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Beecham Parker
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Long Beach


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Starting at $135.00

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(323) 479-2458 for payment by credit card


Hello, I am an accurate, loving and compassionate Spiritual Medium. I will see, hear, feel, and sometimes even smell and tastes communications from your loved ones and pets who have passed away. I will give you accurate and specific evidence of their continued existence and presence around you affording you the comfort and assurance of knowing that they live on in the spirit realm free of all physical ailments and issues. And, please know that your pets and other animals in the spirit realm will communicate with me in the same ways that your people loved ones there do.

I do not do psychic readings to foretell the future, but sometimes I bring through spiritual guidance from mine and your spirit guides that can assist you with existing life issues and circumstances affording you direction and a greater understanding of them. I couple this with my skills and knowledge from my Masters in Spiritual Psychology to assist you in my Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions.

As you can see from the reviews below, I help people in many locations and do not need to be there with you physically to be able to communicate with your loved ones and pets in spirit.

It is an honor and a joy for me to be a voice for your loved ones and pets in the spirit realm and I hold my mediumship service in the highest regard of integrity, responsibility, and love.

I offer:

Mediumship Sessions By Phone* and In Person to Communicate with People and
Pets that have passed over to spirit

*Please note that Mediumship Sessions By Phone are just as effective as
Mediumship Sessions In Person. Your spirit loved ones will give you the same messages through me regardless of the type of session you have because they are not bound by time, space, or location now.

Public and Private Spirit Circles

Large Group Mediumship Demonstrations

'Mediumship for Beginners: An Experiential Workshop'
Available for One On One By Phone or In Person and Groups In Person

Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions By Phone and In Person

Receipt of payment is required to book a session.

I also teach others how to develop their own mediumistic abilities through my enlightening and informative mediumship development circle, talks, and workshops.

For information about my upcoming events in Southern California and across the country please visit my website

Additional Information: 

Brief Bio
While completing my Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica from 2000-2002, my natural born mediumistic abilities were reawakened. Childhood memories of these abilities that I had shut down out of fear surfaced during my studies there and I was inspired by Spirit to embrace them once again and to use them to bring comfort and healing to many. To further hone my abilities I engaged in additional training and instruction with respected internationally known mediums Francesca Kimpton, Hollister Rand, John Holland, Lillydale Medium Patricia Price, Reverend Lisa Lockhart, James Van Praagh, Mavis Pittilla and Lisa Williams.

Since February of 2003, I served as a medium for many dedicating my time and energy to being "A Voice for the Voiceless", a voice for those in the spirit world to get their specific evidence and meaningful messages to their loved ones here in the physical world to let them know that they are alive and well in the spirit world. Many people have experienced comfort, healing, understanding, resolution, acceptance, peace, and love through my Mediumship Sessions, Spirit Circles, Mediumship Demonstrations and Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions.

Listed since: Jul 30, 2011


Beecham is a patient and loving soul. He shares his talent with humility and openness. My reading with him connected me to someone who crossed over way too soon. Though I knew my friend only for a year, he changed my life. The information that came through was dead on. I look forward to my next reading where I hope to reconnect with my sweet pet who left me a few months ago. Thank you Beecham for sharing your gift!
I can't thank Beecham Parker enough for all that he has given me. I've had two sessions with Beecham and both were beyond amazing. My 2nd session was even more amazing than my first. In my first session I was given the closure I needed from my grandmother that passed quickly and unexpectedly. My 2nd session was when I was at a crossroads in my life. I was given the confirmation I needed that I took the right path. The path I chose led me right into the arms of my Soul Mate! Thank you Beecham!
I have only had one session with Beecham, but the time and patience displayed by Beecham was very comforting. To know my father is still so very close to me and those in my family is amazing. I knew at an instant that it was my father who came through, which created an incredible feeling of joy and peace. When I told my mother and sisters, all they could do was to look at me in amazement and shed tears of joy knowing that he is well on the other side waiting for us all to join him someday.
I had a wonderful experience with Beecham recently and was amazed by his accurate depiction of several of my loved ones who passed over. Most importantly, my Dad, who passed 14 years ago. He confirmed to me a profound experience that I had had with my fathers spirit 11 year ago. His knowledge of that experience brought me such peace and comfort. Beecham is a gentle soul with an extraordinary gift, I feel honored to have met him.
I have had three sessions with Beecham. Each session brought me in contact with my loved ones, especially my Dad, who I know is watching over me. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that my loved ones are with me. Some of the things that Beecham has told me, happened the next day. Other information that is disclosed, only I and the Spirit would know. The readings are fascinating and never cease to amaze me.After 3 readings, & connecting me with my loved ones, I consider him as my friend. :)
“Heart–felt” thanks for the reading that brought about healing and self-forgiveness. Beecham always shows great compassion and tunes in to give me accurate messages from my loved ones for the last 10 years. He accurately described my Mother and Dad who have been on “the other side” for over 30 years & validated that they were with me in the backyard during the reading as they described my backyard, which I had just moved a year ago. I highly recommend scheduling a session with Beecham.
Beecham is an extremely talented medium. Not only is he talented, but he is authentic, kind, caring, loving and heart centered. His gifts are extremely helpful in moving humanity forward. I've had the pleasure of several readings with Beecham over the past several years, and his talents continue to soar. I highly recommend him for a reading with a loved one whether a human or a loving pet. I've had experiences with both.
Beecham Parker is a wonderful soul who with an open heart joins with those beyond this plane to bring through the most genuine words one could receive. He not only successfully contacted my mother who has been passed for 51 years, he brought through details that only she could relay about her life & our relationship. He also brought through guidance from wise ones that were elegantly & lovingly spoken & served to help me through a difficult situation. I am so grateful to him.
I have had several readings with Beecham as well as hosted spirit circles where he has made meaningful connections with departed loved ones and their relatives. His information has always astounded me; he mentions seemingly insignificant details of my life that let me know he is connecting with my family on the other side. The people who attend the circles I have hosted consistently mention not only his accuracy but his gentle, compassionate spirit. I'm very grateful to have him in my life.


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