.
For years I have regretted not letting a teacher of mine know how much he meant to me. He passed without ever knowing that I treasure his having been in my life. I have been saddened for years about it. I prayed that he would come through in my medium session, AND HE DID! At last I feel the comfort of knowing that he is aware of my deep appreciation of him. That means the world to me. Thank you, Beecham!
I must tell you that I experienced such a profound and wonderful feeling of connectedness and outpouring of love when Beecham began to connect with my family. The information given was jaw-dropping accurate... specific details, names, dates. I felt such a sense of joy, peace and healing as he relayed all of the wonderful messages from my parents and others. Beecham is compassionate, sincere and committed to helping others find peace and healing. He is truly a loving presence on the planet.
Beecham is a phenomenal medium and lovely person as well. He is as gifted as any "TV Medium" yet he is still very accessible and his readings are affordable. Another thing is, that Beecham is very sensitive in his "delivery" of messages, and there is usually some lighthearted moments as well. It's an incredible, invaluable experience! I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from making contact with a loved one whose crossed over!


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