Angel Dawn

Angel Dawn
Angel Dawn


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Los Angeles


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$165 — $245

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(310) 426-8362


As a modern-day multidisciplinary Mystic, Angel is a gifted Psychic Astrologer, International Psychic Medium, Healer and Spiritual Teacher who has studied extensively with the world’s Top Spiritual Psychics and Mediums in England and the US. She is a blind-tested and validated Psychic Medium as a Certified Spiritual Advisor with the reputable LWISSD and she is a certified Professional Astrologer with the American Federation of Astrologers. In addition is also certified practitioner of the Akashic Records with Linda Howe, one of the foremost authors and experts on Past Life Akashic records. Additionally, she is a Double-Certified Usui Ryoho Shiki Reiki Master. and an active member and trainee of the renowned Spiritualists National Union, a venerated organization in the UK where spiritual healers and spirit mediums are at the core of its 300 plus institutions.

As one of the few gifted Psychic Astrologers in the world, she is able to uniquely merge the technical analysis of astrological chart interpretation with strong intuitive skills. She does deep soul analysis in a natal astrological chart Interpretation, Predictive astrology to anticipate future influences, and finally Relationship Astrology to examine the dynamic between two individual charts.

With Psychic Intuitive readings, she provides powerful spirit-driven guidance to clarify issues in people’s lives related to traumas, life purpose, relationships, family dynamics, career aspirations, finances, spiritual issues and more.

As a highly trained evidential medium, she brings forth evidence to confirm the existence of life after death for loved ones in spirit along with any messages they need to express.

As a loving animal communicator, she connects to animals living or in spirit to bring forth necessary communication and information for the animal’s benefit and for the caretaker’s understanding.

As a spiritual teacher who provides spiritual counseling and spiritual assessments, she awakens people to the true nature of existence and their being, radically shifting consciousness and helping to accelerate an individual’s spiritual evolution.

Finally, as a born empath with a powerful connection to the spirit world, she works for the highest good of the recipient: creating crystalline clarity amongst confusion, deep healing amongst despair, and empowering others to be the best version of themselves in their chosen life path. Like her namesake, Angel is an emissary of light for humanity.

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Additional Information: 

Angel provides answers to any question (past, present and future) regarding all topics. She uses all the primary clairs in her spiritual work: Clairsentience (Feeling), Clairvoyance (Sight), Clairaudience (Hearing) and Claircognizance (Knowing). Her sessions are online with clients throughout the world.

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Listed since: May 14, 2022

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