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In these extremely uncertain times, clear judgment to make the right decision becomes the most important element in achieving your own true happiness. At these times in your life I am the ONE to contact. I have a lifetime of experience and really do know what I am doing What ever your questions are, what ever insight you are looking for, this is not the time to experiment. I AM THE ONE YOU CAN RELY ON to give you the most truthful answers.

These types of questions and more are answered in a reading by ANTHONY, shedding great Light on the best way forward for your Life's path...

Types of readings...

Relationships and Love: Will I ever meet my soul mate or find someone to love who loves me in return? Is my current relationship the right one for me? How can I recognize, create and nurture True Love in my life? Does my current partner really love me? Have they been faithful? Will we stay together? How do they truly feel about me? Will I ever have children? What would my children be like when they become adults? Will my long lost love return once more to love me again?

Career: Am I in the best position or profession for me at this time? Will I get hired, fired, or possibly receive that promotion? What does my boss think of me and my job performance? Is it time for me to venture out on my own? Should I pursue my own dreams in an entirely new direction? What would I be naturally good at?

Money: Is it coming or going? Do I have anything to be worried about financially? Do I have good fortune coming or is it time for me to lay low and play it safe? What are the possibilities of increasing my abundance? When should I pursue financial freedom? Can I look forward to a lucky streak, when I might win, or experience a financial windfall?

Health: How is my health? Will I face serious health challenges? Regarding medical procedures, if I have a choice, is there a best time that would promote the most beneficial outcome? What are my best opportunities for recovery, optimum health and vitality? (note) Tapping into your natural vitality and realizing the joy and energy of vibrant health, may require the resolution of past emotional issues…

The Right Timing: When would be the best time for me to… Meet someone, Propose, Marry, Conceive or Adopt a child, Separate, Break up, Divorce, Quit my job, Start a new Business, Take a Trip, Go back to School, Invest my Money, Re-connect with my family or old friends, Make new friends, Ask for a raise, Make a substantial purchase, or other life altering decision?

Gifts and Challenges: Am I on the best path for my highest good? Am I seeing the greatest opportunities to create fulfillment and happiness for myself? Am I currently actualizing all of my true abilities, gifts and potentials? Is my ship sailing true?

Intuitive Abilities: Do I possess any natural psychic ability of my own? Do I have undiscovered talents that could lead to my becoming a gifted Healer, a Mystical Teacher, or perhaps, even a professional Guide? Could these hidden gifts be developed so that I might help to enrich Humanity?

Spirituality: “You are a Spiritual Being, in a physical body, having a human experience”. “Hu” in Sanskrit, (the most ancient of languages) means “God”…therefore “Hu-Man” means “God-Being”! God, then, is in each and every one of us. Your own Infinite Divine Nature awaits within you… By revealing the glory of your own Spirit’s journey you may possibly even “Touch The Face of God”.

Cosmic Conversations: Often Anthony receives calls or visits from individuals who are expanding their own course of development and/or personal studies. They seek to discuss or ask questions regarding all manner of fascinating topics, Psychic/Metaphysical/Spiritual, to broaden their own grasp and understanding of these mystical issues and forces. Anthony is a vast source of knowledge and wisdom. He is always willing to share his insights into reality, basic or advanced techniques of divination, and how to connect with one’s Guides, while always encouraging and inspiring new ways to grow and advance along one’s own Spiritual journey.

Life issues...

Does true happiness elude you and always seem just out of reach? Are you facing challenges and feeling confused by what’s going on in your life? Do the choices you are facing seem overwhelming? Has the need to make certain decisions become the cause of never ending concern, fear and anxiety? What is my best course of action? Which way should I turn? Has the loss of a loved one, a passing, or a betrayal, cast an unbearable feeling of grief and sorrow upon your life? Do you find yourself stuck in a meaningless job, an unfulfilled career with no way out and seemingly no end in sight? Perhaps you’ve been consumed with financial worries. You might feel insecure at what the future holds and wonder if you’re ever going to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe health challenges have diminished your ability to fully enjoy life, and you long for renewed vitality.

Anthony Teresi is a fourth generation psychic, a true master in understanding and translating the Human Condition with its many difficulties and experiences. His gifts and abilities emanate from the Center of The Universe, wherein lies the Source of all Spirit. He has a lifetime of experience.

Anthony’s powerful skills and insights have been carefully developed to navigate life’s ever-changing circumstances. Mastery of his exceptional gifts has empowered him with Universal Wisdom. This allows him to become a source of solace and enlightenment to countless souls on the quest to realize their own individual experience of true happiness.

There is no doubt whatsoever that he can help guide you on your deepest journey, shining the light on your path, revealing to you a brighter future. Anthony merely asks you to open your heart and mind and let him help you discover your own answers, your own truth.

You can overcome your fears and break through the obstacles in your life. Knowledge is power… With Anthony as your guide, you will claim that power, and discover a new revelation of inner peace.

Call Anthony... he can help.

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Additional Information: 

Anthony has recently published his seminal work on personal spiritual transformation as well as a profound vision of the nature of the Cosmos, RIPPLING WAVES: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE HEART OF THE UNIVERSE which debuted #1 on Amazon.

He has appeared on: CNN, NBC, THE EMMYS, E! ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, THE X SHOW, MAN MYTH AND MAGIC BLOGTALK RADIO WITH LARRY ELLIOT, AIR AMERICA, CLOUT W/RICHARD GREEN, E! NEWS W/ STEVE KMETKO and as a CONSULTANT on numerous film and television projects. ANTHONY is also a member of the prestigious BEST PSYCHICS DIRECTORY and AMERICAN ASSOICIATION OF PSYCHICS. Anthony sees clients at his office in Westlake Village, California as well as doing phone, ZOOM, WhatsApp, and FaceTime readings to all parts of the world.

Listed since: May 10, 2007


I first saw Anthony on the Jeff Mara show on near death experiences. He came up again when I was searching for a new reader on Bob Olson's list. I was intrigued and wanted to contact Anthony. I was pleasantly surprised during my reading. Here is a psychic who is very direct and does not beat around the bush. Anthony is very fast and accurate with his messages. He tuned into specifics about romance, relocating, and dealing with an elderly relative. You will get an honest and detailed reading!
Anthony was very nice and made me feel like I could ask him anything. I like how he was honest and didn’t sugarcoat the answers to my questions. One thing I can say is he understood and knew my situation without me giving too much information. I would definitely get another reading from him!!!
I was fortunate to be browsing this site about 6 months ago and I thought I would give Anthony a try. Since then I have had 4 readings and he is truly the real deal...he was completely spot on in our 1st conversation about every area in my life that I asked. He listens, he is honest and he tells you the truth as he sees it in a very compassionate and caring way. I feel like I could tell him anything and he wouldn't judge, only help. I would recommend Anthony to anyone!
Anthony is a highly gifted Clairvoyant & Psychic Visionary. I have turned to him for Guidance during some of my most challenging times. He is Amazing, with the highest standard of Integrity & I Trust him completely! His Insight & Vision have always been Truthful, Accurate, & filled with a Wisdom that Inspires me to make the Best possible choices in any given situation. I Hghly recommend Anthony to anyone seeking Direction & Clarity in their Life. He is simply, "The Best"!
I called Anthony about getting answers in a death of a close family member rather then take my money and lie to me he was honest and told me to go to a trans medium. I would totally recommend him and I will definitely be back in contact with him when I close this chapter of my life.
Been seeing Anthony for over 5 years now. I still use him even though I live in New York now. I have had other reading since I met him but always go back to him. He is accurate, compassionate, patient and skillful at readings. If you schedule a reading I promise you will be happy with it.
I have been Anthony's client for over 15 years and over those years he has given me incredible and compassionate guidance. When he warned me of bad times to come, he was there to guide me through them and to make sure I understood why I was going through them. And he has also made some stunningly accurate predictions out of the blue! Sometimes I've just gone to him to get a handle on my life because he is like an amazing Life Counselor and I have always been the better for visiting with him.
I have been Anthony's client since 1996 along with several family members. Since my very first consultation with him I have been in complete amazement. He has helped me and my family through some of the most difficult times you can imagine. He is the real deal, no joke. He is very specific, detailed,accurate, caring and compassionate. I have referred so many professional clients to him for many years now. I always get a call of gratitude from them. Thank you Antony, we all love you!
I met Anthony many years ago through a friend of mine while he was working in Sherman Oaks giving readings. My friend encouraged me to wait until Anthony was available to do my reading because in her opinion and that of her sister, he was the best psychic there. This has definitely proven to be the case. Anthony is also a compassionate counselor. When I am ready for the truth and ready to move forward in life, I can depend on him to guide me, always in grace and veracity. Thank you Anthony!
I can hardly recall how long i've known Anthony. Perhaps 30 years, perhaps longer. What I can recall is his personal warmth and guidance, especially through a series of years of continual loss when I felt little hope. Thanks to his sessions a.k.a. readings, i have finally emerged from that period and am doing even better than before. His is a true gift of light for which i am grateful.
I met Anthony two years ago through a colleague that I worked with in the legal profession. I went through a very dark tunnel for the past 2 years and through all of the darkness Anthony was always able to provide me with accurate tarot card readings which allowed me to cope with a serious illness and a major career change. If it were not for Anthony care and patience, I am not sure I would have made it through the dark tunnel. He brought me out of the darkness and today I see optimism.
recieved both a tarot card and astrology reading from Anthony. He is the only one who was able to give me a dead on the day accuracy. What he told me happened although it wasn't the best news for me, it allowed me to cope with the blow when it did come, and give me the ability for a quick recovery. I am already thinking of how I am going to turn lemon into lemonade and that will happen! Thanks Anthony.
Anthony is a gifted psychic who is usually right on the mark with his readings. I have found him invaluable in gaining insight with difficult situations. He does tell is like it is and gives greater clarity as to how to deal with matters at hand. Thanks Anthony!!!
I met Anthony 15 years ago and he has helped me immensely over the years. Very accurate, insightful and a great teacher. In my opinion, one of the best out there!
I first met Anthony about 14 yrs. ago during a very emotional break up. Through the years, not only do I still see him for general readings, but I have started 2 very successful businesses with his insight. I would not make any major decision's, without consulting with him first. He is the 'real deal' and truly compassionate man! Through calm sea's or troubled waters, I always consult Anthony, and feel better as a result.
I first met Anthony over the phone via a bookstore in Sherman Oaks almost 10 years ago. I was going through some relationship issues and he was very insightful and guided me through a very difficult time. He knows how to put things in perspective when I'm just not seeing things clearly. He is honest about what he sees and also cautions me when need be and for that I am very grateful. Thanks for helping to keep me centered.
I first met Anthony Teresi about 20 years ago when we both worked for a psychic telephone line and re-acquainted with him years later when we both worked for a psychic and metaphical bookstore here in Sherman Oaks. Tony, or Anthony is like myself - there's no BS - he tells it like it is and doesn't waste either your time or money on wishful thinking by the client. He usually hits the nail on the head.
I have been seeing Anthony since 1997. He is compassionate, kind and on the nose, whether it's what you want to hear or not! Many of my friends have seen him and come away with the same peaceful wisdom. I value his knowledge and expertise.
Anthony helped me get through the most difficult time of my life by providing a gentle, but realistic perspective that removed the desperation and panic I felt and replaced it with a clearer understanding so that I could make good decisions. I am in a wonderful time of life now and I thank Anthony for his role in helping me to get here.
Originating from Europe, I had several experiences with psychics/readers/mediums etc, none of them came close to Anthony's amazing accuracy. I have been his client since 15 years and yes, time is the best witness. Anthony is a powerful, gifted Medium, his warmth, kindness, wit and compassion has a very healing effect and no matter what the presenting issue is, he will definitely "shed some light" and guide you into the proper direction. He is the "real deal"
I met Anthony about ten years ago when I was going through a very difficult break-up. With his keen intuition, and deep knowledge of astrological symbolism, he helped me obtain a broader perspective of my situation. He showed me my strengths and weaknesses and encouraged me to grow in ways I hadn't thought of before. He's really good! And very funny! I highly recommend him.
Anthony was introduced to me by my daughter Deva who made a strong connection with him at a party where he was giving readings. That was several years ago and either my daughter or I have utilized Anthony's keen precognitive skills to guide us when we were in doubt or needed some inspiration to continue down a path we might have been unsure of. Anthony has never let us down yet. Strongly recommend him when anyone needs that extra assurance and direction.
Anthony is wonderful! I turned to him for guidance through difficult times in my life. He opened my mind and gave me clear direction on the obstacles surrounding me. The things I appreciated most were his honesty and sincerity. He didn't sugarcoat anything, but walked me through everything. I felt that he was right there with me through everything even after our conversations. Anthony is a genuine person who truly empowered me to get through life's realities. I recommend Anthony to everyone!
Anthony really gets it right. He doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear so that you prepare yourself and put your best possible foot forward. He is kind and offers great value. I will continue to seek his input.
I have known Anthony for many years now. Before I make a important decision I always contact him first no matter what the situation is. He also has helped me through some very difficult times. I can't say enough about Anthony. Not only is he highly gifted with his intuition/psychic abilites. But he is my friend. I would definitely recommend Anthony if you are in need of a psychic reading!!!
Anthony is the best!! I was referred to him through a colleague that I worked with during a time when I needed help making the right career decision. His time and spirtual growth has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I love his honesty, integrity and sense of humor. He has given so much wisdom and insight, it has taken my life in such a positive direction.
I love Anthony Teresi! I was fortunate to find his wisdom, insight and clear communication almost 15 years ago! When I'm in difficulty, I know Anthony can help me see the predicament, see options and their consequences, and give me the personal confidence so I can prevail! Anthony has walked with me with much light through some very challenging situations. He's kind, insightful, a clear communicator and great humorist! I totally recommend Anthony!!!!!

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